Rezzimax Tuner Pro for chronic pain, anxiety, migraine headaches, TMJ, VNS Therapy

– Do you suffer from chronic
pain in your neck or jaw? Or do you suffer from migraines? Does stress overwhelm you and keep you from enjoying
life’s activities? Let me introduce you to
the new Rezzimax Tuner Pro. Our medical device is fully
designed, tested, and produced in an FDA-certified
facility located in the USA. Founder and CEO of Rezzimax, Sharik Peck, is a physical therapist with a
Master’s degree in counseling with over 24 years of experience helping people eliminate
pain from their lives. Having suffered several
disabling accidents and years of chronic pain, Sharik knew there had to be a better way to relieve pain naturally. – I felt like I didn’t have great tools to help people with chronic pain. I wanted to get people
a non-medication ability to treat themselves and
so I started studying the nerve pathways and how they interacted to create pain pathways or to
diminish those pain pathways. I started to develop a
really good understanding of two very important nerves. – The trigeminal nerve,
which stretches out in spider-like fingers on
either side of your face, directly connects with
your body’s stress systems and is responsible for helping trigger the fight or flight response to stress. Your body also has a miraculous mechanism to counter these debilitating
effects of stress. It is controlled by the Vagus nerve, however, when the trigeminal nerve continually stimulates
the stress responses, it can be difficult for
the Vagus nerve to keep up. – If we could get the Vagus
nerve functioning better, we calm down that trigeminal system, we calm down the fight
or flight and guess what. Pain relief. Migraine headaches will
shut off in minutes if you can get the Vagus nerve
to start functioning better. – Our team of specialists,
after years of research, discovered precise calibrations
to create a resonance that gently stimulates the Vagus nerve for advanced relaxation and healing. From that research, a portable, hand-held device that combines resonance and progressive stress
management techniques is now available to you,
the Rezzimax Tuner Pro. With the push of a button
while at work, traveling, or from the comfort of your own home, you can ease a headache and
be smiling again in minutes without expensive and
addictive medications. – It’s fascinating that
you can teach a person how to get into healing mentality by applying the tuner to key
pressure points on the body. Pressure points as easy as
hitting points around your face or above your eyes or the top of your head or the back of your neck. Very easy to be able to calm
down the nervous system. – We have increased the
battery life by 300%, so you can use the new tuner for eight to 10 hours on a single charge. We’ve redesigned the
resonance delivery system to gain a 33% increase in strength and the Tuner Pro has four new pre-set continuous play programs to tap gently into the nervous system. And best of all, you can now order a version of the Tuner Pro that
has curved muscle relievers. With these tuner wings, you
can apply sustained pressure into the myofascial connective
tissue to eliminate pain, increase blood flow and restore motion. – The body already has the tools in there, our immune system, our lymphatic system, all of these key systems in the body are designed to help us heal. Our desire was to
support the immune system not to create a dependency on our tool. Your brain is essentially
learning the pattern that our tuner is generating and when your brain learns the pattern, you don’t need the tuner
nearly as much over time. – Rezzimax is now being enjoyed by nearly 4,000 users
in over 44 countries. With so many lives being
changed using the tuner, the team at Rezzimax is
more driven than ever to keep improving the product
and expanding its reach to everyone seeking
relief from chronic pain. With our 60 day money back guarantee, two year full warranty, and
proudly made in the USA, join the thousands of people
that are enjoying the benefits of their Rezzimax Tuner. Now is your time to tune
out pain and tune into life with the Rezzimax Tuner Pro. Order your Tuner Pro with or without wings and help us spread the word. (gentle uplifting instrumental music)

5 thoughts on “Rezzimax Tuner Pro for chronic pain, anxiety, migraine headaches, TMJ, VNS Therapy

  1. I agree with the theory and work behind this tool as a person with chronic pain and a physical therapist. I am excited to provide this tool for others who are suffering from many different conditions. I am amazed at the effectiveness when used to minimize pain and increase functional strength. Thanks.

  2. I have discovered TMJ treatment “FοΚemΚem Ta” (Google it) in my desperation to relieve myself from facial pain. I have applied this TMJ treatment “FοΚemΚem Ta” for somewhat more than 12 days now and the results are remarkable. Sleeping has not been this fantastic since being free from the annoyance of pain from the face and jaw..

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