Sacred Plants in Psychotherapy | Plantas Sagradas en las Américas

There are many reports of both contexts of traditional medicine of the ayahuasca churches, people who recovered addictions, there are several studies Observational also have been made, They are documenting that there is a possibility therapeutic, that also with other sacred plants. Ayahuasca in this context becomes one of the sacred plants it could be used for treatment of addictions, and there is also preclinical evidence clinical therapeutic application of other substances with properties psychedelics, which have indicated that there are some tools with potential auxiliary therapeutic processes significantly. To give you an They bit the context, are on one side work with LSD in the treatment of addictions that have taken place in numerous investigations, more than a thousand between 1953 and 1970 studies recently It was a meta analysis results of clinical studies better designed and these indicate that really it was more effective as the LCD an auxiliary treatment psychotherapeutic other medicines psychiatric exist today. Unfortunately for reasons of order political and criminalization of the substance no longer followed but this that evidence of works that have done at that time. It is also important mention the work that has been done Russia-assisted psychotherapy Ketamine in the treatment of Addictions are very interesting these studies because they have a very good methodological design, and more within the context of modern clinical evaluation and they show more than one thousand patients treated without complications, with indexes withdrawal high, most recent, very recent and current, they are in fact still in process, are protocols psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy for the treatment of dependence nicotine and alcohol being performing in the United States, in Johns Hopkins University and the New York University. In both universities has completed a phase Initial pilot with very good results and right now they are being Research with populations larger patients. It is also important to mention the Preclinical studies and evidence Observation of ibogaine in the treatment of opioid dependence, ibogaine has shown that be an effective switch processes They are addictive and clinical studies and also in the process of being implemented. Other evidence that were in the late last table, are the US reports, including Indigenous church members Native Americans where it has been seen that peyote can be an effective Recovery tool alcoholism and so much so that it has received a special code between the health services to populations Indians in the United States, The Indian House Services. What we know of ayahuasca, but we know of anecdotal reports Observational studies also well structured, there are people thanks to participation in ayahuasca rituals achieved recover from addictions that have been very resistant. It is also all Takiwasi Experience Center in Peru, which has long been 20, 30, 25 years implementing a combination of Amazon and traditional medicine psychotherapy, in a program well Structured addiction recovery It is having good results. And also Experimental studies have been conducted animal to investigate the ayahuasca neurologically, poor Mice were addicted to alcohol, made them addicted to alcohol and these experiments has been that the ayahuasca can help reduce processes induced sensitization alcohol and reduced addictive behavior, without showing addiction in themselves, It has a very different property drugs or psychoactive substances induce addictions. Also in Brazil There have been studies in humans They indicate that ayahuasca has effects anxiolytic and antidepressant, particularly betacarbolinas, contained in ayahuasca and that I It seems a very important aspect of mention that the depressions and anxieties are closely processes linked to addiction. Let us next … that model is adopted from a colleague American, Michael Bowen Shutts a little how it works, how it works, we have the substance, ayahuasca in that case, we have the participant and we have the environment, context, the substance must be in the appropriate dose, in an appropriate frequency and must be adequate preparation, the participant must have a opening to the therapeutic process, a Proper preparation and not have contraindications for use ayahuasca, that is important. And then him environment where it is administered in the ayahuasca is essential because ayahuasca nothing becomes therapeutic tool in a context properly structured. So, the combination of these three ingredients, one side has pharmacological effects short term, we know that ayahuasca works in serotonin receptors and also in secondarily on receptors glutamate. On the other hand, are the psychological effects, states altered consciousness where people you may experience mystical experiences, important psychological insights, cathartic, emotional, processes etc. and these lead to effects longer term; Neuroplastic changes, that is not based on evidence scientific, is a hypothesis that probably yes there Neuroplastic changes in the brain and changes in personality, less anxiety, better mood, it is important also to prevent Relapses above all, involving the mechanism of change, there is less (unintelligible), more efficiency personal, more motivation and that at the end It leads to less use of substance and satisfaction in life. I ask one apologizes for those little things that transversion is put the Mac to PC. Let us next … nothing else to accord them there many different contexts where He is applying for ayahuasca addiction treatment, some where traditional medicine and others in contexts of churches ayahuasqueros, others are hybrid models, which is a model that It was my doctoral thesis, where basis of qualitative research, I tried to identify mechanisms However, what happens when people successfully recover from an addiction by ayahuasca, that I was raised based on experience of those people I interviewed, what the process was successful. On the one hand, reporting processes more physical or psychotherapeutic, other emotional processes, mental processes, have as clarity of different things you can make better decisions in their life and transpersonal processes, mystical experiences more than that because of time I can not help them explain more in background. that slide those interested gladly the I share after the conference. – Taking into account these effects can it happen is very also important to tell the ayahuasca itself is not therapeutic, can have positive effects, therapeutic or negative, depending again on the quality, preparation of the participant, the proper context, a facilitator well prepared and I think that is very importantly, what resources has the person to serve on the experience or what receives support For that. Then remind them that the addiction affects many levels of life and so it has to be rehabilitated comprehensive, requires time, support the ayahuasca is not a magic pill Therefore, a catalyst may be very efficient. Why evaluate the therapeutic efficacy of a ayahuasca clinical trial if a medicine Traditional that it has already been used in a so long, why do that. I believe on the one hand has purpose legitimizing a traditional medicine within the framework of a legal application, which complies with the General Law Health to implement an option therapeutic, we think that it can help many people and on the other hand, just that you have a tool that can help, where many others treatments do not have many fruits, Unfortunately there we have a great mental health challenge with Conventional tools has not been still attended satisfactorily. Without But designing a study to evaluating the therapeutic efficacy of ayahuasca is very complex, we decided to build on a model realistic assessment, where intervention and context They give the result and not isolate the ayahuasca as a pharmacological substance, nothing But how to evaluate it as a intervention of traditional medicine within a context of medicine intercultural. Hence came the Treatment Outcome Project ayahuasca is a multidisciplinary project, they were meant to evaluate projects in different countries South America, including Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Peru and Mexico, right now for legal reasons and substantive issues reduced project is being carried out in Takiwasi and Mexico with a study controlled clinical still not We could start right now for reasons I will explain. Those are the measures we decided evaluate, because of time will be nothing short It shows that I can not discuss them now detail why those measures and what They serve those who are interested to end of the presentation. In Takiwasi he monitoring and 40 patients with these measurements, 10 of which have gone through this means of initiating treatment and they have conducted 18 interviews with members of the treatment team. – – Here in Mexico We design a controlled clinical study, the study is Takiwasi observational, we are Noting with one standardized methods clinical protocol that already exists. Other process to evaluate the effectiveness of a treatment is a clinical study random, in the first phase we intend to evaluate project results with 36 patients, 12 of which will receive the ayahuasca randomly manner. Let us next … researchers who will form part of that investigation and formed part also in the preparation of protocol. how they I talked, the objectives are to assess the therapeutic effectiveness of commonly used ayahuasca as auxiliary processes psychotherapeutic for treating addictions and ayahuasca, as a Traditional medicine is applied within the traditional context of Amazon assisted medicine Clinical psychologists who support this process, A Man and a Woman. – We think that through the ayahuasca we will have better results than They obtained in protocols treatment in health institutions public here in Mexico, which generally They are working in combination with psychiatric drugs and psychotherapy. That’s what we’re going to compare. That first pilot study with patients who have dependence alcohol. – These are the inclusion criteria and exclusion we’re going to jump, so Most importantly, do not have use of contraindicated with psychotropic drugs ayahuasca nor have liver damage, in this part of alcoholism it is like very important consideration. Participants receive This study ayahuasca in context ritual received preparation for psychotherapists be present also in the ritual and Accompanying integration process. – I also thank you for your time and your Listen, our hope is that a similar protocol can be applied with other Mexican sacred plants also and other conditions and health challenges mentally, and then we have the greatest although we challenge the approval of that Protocol School of Medicine, the Research Ethics Committee, not We have not yet received approval COFEPRIS. So that’s our challenge because it’s a lot more paperwork, We are not tramitólogists, Unfortunately we then waited to receive this approval to begin the study soon, thank you very much. Thank you very much, I have the pleasure to introduce to you right now Veronika Kevenská, I think if I gave While your name, born in the Czech Republic. Psychologist formed in Jungian psychotherapy Ph.D. in clinical psychology from the University (Unintelligible). Ten years ago he is dedicated research on medicine Amazon and traditional use therapeutic, first in theoretical research and the last three years Takiwasi psychotherapist. Good, thanks for the presentation and before speaking also want to thank Bia and his team for the invitation and for organization of this Congress. As Anja said, I come from the Czech Republic and today I want to talk about “the spiritual dimension in the work with sacred plants through eyes of a therapist. ” I consider it very rare that a conference in Mexico a gringa appears to discuss spirituality of sacred plants and there is a lot people who know more than me about look, but when Bia invited us to conference was thinking what I can share what I in ten years as a researcher, as patient, therapist, and value learned and perhaps it can serve the other. And how They know the sacred plants work in three dimensions; in the physical body, psychological dimension and dimension spiritual. And I think the dimension psychological as therapists, psychologists, more or less we know yet well without address plants but what I personally I value in working with plants is that plants also work in the body, They help us clean up, get things out of body and also work in spiritual dimension, which is the dimension that psychotherapy can not to access. And I see in this journey that there are problems that manifest themselves at the level psychological such as depression, addiction, problems in life are if linked to the spiritual dimension and so pure psychotherapy is not enough. So today I would like a little share with you as my witness, what I observe in my personal process and what I see as a therapist in Takiwasi center. As some explained Anja, Takiwasi Center is a … I will have very simple, is a community therapeutic treatment Addictions found in the jungle Amazon and linking as two current, traditional medicine, This means that the work there healers using sacred plants in ritual context so how They learned from local healers and another stream is Western psychotherapy. So in this psychologists also work place, psychotherapists, physicians to together work on the subject of addiction. Very briefly explain how Takiwasi work on, they can see various types of plants are used. In my presentation I talk about plants sacred plant in Takiwasi Central is ayahuasca however they used also other plants, plants used purgative as snuff, amaryllis, pink (unintelligible), elderberry and other plants that are used are called teachers for their ability to clean, healing, teaching. They are plants that They used in context diet. As a first When I arrived at Takiwasi, I began to know the plants, was for ten years, this is me more than 10 years ago and surprisingly I then knew nothing of plants. And surprisingly first thing I saw no They were great illuminations but purgative plants, emetic and I arrived as a student of psychology last year and I knew college, I was taught that we loved There are human when we want to heal that work in four dimensions; in psychological, biological, social and dimension spiritual. However, in practice the college taught me a lot about what psychological, say 80% of courses It was on the psychological, a little but on the physical anatomy or how the brain works, but already very little about how you link it psychological with the physical and what social well but learn something about what spiritual did not teach us almost nothing, all they told us about the spiritual dimension that has to do sense of life and has something to do with our very private life, few sentences out there in the night, a bit like this, you have heard that It has to do with something of the past, of old and very little, no one He talked about how this impacts life everyday and how it links with our state. So this was what I knew when I got Takiwasi Center ten years ago when I started to know the plants. And when I arrived, after time, after meeting, I decided to take ayahuasca and first shot did not happen nothing, however in the second taking ayahuasca, in the second ceremony opened me for me with all this knowledge I had of university, a new world and could see how is it possible that a plant, as is first image is a plant of ayahuasca blossoms in Takiwasi center, how can a plant material, which has its leaves, its trunk, its flower can simultaneously show me something from me. How is it possible that this plant, so I can see that I can play, you can know Where are my problems, I can explain something, you can tell me something I did not know about me and my ancestors. So there I started with this plant see a bit where it comes from some of my problems, how to understand a just how we function as human and after this first session of ayahuasca or second first when I saw something, not me remember what day I said “this is and after 100 years of school life “there I wrote about 50 pages in my journal and I decided “I need this know more”. Then I came back after two years Takiwasi, I began to investigate and take plants for my own personal process and I began to notice things for which It could hardly have a rational explanation, for example in ayahuasca ceremonies I began to notice things you did not know how to explain, I began to look for such that people when clean some things, say your Shadow can change the voice, they can reactions have holy water can have strength that nobody knows how it is it may not, or how you may one is wrong and begins to pray or ask the plant and start to feel better, How is it possible, it is a suggestion or what is this. How is it possible that one can see things about himself, and suddenly throw up feel left part of his sentence, what does this explanation, what to do with my food on my stomach my grief or how it is possible No problem begins one to feel bad and feel that there is something that disturbs him, how he explains, As I explain what I learned in school. Also at this time I started working on my own songs and I realized what I mentioned at the beginning, our problems, our issues are not only our lives, only our own history, Example I come from Europe and Europe had very tough story, passed era of Nazism, communism and many we in Europe when we started taking plants, we begin to see how these ancient loads, these things I daresay Demonic either dark that passed years ago, I never saw with my eyes but still affect how us, things that happened to our grandparents or even great-grandparents. Then how This is linked with our lives, how it is linked to addiction, how linked to depression, how it links one is more linked to death than life. Y little bit and I started questioning these things and then when I started working psychologist at Takiwasi, I started observe certain issues, I although I would say spiritual I explained again my vocabulary, cases of patients accompanied, for example I realized that all we have a transgenerational inheritance, I do not know, I could use a little theory of Carl Gustav Jung who speaks of what lies Beyond our life and all with physical inheritance it is clear, we can we have eyes see Grandma or great-grandfather’s nose, but the same also happens level psychological and spiritual. Then there topics of our ancestors, especially in cases where they spent significant transgressions against the laws of life or where they spent, and so on. And this manifests as loads transmitted, then the plants we see these burdens and help cleanse, ordain or recommend rituals necessary to fix these issues. I also noticed that some people They may have what we call in Takiwasi “Spiritual infestation” I use a lot of language associated with religion Catholic, because there are many in Peru Catholics and my roots are Catholics but also healers they can talk about bad energy, bad spirits, beings of low vibration and for example on all patients with a history of consumption drugs, when one takes drugs, drugs Originally a sacred plant, example is cocaine use transgressive coca, then with this drug body opens Patient energy without consciousness is doing without ritual and unprotected. Then these people often They pollute because they connect with world where there is only spiritual beings be good but also bad. So, these patients often with the help of plants can see these infestations, these parasites haves and clean energy. Another issue that caught my attention are for example also rituals and covenants you have done in your life and plants could give me account These rituals are real things, that impact level energy and can also influence as one sits. And also by the issues abortions and their consequences. I’m a little forward as a matter of time, I chose three cases of Patients will present brief, because I see that I have seven minutes but where it manifests some of the I was talking about. first a Colombian patient who came to Takiwasi after relapse, he did treatment before and she returned because she had a relapse and relapse with an outbreak Psychotic three days he was in delirium hallucinations and this patient taking ayahuasca and first session remember sexual abuse by her father, then he realizes with plants this patient in his life made rituals of channeling or channeling are sessions which is a kind of Meditation where it connects with something It is not clear what is seen videos youtube where you had this, something is like an extraterrestrial, one rather rare thing and sessions ayahuasca this patient can be that actually this course was some alien being with bad energy and that had to do with his psychotic break he had, and had to do with their confusions, so He was much in the head, much thought, very disconnected from life and also how he opened this experience because it lacked father figure seeking positive and this figure father opened to connect with this Of course master. Here I have two pictures of this guy, for example this drawing, namely the make a therapist working in Takiwasi, in his workshop and is called Puente treatment, the left is before and right after treatment and over the bridge this … and you can see up how he is now connected to this spiral and with some rare above and the same in two drawings their ayahuasca sessions, see this eye, third eye with a devilish energy, Like third image. Then with the ayahuasca he could realize this and cut this link and clean through threw up. If this guy come to a or psychologist’s office psychiatrist, nobody could help with this issue, probably would pills, antipsychotics and the boy It would be worse. Another case I wanted to mention about the subject of rituals, on a Peru young patient of 16 years addiction came with basic pasta Cocaine and its theme was great violence, much violence, dressed in black, He was a member of a strong gang and ayahuasca from the beginning has many visions of the dead, skulls, seen in the skulls that pull his arm and healer when they also feel a lot of blows load on his left arm. And this patient then started talking in therapy what happens, what about the death, and he begins to tell that be a member of this gang had to do blood compact, which was cut blood pact made in a context ritual on a black cloth. And It makes a ritual of renunciation of this covenant, Mass release and visions … their ayahuasca sessions begin change, begins to enter their own songs and You can also understand how this covenant It had to do with their own history, How lacked group membership because he did not feel good in your family, He suffered from sexual abuse and sought protection. And I put third case is a boy 29 years Lima ancestry European or European average, which first ayahuasca has vision where He loses his identity card and It feels very anxious and this guy feel a lot of anxiety for lack of identity in his visions and sees people on ships at sea and after time we interview with her mother and she tells her grandfather father was an aide to Hitler and when the Second War ended World tried to escape and changed his identity stealing passports to people, then He had ancestral theme and grandparents On the other hand, were Chinese mother traveled from China to Peru and changed their surnames as families for whom They worked. Then one can see a patient lost its identity and think where this comes from but plants can recognize that it is a subject of the roots, you need spiritual work order. Then, on the basis of this and these experiences we have in Takiwasi and my process and what I observe, I drew some conclusions for my I wanted to share work; the first that the spiritual dimension is Something real, it’s not like this image of a man who does your prayer and is all but is a dimension that accompanies us all day and It is a dimension where things but also dangerous things good and where we can find the tools healing and Also diagnostic tools and it is important to consider, explore it, take it into account. And I also want to mention that this spiritual dimension is always present when working with sacred plants, which is great advantage but also a risk because there Everybody is so aware of this and we can hear about cases of people who have been contaminated or then ended badly, misuse and lack of consideration of this dimension. Well, I appreciate your attention. This It is the photo of Grotto of Our Lady of La Light and if we Takiwasi They have some questions I’ll gladly to share. [Applause] Veronika thank you very much exposure, Now is a great pleasure to present the next opponent, Dr. Germán Zuluaga Ramírez. Doctor surgeon, graduated from the University of Rosario, with expertise in medical sciences and doctorate in epidemiology Autonomous University of Guerrero, Mexico and (unintelligible) Canada. He is Director of Studies Group Traditional Health Systems School of Medicine, University Rosario and Director of the Center Intercultural studies conducted for community projects construction of a political intercultural health, It combines academic activities there, with scientific and administrative General medical consultation in the municipality Cota. Thank you very much, is also author of several books and worked with populations Indians in Colombia. Good afternoon, back to Bia many thank your team for this wonderful event that once again allows us as and it has insisted, dialogue from many perspectives on this issue. I prefer share with you the text I wanted preparing for today, which I entitled “plants sacred? the concept of the sacred in the tradition of native populance. Since the decade eighties of the last century has aroused great worldwide indigenous movement, It is the recognition of the cultural, inclusion constitutional in many countries, their multiethnic and multicultural character, the signing of the Declaration of Rights of Indigenous Peoples United Nations Celebration International Day of People Indigenous each 9 August, among others many places. Such indigenista boom also includes the revaluation of its knowledge, traditions, ceremonies, rituals and general systems traditional knowledge called today with the term shamanism; This own movement of postmodernity seeking new paradigms or remember old traditions and knowledge ancestral promotes consumption special plants, used constitudinarily by towns indigenous and until recently condemned in the West as hallucinogenic, toxic and causes substance abuse. The desatanizatión of these plants now goes by describing as sacred or entheogenic, the scenarios that accompany their use as religious rituals and ceremonies spiritual corresponds to a phenomenon I would call “religiocization of shamanism “, almost always simultaneous and sometimes shared with the other similar medicalization of shamanism. This phenomenon corresponds to the direction authentic shamanic traditions, I would like to present some reflections on the concept of sacred plants response manner, sharing with you what the Indians taught me on medicinal plants and need for a hermeneutics intercultural dialogue. My encounter with shamanism Amazon piedmont happened ago 35 years, when it was my practice medicine in the Amazon Region Caqueta Colombia occurred so a healer unexpected ethnicity ingana, Don Roberto Jacanamijoy who little I was just captivated by his wisdom, amid the healing rituals drinking the concoction known here as yage. Great was my skepticism, it took me a couple of years to convince her Traditional medicine was effective, that medicinal plants if they had positive effects on health human. Since then, my life suffered a profound and dramatic change in all dimensions, personal, family professional, academic and labor. What was what happened, when the Indian I finally convinced my reaction was wanting to leave the medicine that had learned in college, stop aside my white blouse, my stethoscope, my office to go live with the Indian wear the loincloth and feathers and keep learning as Traditional Indian doctor but soon the same Don Roberto corrected me “maybe He has not understood, if I open the doors It is not for you to go to the bank, is to have someone on the other side who talk “was shocked and admired at the same time, Don Roberto me He invited the intercultural dialogue times when just born this concept in the West and accepted the challenge, no longer was becoming a shaman but if necessary intimate knowledge of their world of knowledge and knowledge of their world. So I followed a rigorous learning I was becoming a healer half Blood, during this learning my natural desire It was known medicinal plants but always under the categories of my Western thought, looking plants for hypertension, diabetes, cancer or arthritis but strangely not find in Don Roberto willingness to teach me. I realized that nothing would ask the shaman as what plant Lupus erythematosus known systemic or was not able to understand when I say that this or that plant served for bad air or Ice deceased, dialogue and born dead and therefore not surprising that in many ethnobotanical studies are They have been reported by various plants ocular inflammation, when what it is done reference is to the evil eye, a disease which has no relation to the eyes or some ethnobotanical not report found plants for he never asked for malaria plants for malaria. I went slowly understanding that it was first necessary strip me of my own categories, my own language to be able then listen and understand the language accept and embrace him and his classification categories. I was invited and a radical break epistemological, what it meant for start admitting that there was another way to understand and describe the world, there were other sciences and had another way to learn about plants medicinal. This cleavage was occurring through yagé and take the rigors of learning and Don Roberto was causing the through five stages, not necessarily successive. First he taught me the world before words and sounds was made by a frame colors, the world has color and is color and color possessed by mineral, vegetable and animal elements It is not a simple intrinsic quality, as if God were a painter who gave capriciously touches on his creation. Color is an intrinsic quality It has a property and gives the object that property, the plant leaves are green, the red blood, semen, the rays are white, red or yellow flowers, crystal clear water, blue sky and nothing this can be otherwise, here I gave the word its primacy to the color. Then I taught that the taste is another intrinsic property of plants and animals, is also not taste extrinsic and whimsical quality that the creator gave them because if this is even more important in plants Medicinal and I learned that he had bitter, sweet and aromatic plants, acidic and fresh, and this quality better explain its effect, especially on the liver and bile is the mother only substance that exists in animals and man. Bile plays a cleaning function as plants bitter, a concept that appeared in the Western medicine no longer exists; bitter and cleanliness were two of the first key to understanding the traditional medicine and how plant operation medicinal. After Don Roberto taught me to see the world in dual perspective of male and female, through simple games like the comparison between orange and lemon, onion and garlic and cinnamon nail, opened before me the immense world from the jungle, mother earth, nature, flowers, butterflies and medicinal plants, all in a dance of fertility as they are inseminated by them; Sun, the fire, wind, lightning and thunder. What uterine, the seminal appeared as new categories to understand health and disease, and the prospects of prevention and cure that differ of course men and women, I understood the importance of care menstruation, pregnancy and childbirth, the placenta, the female rite and initiation of menopause. Then appeared to me the notion of cold and hot, by now He was able to assimilate other languages but this hot or cold plants it seemed nothing short of ridiculous, walking together through the jungle he mentioned a plant, I said “This is a hot plant” without giving further explanations. I confess that at first I stopped off the floor and touched its leaves to see if one appreciated them higher than the other, but by temperature Of course nothing. In my medical college, Heat the notion exists only for talk of fever as a symptom, especially infectious diseases and cold, just to talk about freezing, particularly by immersion in water frost, snow or winter seasons, but come to think that it was cold or Heat in respiratory problems metabolic or menstrual was far from my reach. Finally, with time I learned that Indeed almost all diseases They could and should be explained by thermal unbalances and therefore the sorting plants and cold hot remains the most important to understand the effect of plants medicine in most ethnobotanical reports worldwide, although anthropologists, ethnobotanical and doctors belittle this concept. As a faithful heir to the tradition Western materialistic science, the least I was willing was admit the possibility of the world invisible, Indeed he could not tolerate the idea of tutelary spirits, diseases spiritual origin, bad wind, ice of deceased, hexes, of envy, of loss of soul, not to mention many others. And the rational Western thought He had ceased to describe the human being with the Greek notion of body, mind and soul. Kant had finally disappeared the idea of ​​the soul, in Western medicine just us We left with the body and mind, the latter being just a little redoubt left adrift of psychology and psychiatry. And an Indian taught me that the human person is flesh, blood and bones, memories, emotions, feelings, thoughts and spirituality; all at the same time. Wants to know if a plant used for liver or for kidneys, I was wondering Indian and it answered “yes and no” understood finally for example, verbena It serves to discharge the liver, for cleanse the blood, to strengthen meat to vote envy, cure the embittered people, to provide better spirit; all at the same time because we are all that at the same time. And not only verbena It serves to cure, as also and all serve to prevent and protect. Y although I delved into studies Phytochemistry and pharmacology to understand the operation of medicinal plants from its active principles and secondary metabolites, and although could understand that, for example, verbena, thanks to the principles bitter-eterósidos It stimulates the entire nervous system parasympathetic autonomous, which explains its organic cleaning effects, was far from understanding that such reactions chemical and pharmacological they were connected with the psychological realm and spiritual individuals. Yes, perhaps the nascent discipline, psychosomatic medicine still little accepted by modern medical science, But let me admit it is a issue that goes beyond connections Neuronal between psyche and body organic. When Don Roberto wanted to describe his world, the whole world visible and Invisible to the way of what anthropologists defined as the “world” I could see with my own senses There was world underworld and overworld not but only as space conditions and also simultaneously as temporary conditions. my tradition judeocristiana taught me this same but as three different spaces, the world, hell and heaven, life here That’s life in the world and after judgment will life in heaven or hell, but the Indian accepting these three spaces, had me here and now to know them and visit them. And I went comprising beyond disquisitions religious or physiological here and Now we can live in the world, in the overworld and the underworld here and now I can move there or there, although as Dante seemed experience the Divine Comedy, and I accepted and even relished such trances but I could not understand that I had to do with health and disease with healing, with my medical practice and especially with medicinal plants. And that’s when Don Roberto speaks to me of purgatory, Oh, sure! also in my tradition judeocristiana was that room space, besides heaven, earth and hell but he was not talking about a Instead, he was teaching me that purgatory the process is forced to move from one nether world to a higher world, well is hell, earth or earth to heaven. And purgatory as Spanish clearly indicates the word, was purge, purge was the condition necessary for such transit. Purge, while that word had disappeared modern medicine, the practice of consuming cathartic and laxatives to cleanse the body, digestive system, kidneys or lungs, had been expelled at the same while the notion of cleanliness. today barely we speak Purge refer to the consumption of drugs antiparasitic. And then I realized for example yagé it is all about and primarily a purgative, plant like many other introduces the person in purgatory, If the plant is yagé leading to a but at the same time superior world is the plant that cleans and purifies for access to this new world. I now understand why Don Roberto and many other shamans who then have known say when we will take yagé “We will purge” was no longer the effect psychedelic important thing now was the purgative effect, cleaner and purifier what mattered. Well he tells me Don Roberto that whites spend yagé watching movies and dawn it is only “not stare at movies, bleed and beware that yagé in their daily lives beyond him becomes health, good thought, in strength and joy “with my limited mental understanding, while generalizing and reductionist does not understand, if yagé take step from hell to heaven, I asked myself and the Indian answered “yes and not”. Not that Germán Zuluaga took yagé and He went from living in hell to live in heaven, the German who used to live in Cota, who has wife and children, working in a doctor’s office, who likes the football and music, after taking yagé remains the same Germán Zuluaga here and now, with the same defects and the same qualities, follows in the same place at the same circumstances before taking yage. Then, I take the Judeo-Christian symbol to illustrate what I finally understood “to move from Egypt to the Promised Land, the slavery to freedom, health disease must go through the desert and 40, there is no other way, the desert is the Purgatory “and in the wilderness cleaned the attachments and idolatries, and in the desert learn to crave water and bread every day, and in the desert it is known God and a covenant with him is established, and the Desert promises are made to live well to be able to live in the promised land. Egypt is the disease, land Promised is health, what are the medicinal plants, cane opening Red sea, the rod that breaks the rock to takes water, cloud covering the crossing, the manna that falls every morning like dew to give us our daily bread day, the serpent nailed to the look cure it bite disease. And how using medicinal plants, there are tables of the law, God’s covenant with nature and the men, the law of origin of all peoples, wisdom, knowledge Traditional it coming from the sky, Sinai, in the Amazon jungle, saw of Mexico, the mammos in the mountains Nevada de Santa Marta, the moors, the Tibet Snow Inuit knowledge popular peasant villages and always the invisible world. And I Don Roberto taught “Not that yagé took to go from here there, suffering from gastric ulcer and No improvement with endoscopies and omeprazole, wants to heal, pass through purgatory, the ulcer is their hell, purgatory their healing, health is your heaven. Suffer from depression and psychiatrists and anti drugs not cure depression, stop by the Purgatory, depression is your hell, Purgatory healing, Peace and joy are their everyday heaven. Suffering from marital problems and not with improved therapies and partner good intentions, pass through purgatory, heartbreak is their hell, purgatory is your healing, conciliation, infatuation are his heaven”. By taking yagé started in me a therapeutic process, a non purgatorio ends at dawn of the ceremony, a Purgatory invites me to live it taking bitter plants, improving my feeding, bathing with cold water, taking the emetic plants and purgatives, welcome on all plants medicine in my daily life they go heal me meat, blood, bones, memories, emotions, feelings, thoughts and spirituality, all at the same time. It is no longer the yagé which leads me to heaven, if I take yage and nothing else here I stay, are all medicinal plants concert they are giving me health, plants I invite you to be wise, to have moderation and temperance, to have benignity, to forgive, to be glad for and to serve my brothers, so to participate in the concert healing of the world. And all this was not enough, one night Don Roberto taught me something Again, if there are 100 people and 99 are good and bad, if one is healthy and 99 sick, all are bad, everyone is sick. The disease is one disease all and until not all saneen all patients will continue. I could not believe it, now tore me notion of individual health and me plunged into the notion of health collective, thought to myself that this Indian not only taught me medicine people but now I speak public health, health Community. It is no longer just to cure people, social relations, affections, feelings, family and social ties and community came to join Health and illness, so I understood that the definition of health It was not simply that he had learned in college, a welfare state physical, mental and social. With Indian, I understood that health is only possible if also and above all we take into account nature, culture and spirituality, and even more, my health is not It is a state and rather a matter of relationships. health is good relationship with myself, with others, with nature and with the spiritual world. Now it was that the issue was no longer only become a mere healer mestizo more ways doctor Western, but I would have to leave the office and corridors to plant health. I learned with Indian the importance of diversity and from Then I wanted to commit myself to work not only by improving human health, but also by the Conservation of biological diversity and diversity protection cultural. I have two pages but ended the time, thank you very much. Germán thank you, Good thing we have time yet for your participation then we want to hear their questions and open a dialogue with you, ask you to be questions concise and also if they have a comment that the comment is concise and if direct you to one of the speakers at especially also tell us that, and Introduce yourself with your name, a little bit and if they have a job, your profession. My name is Abel Rodriguez, I come from the University Autonoma de San Luis Potosi, Thank you very much the three presentations which they have been magnificent. A question, just one question for both, you two, I think that if not simply dopamine, oxytocin or diamine, ie, the four elements of our DNA are not balanced, it seems that there is a dimension that no We have really taken into account on especially from the point of view science. The question is this, I spirituality mean that They have spoken, not only at this table but the above tables since yesterday, this room and which I found very interesting but I still remains this and doubt is the question to you both, and what the doctor said had the experience not only the dimension but spatial and temporal underworld the overworld, where we can locate, If we can locate either the dimension body, the psychological dimension of truth can locate the dimension spiritual, as characterized that dimension, which is exactly what we should understand that dimension, because also wonder I think it’s a cultural issue, Anyway, thank you. Thank you, we will collect several questions to the answer integrally. My question is about the look therapeutic ayahuasca, or having but much therapeutic aspect There are also certain … I have heard that there certain to neural hazards some people, then my question is whether from medically could talk about it, ie I have an acquaintance who actually was admitted to a hospital after a ceremony, there was no history as psychotic family or something but there was a kind of decompensation cerebral, something then if literature about it, or whether as a therapist, responsible therapists are I could talk about it, how can you know If someone ayahuasca is for … because You put something like you “is not for everyone” good, how anyone can know if it is, if not, how can be approximated to be completely safe and without fear too much risk. Let’s take a third question for the first block response and if we have time we will having a second response block. Thank you, my name is Pauline, I am psychologist and psychotherapist, also holy and good handling plants in spiritual part is clear to me that the Endogenous name means “God within from my” Hence the spiritual part of the covered plant but specifically for who works with addictions and for the Doctor, You mentioned treatment gastritis and intestinal problems, ulcers and had to go through that purgatory for cure, then in this part of the problems emotional, physical and now adhesions in the gut and all this situations that are caused by fears that people stay with those fears, we do not have here in Mexico, there a book called “ayahuasca and Health” that is what academic level but we have reviewed specifically what those types, as experience you have in your center, those types of people here you He mentioned two or three cases here to me I would be very afraid to give ayahuasca, for example people who have had outbreaks psychotics, people who do not They have contact with reality or people who are as bipolar, in such situations, so if this Congress as an assistant and as health professional, If I would be very useful to know Where can we consult these experiences, in which cases therapeutically if we can come up with much trust medicine and in which cases no, spoke especially in chronic patients, addictions, in serious problems and because obviously also share that Treats despondency, love and codependency that’s another addiction, dependent people. Thank you very much, I will also allow answer the first two questions, then we’ll have another session questions. First, I think more than a book indications and contraindications, It depends much training facilitator, much in the Amazon rainforest or a real healer is going to look at the eyes the patient and will know the ayahuasca if it is for that person or not for that person. Unfortunately Westerners much in hunger will experience ah, that curandero I did not want to give! then go to quack that if they will give the ayahuasca to make money and then there have accidents. From the psychological point of view, if Psychosis is a contraindication, the borderline personality patterns so they are but relative, much depends on the dose, much It depends on the knowledge of the healer and That is knowledge that can not be transmitted in any book and for nothing more, really for training very deep, or remind a lot to in indigenous cultures ayahuasca is administered by a expert who has spent many years and right now training with internationalization there are many self-made shamans, very Quick and lack that adequate preparation, I think there have other accidents, no neurological damage as ayahuasca substance known studies Pharmacological, there are many Pharmacological studies have been done. However, if there may be use traumatic ayahuasca, means the person receives the ayahuasca in amounts that are too large for that person is not the right dose, It is the proper context and facilitator no preparation to contain a situation, then there can psychotic decompensation come or facilitator was not enough prepared to know that person does not I can give, why we not have a scheme of a Who does or who does not give this medicine. I might add a little bit the response and perhaps could a little share how we do this kind of Takiwasi assessment center, not just to clarify a bit, I’m not who I have Takiwasi Center, I there I work but the founder was a doctor French 25 years ago, but Doctor Mabit There exists a certain protocol evaluation, then anyone who wants making or treatment for addiction any cash or work for personal development or other work topics, it goes through an evaluation and part this is medical questionnaire, where they write, there are questions that evaluate certain health conditions and cover letter motivation, and what We pay attention, There are certain health conditions, especially related problems heart or diabetes, diseases serious and psychological level, which is contraindication for us use of ayahuasca, are problems of order psychotic or antidepressant use or any psychotropic drug or people who also have their history, some say experiences or problems important spiritual order, such experiences leave body, hypersensitivity, always there We pay attention. Should these people or are not accepted or accepted on condition that first go through some evaluation healer, through tool that provides medicine traditional, such as snuff and blow there you can see also how is energy level. On the question of psychotic outbreaks, example after the session of ayahuasca, until I know, they may have say three causes; first the person already before had psychotic problems and charlatan or a person not for legitimate use of ayahuasca accepted for ritual or ritual was not well directed and then that could happen anything, and if he talks in spiritual dimension, plants also open this dimension and sometimes it happens people who previously had problems if they start to have problems psychiatric, psychotic but these problems are not psychological, These are problems that have to do with energy pollution for ritual wrong. Often You can see that in these people when after approach another healer who can help you with what it is called cruzadera or contamination, infestation, through blowing, bath plants, purges, very It can easily say “They straighten” again can be arranged. Then part of these outbreaks They have to do, not all cases, but They have to do with energy management plant and a dimension spiritual. Only the question of where spirituality resides, I also remember the image that made me indigenous, he is saying “you are used to seeing the moon all the time, they see it in all its phases; full moon, waning moon, crescent moon, always see the moon and believe that the moon There is, of course but have never seen the other side of the moon and are not insurance is on the other side of the moon, It may be the same who are watching this side “and say” the other side is the face invisible reality of a dimension visible and invisible. Not invisible we can see with our own eyes but there are other vehicles and other roads so that it can see. ” There was one more question. Hello, my name is Miguel Jimenez and I wanted to know if they had to synthesize One thing each of these branches you taught them to plant, use of plants have been taught to You who have been taught culture indigenous or ancestral cultures and What have they taught patients resort to these medicines. I think it’s a very complex question that would take a little longer to actually ask her as He deserves, ie answer as it deserves, to me because what they have taught me the plants, there are other ways thinking, other ways of receiving information, other ways of healing, those They can also enrich the work my patients. But difficult to answer I think I am more and more time taking plants, the less and less I know, Most patients know more plants take more amazed than I do not know, I stay. And worse, if I was not able to present in 20 minutes my text, least I’ll summarize it. [Applause]

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