Residents frustrated after drive-by shooting on SE Side

San Antonio police believe it’s a gang-related drive-by three people shot in broad daylight on the southeast side all taken to the hospital police say the suspects were last seen speeding away in a white car tonight neighbors are demanding that city leaders do something to stop the fireworks of bullets they hear at night Councilwoman Rebecca vie egg on represents district 3 it’s her third straight term Liz Campos who ran for the city seat in 2011 is vying for the spot once again we have team coverage tonight that i-team’s patty Santos reports that neighbors are taking their frustration to the polls the Highland Park community in the southeast side praying for change after three men were shot in broad daylight it’s fortunate no one else was injured San Antonio Police Chief William McManus say his officers have been called to this corner house on Bailey and st. Anthony Avenue five times in the last four months there’s anything that’s going on in that house and it’s reported to us and we’ll investigate it online crime data also shows several reports of theft assault and vandalism around the area since January neighbors demand action six consecutive days of gun violence and nothing’s being done especially in a political climate we’re in the middle of voting right now you would think that people would be speaking out about these issues they want to see more officers patrolling the streets day and night we would like to see more safety more urban de whatever the problem might be as far as whether it be gangs drugs they worried that crime and rising property values are pushing them out in this neighborhood houses are going for a 180 190 200 thousand dollars taxes are rising and nothing’s being done in the neighborhood to help actually the people who live here who’ve been here for 20 plus years they’re taking their frustration to the polls I may be some other neighbors to get more involved with the city and local politics as far as seeing what we can do to take back our neighborhoods and we took these concerns to councilwoman rebecca baron and her opponent Liz Campos Sara Costa you spoke with both of these candidates what do they say they’re planning paty both candidates said that they want to continue to fight for more safe officers in the budget for district 3 along with the police substation district 3 is the largest city council district in the city Rebecca via cron has been representing the Southside district since 2013 the former City Council 8 is running for her fourth and final term for opponent list on post was a paralegal for 29 years and currently owns her own business she ran for the seat in 2011 our viewers wanted to know what they would do to increase police patrols in the area via Grande says she’s been fighting for a police substation in the district for some time I’m so excited that more neighborhood associations are coming on board to make our issue to the mayor and the city manager that we need a police substation in district 3 Koppel says she doesn’t understand why it’s been a delayed process getting a substation she wants to find the research of the crime numbers for the area I want to do whatever I can to get down to the bottom of those numbers and and figure out what exactly the crime rate is in district 3 because we definitely need a substation people living in district 3 say there’s a growing homeless issue on the southeast military via gan says she created a homeless encampment outreach program for district 3 last year which includes a variety of organizations working together it’s a complex issue because it has to do with mental health it has to do with maybe some drug addiction as well but we’re trying to look at it in a holistic manner compost agrees with the initiative already taken saying it’s an issue that she will continue to see through I think the initiative has to be consistent and it has to be effective and it has to be a strong initiative to get to get these people you know taking care of compost says she wants to get back to the basics and focus on infrastructure accountability and tax reform via Grande says her biggest priority is figuring out how to lower property taxes you can find all of their answers to viewer questions on case comm Steve

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