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Hii this is Reccia at Pecan Creek Ranch. Hi I’m Jen. And we are here today to kind of go over how we use our Rhythm of Life
card in sessions. So we’re going to do a little demonstration for you guys
today and let you see one of the many ways you can use these cards to help
with your clients and your sessions. Cool all right so we have a lots of different
cards. The card deck comes with several different categories and so there’s
different colors associated with different categories. And so I’m
actually just gonna let you pick. Yes. We’re just gonna do this random. Purple is my favorite color so I’m gonna pick this one. The lavender one. Yeah. So this is the rhythm of support. You want to read that back to me? This says pick an
instrument and play a rhythm for yourself that feels supportive to you. Cool.
This one’s really cool because it helps us understand a little bit better like
if you’re working with a family or even if it’s just an individual it can help
you understand a little bit better things that feel supportive to them the
kind of rhythms that feel supportive to them because if we know that then we can
look inside ourselves and we can find those rhythms inside ourselves to offer our support. I am looking down here at our array of
instruments. We have lots of different things. I’m going to choose the Buffalo drum for
this one. Do you want an instrument? Yeah, I’m gonna do a shaker because it has like a little bit of a different kind of tone. Cool. Oh I have another stick. I choose the Buffalo drum because actually even just the
sound of the Buffalo drum feels really supportive to me and so I feel like
it’s really resonating. Some of our clients don’t like it. It’s got too much
energy to it and the way it interacts with your body doesn’t feel good (for them)
So just be aware of that because different drums can affect your clients
in different ways. So we have a lot of options and we’ve slowly collected more
and more to be able to account for that. But I’m gonna choose this because I know this is
supportive for me. Ok It doesn’t irritate you does it? No I love the Buffalo drum. I’ll start if that’s ok. Plays drum Cool. Thank you. So I allow my self to kind of feel what that’s like for her too. I know that for me I really like syncopation I like a little variety in my rhythm because I feel like its a pick-me-up. You know like, get me moving, get me energized. Energized. Yeah, gives you some energy. What’s supportive for you? Okay let me see. I need to think about this for a second. I have a very similar..I don’t like it to be just one, like a four count. I like to mix it up a little bit because of the same reasons It helps me feel energized and like interested. Yeah, ok, not bored. It helps keep my attention Yeah
it’s harder to dissociate from and sometimes that’s really important for me. So here we
go Plays maraca (laughter) I didn’t quite catch that I know. I put a little accent on the end. No I like it. It’s super fun. I really enjoyed when Reccia joined with me in what I was feeling was supportive. There’s so many wonder ways to support each other in rhythm it brings
us together it connects us. This is a really cool activity to do with families.
It’s something that you can kind of first of all you can see if they can join in a supportive rhythm together. Do I even know what feels
supportive to me? So it can even open a door even if your client doesn’t know
what that is it opens a door to start talking about that and exploring what
does feel supportive to me. Yeah. Totally. I even noticed in there, I have a little bit of a harder time with
the shakers because it’s not like a crisp and clear beat and so it feels
like not totally there and so I have to like you know find some flexibility in
me of like where’s that beat, what am I feeling
and then there’s room for it too. You know what I mean? You know, there’s
different instruments that bring out different things and you just have to be connected to your body to be aware of it. Even just this one card could maybe turn
into an entire session. Yeah, absolutely. Right. (laughter) Isn’t that amazing? I think it’s awesome. So if you’re interested in using the rhythm of life
cards check them out at our website, yep, at Pecan Creek EAP dot com. And
there will be a link below Thanks. See you guys, bye.

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