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Hi guys this is Reccia. Hi I’m Jenn. at
Pecan Creek Ranch in Georgetown Texas We’re here today- we’re doing
some videos for you guys showing you how we use some of our therapy tools,
specifically our Rhythm of Life Cards that we created. we are super excited
about these cards. We use a lot of rhythm in our sessions. It’s amazing how
powerful it is for helping your clients regulate learn to be mindful to have
self compassion for what’s going on for them in this process and rhythm just
becomes hugely important to helping them find a sense of connection with
themselves and others including their horse partner so that we can do the work
that we need to do. I don’t think you know, rhythm is just so crucial.I don’t think I can do a session without rhythm. It is a
part of what we do all the time. So we’re really excited because we want to help you know how to do these things and these Rhythm of Life cards are really
helpful and we are so excited about them. We’re just having fun looking
here and like going through them and doing them so we have a whole bunch of
instruments here that we’re picking from and we’re just gonna do one for you. So, I’m gonna let you pick.
I’m gonna go with the dark purple one this time. Ok. Cool. Oh, it’s instrument as a voice. Oh these are wonderful cards. These help give our clients the
opportunity to express their voice in a different way besides talking because
sometimes you can’t. Okay so this is pick an instrument and play a rhythm
that expresses how you feel when blank. So fill in the blank. Oh this is a good one. I’m gonna use this one because I have a couple of ideas. I’m gonna go first, is that ok? Yeah. Because I already have this idea in my head. So this morning one of our horses, Iris
who we loved but she kind of just… She hasn’t figured out the middle of energy.
She’s young. She’s just a year but or just like a ton of
energy and when she feels something she feels it huge. And I think there’s
actually another card that is like “play the rhythm of your horse, that they feel.” Yes, yes, Sorry I’m like combining two cards. Anyway it was so
interesting to watch and actually all the horses today we’re like super frisky.
We were in the middle of a session and they’re like all running around tearing
around and Iris especially was like coming near and kicking and then Juno was being unpredictable too. Anyway, I want to do that.
So just to clarify There’s two things you could do
here. Jenn can play what she thinks that Iris felt and what that felt like or
she can play how she felt during all of that. Okay, I want to do both. Can I do both?
This kind of fun so yeah and I actually picked this on purpose because I think its kind of chaotic. I felt like Iris was like (plays tambourine) Then, she’s like always buzzing… (plays tambourine) It was so crazy. Whew! I know, right! A lot of energy there was so much going
on. But you bring up a really good point like what was going on for me. I think I had some of the same energy but maybe a little different. (playing tambourine) It’s like I was fine… I wasn’t there but I feel like I can understand what
happened. I mean, I was fine with them having their crazy energy…over there. I was like, ” Okay you just have to be over there having your
moment you know and I love how much fun you’re having just not within ten feet of me. It was fun. What about you? Awesome thank you. Okay I’m
gonna look at this again to remind myself. “Play a rhythm that expresses how you feel
when… Okay so here’s something. I have a dog
that sometimes gets really anxious and it’s really confusing to me. I haven’t
been able to figure out what triggers her. But she’ll have like these
attacks of acute anxiety and I’m gonna play how I feel when that’s happening. (clacking of sphere) That’s hard. Yeah cuz at first like I’m
surprised and my heart rate goes up and then I’m confused
and then I get a little frustrated to be honest because Yeah, I could feel that at
the end. Yeah cuz I don’t know what to do And then I realize like okay I
can’t… I’m not helping the situation if I’m dysregulated too. So then I
do things to help me regulate and then I try to co-regulate with her. And maybe it doesn’t work
as soon as I want it to. And I get a little spike of frustration again
andI have to regulate myself again. That’s hard. I feel that way sometimes even in sessions with the horses. I get that you’re feeling this way.Yesterday we had a
session, I don’t know if you’ve heard about it or not. But it was with Narciss
and it took 40 minutes for her to connect She can ignore very well And comply and I hadn’t experienced that much with her before so I was baffled and I found
myself doing the same thing like concern. “Oh you know, what’s going on?” But
then like frustrated like, “Come on! I know you’re capable of this like why why
are you pushing?” Then I’m like, “Okay is it me? What’s going on with me?” Then
checking in like, okay I’m frustrated but that’s honest. But I I feel… well, I guess Narciss and I haven’t talked in a while… You
just go through all these things. But it is, it’s this constant checking in
and then coming back to you how can I connect? Absolutely it is really hard. So this is a really good example because even though, even if I didn’t
tell Jenn what had happened she could feel, “Oh my gosh I can totally
understand that feeling there because she can feel it in her body and I
could feel what she was expressing in my body, right, and then that way we can
connect and both feel seen and heard in ways that sometimes we can’t. Yeah it’s a great way of storytelling too. I can tell you about what happened for me. I like that If you guys are interested in using some of
these activities that we have come up with and that we use in sessions
everyday then you don’t have to do the hard work coming up with the
activity for yourself. We’ve done it for you. All you got to do is go to this link
and purchase these cards. There are 72 activities. You can make a curriculum
out of them. There’s an instruction manual that kind of tells
you how you might want to use them for treatment planning to meet certain
treatment goals. We tried to do everything we can to make it easy for you. Check them out. We’ll see you. Bye. Bye.

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  1. Hey y'all! Wasn't able to get the link where I pointed in the video. Link for the cards is in the description.

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