Saat Phero Ki Hera Pherie – Ep 81 – Full Episode – 19th June, 2018

‘Sree Lakshmi Narayan
Housing Society.’ Let’s keep this here. Mutual funds are fine. Where are the bank documents? What do I do?
He keeps everything separately. He keeps the house in a mess. The bank documents are fine. Hey! Hey! What are you doing? What are you doing? What did I do?
I am cleaning. What are you doing?
– I am doing my daily work. What are you cleaning? You mixed all the documents. Is it? Did I mix them up? What else?
I have been segregating them for the past two hours
but you mixed them up. But I need to clean
everything before you segregate. I don’t have time,
Mr. Parimal! Will you mess up my work
just because you want to clean everything?
You mixed it all. You mixed it all. Is it?
Did I do something worse? Okay. She is fine with it. Good morning, sir. Wait! Wait! I fell down! Come here. I am coming. Come here! Where did the water
come from? Sir, get up.
Get up. You are very strange! You ask for water when
there is no water. Now that you have water,
you don’t like it. Senseless!
I slipped down. Is this an age to slip? Hey! You are talking
way too much. What if you permanently
lose your job? What are you saying? You don’t do a single
work properly! People come and go
whenever they want to. They ruin the lift. Tell me one task
which you do properly! Tell me!
You just do nothing out here! Have I asked for extra money
for the same? You are talking too much! You lost it!
You lost your entire salary! Pointless!
Look at this. Sir, don’t get angry. This is not the age
to get angry. Calm down.
– Shall I calm down? Are you asking me to relax? I have lost my mind!
I am.. Hey, Chotelal!
Mr. Kulkarni, what happened? Look at him, ma’am.
He is angry since morning. He has high blood pressure. That’s why I asked him
to do everything else other than getting angry. Take him upstairs.
– Come on. I mean, go to your house
and take some rest. Go. Hey..
– Come. Let’s go.
– File! Yes, file!
– I will get it. I need my file!
– Yes, I will get it. No, I..
– Don’t disturb me. I am just mopping the floor. How will the floor dry up
if I don’t turn on the fan? I need to turn on the fan.
How will it happen? Hey! Hey! What happened? What happened?
– What have you done? What have you done? What is wrong with you? You are asking me such
strange questions. I said that I am mopping
the floor. I am not talking about
you mopping the floor. Why did you increase the
speed of the fan? You always say that
I wet the floor by mopping and then you fall down. So, I increased the speed
of the fan today. You are taunting me too.
You are taunting me! I am not taunting you. I am mopping the floor. Shut up!
Pick this up. Don’t taunt me.
Pick this up. You are taunting me.
– When did I taunt you? I was here to mop
the floor. You increased the speed
of the fan since you wanted to mop the floor. Did you even notice
how the papers were flying? Yes, I did see. They were flying like kites. Didn’t you feel as if it was
the kite flying season? That’s how I felt!
Did you feel so? Rupal!
Rupal! Why do you keep calling
Ms. Rupal? Hey! Wait a second.
Wait a second. What happened?
– Vinanti is taunting me. She is irritating me. Vinanti, listen to me. I have kept the clothes
in the bathroom. Soak them.
– Okay. You can mop the floor later.
Take this. Take this bucket along
with the cloth. It’s all right, Vinanti! Is it fine? Wait a second.
Why are you so angry? What happened?
– Hey.. I was segregating these
documents since two hours and she mixed up everything
within two seconds. And now she is taunting me. But that is what she is good at. She can’t mop the floor well
and hence she taunts. Don’t get angry. I will segregate it
for you, okay? I have done it! Wow! Very good! You get annoyed if I
make a mistake. You don’t say a word
if Vinanti makes a mistake. Why are you been partial? Have you lost your mind?
She is a servant. Okay! If she is a servant,
who am I? Who am I? You don’t even have an
answer to my question. Phone. – Where is the phone?
Where is my phone? It’s right there. The phone..
Where is it? Thank God she didn’t
break the phone. Hello.
What? Do you want to sell a
credit card to me? Yes, give it to me. Give me the money to
pay the bill. Give me the flight tickets so that I can fly
with everything. They want to give me
a credit card. Why are you getting annoyed
for such small things? Is it a small thing?
Does this seem a small thing? I worked for two hours
and she ruined in a go. Answer the call. These people..
Hello. – Oh, God! I will come to you to get
the credit card. Just wait there.
I am coming. I am coming right away. Ma’am. Ma’am!
– Ma’am! Ma’am!
– Ma’am! – Wait a minute. Rupal, tell me. I have a stomach ache. Wait a minute.
I will get you a medicine. The medicine won’t
work for me. Give me something to eat. Can’t you say that
you are hungry? My name is Goldie. Have I ever done
anything in the right manner? Life is not fun if there
is no drama in it. Sit here.
I will get something. Sit here.
No! Sit here. Come here. Goldie is like a kid. Ma.. Have the sandwich. Have it. Why do you mess with him?
– What did I do? Give it to me.
I will help you. Wait a minute. You know what? Mr. Kulkarni got really
angry today. He was unable to talk. Oh, my God! Why? I don’t know. I guess he had
a fight with the watchman. His blood pressure increased. Oh, God! I am telling you,
anger is not good for health. I’m very worried about Bhupi. He gets angry often these days. Mr. Tandon’s case is nothing
compared to Parimal’s. He gets so angry at the tiniest of things.
Tell us about it. Don’t feel shy. I just said that he gets angry
at the tiniest of things. No one should ever
get so angry. No one should get angry at all. Your body erodes
if you get angry. That’s why, I never get angry. Look how fit I am. ‘Greetings.’ ‘Life is a huge problem.’ ‘Keep trying to
find the solution.’ ‘That’s what Sage Sevanan
believes in.’ ‘If someone smiles at you,
smile back.’ ‘If someone gets mad at you’ ‘don’t get mad at him.’ ‘Remember these words.’ Wow!
Fantastic! Me and the sage
have similar ways of thinking. Shut up, Goldie.
Let us listen to him. – Hey.. What are you doing, Goldie?
Let us listen. Didn’t you listen? You switched off the TV
before I could listen. Because, we shouldn’t waste
our time listening to him. We should start implementing
his words. That’s how our life
shall become smooth. What? – What?
– What do you mean? Imagine if Mr. Bhupi
and Mr. Parimal have to spend money
every time they get angry. Parimal would never do that.
It’s impossible. Even if they do pay money what’s the guarantee that their anger issues
will reduce? They’ll stop getting angry
if anger gets costly. Wow.
– Wow, Goldie. It seems
that you’re getting intelligent. Yes, I’m very intelligent.
Here’s the plan.. You need to tell your husbands
that whenever they get angry they must pay Rs. 100
to the other person. Why? What do you mean by ‘why’? They’ll stop getting angry once their pockets are empty. Wow!
But, are you sure? 100 percent. I’ll shave my head if this idea
doesn’t work. Wow, Goldie. You’ve come up with a smart idea
for the first time in your life. Ms. Neetu.
– Yes? We need to make our husbands
promise to this, no matter what. Done.
It shall be done. Now, can I eat peacefully?
– Yes. – Eat.. Why did you put green chilli
and not red chilli? I don’t feel like eating
anymore. I won’t eat this. What?
– What? He got so angry. It’s because he doesn’t
have to pay Rs. 100. Yes, you’re right. Hang up the phone. Dear Lord, what’s going on? I thought
that the share market would rise and it will improve
my life as well. But, it keeps going down.
Deeper and deeper.. Why are you down here?
Let’s go up. Oh, the phone. I knew you’d be talking
to someone as usual. Rupal.. I was seeing
the status of the shares. The cost of everything
in this world except my shares is increasing. You are the king
of the share market but, the share market
has closed now, isn’t it? I know that. A master of share market always keeps an eye
on the shares whether the market
is closed or open. Yes..
– You won’t understand. Wait, why won’t I understand? Have you ever understood it?
How would you understand it now? My intelligence
doesn’t fluctuate like your share market. It stays where it is,
like fixed deposit. Really? – Yes.
– Wow! Thank you. Rupal, give me the phone.
Phone.. Don’t do this. Give me the phone.
My phone.. See, you got angry again. You get angry
at such small things. You turn a small issue
into a big one. Phone.. – No.
You are getting angry, again. You’re getting angry. Sometimes,
you need to get angry to get people
to understand you. But, so much anger
isn’t healthy for you. Really? – Yes.
– Really? So, you’re a doctor now?
Wow! Dr. Rupal.
Very nice! Please, check my health. Check my blood pressure.
– Abnormal. Heartbeat. It sounds
like an erupting volcano. My temperature. It’s fluctuating
like your share market. So, what should I do?
Tell me. Let me treat you. You shall see the results,
yourself. I’ll take good care of you. No.. You don’t need to do that. I can take care of myself. But why?
– I said no! Sorry.. You got angry again. You got angry again.
– Sorry.. I have an idea.
Listen to me. From now on if you get angry
at someone you’ll give that person Rs. 100. What?
Rs. 100? What kind of idea is this? Bhupi promise me
that you’ll give Rs. 100 to whoever you get mad at. Promise me. I’m already paying so much tax. Why should I give money
if I get angry? I don’t care about that. You’ll know the price of your anger
only if you do this. I already have a headache and now you’re putting a price
on my anger. Should I give Rs. 100 to every person I get mad at,
in a day? Yes.
– That’s stupid. If I keep paying Rs. 100 Goldie, Vinanti and the watchman
would become very rich. Are you going to promise or not? Stop this, Komal. Rupal. You.. See, you too, get angry
so many times. Won’t your wife get angry
if you keep forgetting her name? I won’t promise any such thing. Sure?
Are you not going to promise? Can’t you hear clearly? No, I won’t. Okay, I’ll have to send Chinki
to boarding school. Why is that? Because your short temper
is effecting her as well. I never get angry at her. Though you don’t
get angry at her you lose your temper
in her presence. Because of that, she too
is becoming short tempered. These kind of spats are
common in every family. I don’t know all that. You’ll have to choose
between a promise and your short temper. Do you promise or not? Listen, be calm. Go home.
I’ll come home in a while. I will go home only
then when you’ll promise that you will directly
give Rs. 100 to the person on whom you lose your temper. She is right, isn’t she? That’s it.
– Hey, but.. Come on, promise. What..
What are you people watching? She is absolutely right. Rs. 100 isn’t enough,
he should pay Rs.200 for losing his temper. Huh!
– Do you see? I’d say, he should pay Rs. 1000. Right. The Rs.1000 bills
were banned long back. He should pay Rs. 2000. What are you saying?
Hold on. Hold on. Keep quiet. Quiet. You have become
like the government. You pass new rules every day. Come on, swear.
– Okay, fine. I swear,
that whenever I lose my temper I will pay you a fine
of Rs. 100. Thank you,
thank you.. – But, but.. You won’t send
Chinki to the hostel. You daughter will
be here at home. Actually, she is not
to be seen anywhere. She might be busy
with her phone somewhere. Fine.
If I lose my temper then I’ll give Rs.100. Wow! Thank God! I give Rs.100 to myself. What are you doing? I was angry at myself.
So, I gave myself Rs.100. Happy? I’ll also give it to the people
on whom I lose my temper. Happy?
– Happy. Very happy.
– Come, let’s go. – Let’s go. Bye. Parimal, how are you? How is the share market? Everything is down. There is nothing to tell you. Occasionally at least,
say positive things. God! You always keep
saying negative things. I am down,
the share market is down and everything
else is going down. You are good, right?
You stay good. Let me stay down. There you go.
I again lost my temper. Mr. Bhupi,
take this Rs. 100. Rs.100?
– Yes. Do you give Rs.100 whenever
you lose your temper? I have promised Rupal that whenever
I’ll lose my temper I’ll pay Rs.100. That’s
why I am giving it to you. Really. Really, the same thing happened
with me too. Is it? – Yes. Neetu has made me swear that
whenever I lose my temper I’ll have to pay Rs.100. What are you saying?
– That’s true. In that case, our bank
balance will become zero. We are squandering
our hard-earned money every time we lose our cool. This won’t do.
– No way. We’ll have
to think of an idea. Idea! The idea is..
What is the idea? Idea.. Idea.. I am getting it.
I mean.. From where
is the idea coming? Is it coming from
Jhumri Telaiya or Timbuktu? You say that it’s coming! Come on, tell the idea.
– You are angry. You lost your temper. Give me Rs.100. Good. Thank you. Now,
listen to the idea. – Okay. Our wives have told us that
every time we lose temper we’ll have
to pay Rs. 100. Is it right?
– Yes. If we lose our temper
when outside.. – Yes. …then how will
they come to know? Isn’t it?
– It is a good idea, pal. Then give me Rs.100. The one I had given you.
– Okay. Thank you.
You liked the idea, right? It just flashed to me. Now, return my money. Why? No, I am sorry. I mean, of course,
I can return it to you. But there is a saying
in our Gujrathi community that we should never return
the money we get. I don’t know the take of people
from Delhi on this. The take of the
people from Delhi is that they not only
get their money back but also extract extra
if they want. Oh, my God! But you need not worry. Your idea is great. Okay! So, this is what is
cooking between these two. These two are planning
to fool their wives. But I won’t let that happen. I will lay such a trap that these two men will be
at the end of their wits.

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