Sacred Plants and Psychotherapeutic Integration | Plantas Sagradas en las Américas

My name is Veronika Kavenská and I’m from Czech Republic but I’ve lived almost 4 years in Peru, and I am by profession a psychologist also formed in Jungian psychotherapy. And I work in Takiwasi Center which is a therapeutic community to cure people with addictions, In a manner that links both traditional medicine known as “curanderismo”, and western therapy, like psychotherapy, medicine. My presentation was titled: “Spiritual dimension of the work with sacred plants through the eyes of a western therapist”. The plants work on three levels, or that is how I understand it: physically, psychologically and spiritually. The psychological dimension, I think, you can work through it very well with only the psychotherapy but what I value, especially with plants that also work physicality, the body, emotions in the body, imbalances in the body and also work through the spiritual dimension, because what I see in my work every day, are these things, that certain aspects of our problems diseases or tangles, don’t have to do only with our history or only with our psychological dimension, they come from beyond our own transgenerational history, from a spiritual dimension, and that precisely plants help us reveal all this, diagnose and work that. They give us tools, for cleansing, order, they show us what to do, and how you can benefit from, including this spiritual dimension for healing, say psychotherapeutically or psychologically or just plain complex, holistic of a patient. Another subject I mentioned, is the subject of infestation. Spiritual world that is for the material, where there are good beings and evil beings, and that these entities, we can have within our energetic body, our physical body and this affects us on a thinking level, on an emotional level. The most important thing is to watch people and results, and observe reality, the clinical cases, to look at the photo of a patient’s face before treatment and after treatment, to look at their life before and after, to look at what they say and what the plants tell them, what their families say about the family history, look at what is revealed to them in their dreams and what the healer tells them, and all this helps to see if it’s pure illusion or if it’s something real.

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