Robo talk!

Hi, Danka here. Every year, ING’s Kids Council gives us
a different perspective on innovation. Let’s hear what they
have to say about robots. Can a robot be smarter
than a human? Well it depends,
it could be, it could actually be. Lots of humans could make it
and they could believe in different things. They can only do
what they’re programmed to do. Well, I mean, it depends
what context you’re saying. They could know different information
and then the robot is smarter. I believe it can, we just need
the proper technology to do that. No, because someone
has to program the robot and… so then you can’t just
program it to know everything. So… it depends which human. Do you think
you can become friends with a robot? Uh, yes, a robot can do,
like, everything. Well it depends,
it could be a robot… to help you with anger management
or something like that. It depends, I mean… lots of people think robot
is just the ones, like ‘automics’… and then in that case then yeah,
you can kind of be friends with a robot. I don’t quite think so
’cause a robot, like… it’s like a computer,
but, yeah, it could entertain you. No, I believe that robots
do not really have emotions nor feelings… they don’t really,
they lack a personality type. Do you have a robot at home? Well, computers are robots and computers
are also, like, phones and tablets, so yes. Yes, a small one named Bernie. He’s made out of Lego and he has motors
and I can program him to do things… but I wouldn’t say
that he’s my friend. I think it’s an Alexa.
You ask her to play music and… to do stuff like tell you the weather
or she can do jokes and stuff. And can Alexa be your friend? No. Why? Because she doesn’t talk to you
and she does not accept please or thank-you.

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