Roblox – Alone in a Dark House Speedrun 4:45

Welcome to speedrun of Alone in a Dark House. I show the lobby briefly to prove i am Prestige 0. I lose about 1 second here because it’s hard to tell when you can move. You can pickup objects by clicking them, but it’s actually faster to step on some of them. That is because there is a small delay before it registers a click to pick up. It’s faster to reach the rooms on left upstairs if you jump on the rail, but it’s easy to mess it up. Doors can be unlocked from a distance, but you still have to be close to open them. You only need one box to reach the next area. Also, when you carry an object, you have to move backwards or the object physics messes up your controls. Small note: When placing the circuit, clicking on the buttons don’t work. Speed strat: You can use a plank to return back by keeping the plank under you and then moving and jumping. It’s RNG, but i got perfect jump with the plank. This is what i mean that it’s easy to mess up with the rail. Mouse control in this game is terrible, which is why it’s tricky to quickly use the computer. This also applies to entering the password to the safe. The code is random, so you either save or lose time here. I had this key vanish when i stepped on it instead of clicking it. Opening the closet with the key is wonky, sometimes it works and sometimes it takes a while. Save stamina here, you will get the only scripted monster spawn in the game. Btw, the moaning sound comes from radio. The radio goes on as soon as you open the safe. Welcome to the worst part of the whole speedrun, and the reason why i died about 7 times: The water hazard area. Speed strat: Like earlier with plank, you put the plank under you but instead of using it to gain height, you walk over the pit with it. This is the most RNG heavy part of the game. If the plank doesn’t go exactly as it should, it’s over. Jumpscare. You’re fine as long as you have more than half your HP. I did the whole water hazard section more carefully than you probably could, because i was so tired of dying in this game. Speedstrat?: Hold the box so that it starts lifting you upwards, and reach for the small gap you can crawl through. I lost about 2 seconds here because i went wrong direction for a moment. This part here cannot be skipped, you can do whatever you want while waiting. Causing any dialogue to appear will hide the entire conversation with Eric. The conversation still goes forward tho. And that’s the speedrun. Thank you for watching.

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