Responding to Anger:  Role Play, Demo, Foundations

[MUSIC PLAYING] So, Tina, I’ve heard that you’ve
had several asthma attacks since the last time
we saw each other. So tell me what’s going on. Yeah, I have a lot of
stress in my life right now. My teenage son is getting
close to graduating, and I’m getting all kinds
of calls from the schools. He is, you know,
acting up in school. And I’m not getting any
support from his dad to help me with this situation. So it is pretty stressful now. Hmm, I understand. Being a parent can
be very stressful. Yeah, but I don’t think
you understand, you know. It just really irritates me when
people tell me they understand, because they’re not
walking in my shoes. So please don’t tell me you
understand what’s going on with my son, when I know you don’t. You know what? You’re right. I want to understand
though, and that comment was just my way of
showing you that I care about what’s
going on in your life. And I might not understand
completely, you’re right. But I do want to
talk about it and see what is it that is triggering
your asthma attack. Well, that’s better. That’s a lot better
for you to tell me that you want to understand
than you do understand, because I don’t
think you can really understand what’s
actually happened. OK, well, I’m glad that we
have this relationship where you feel like we can talk
through our differences. OK.

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