Reduction of inflammation from sulforaphane supplementation as a treatment for depression

[Rhonda]: That’s cool. There’s definitely a common denominator with
oxidative stress and inflammation in both autism and schizophrenia, but also in depression. And this is another brain dysfunction, I guess,
if you want to call it that, but inflammation has been shown now to play, actually, a major
causal role in depression. And there’s been some animals studies that
you may have seen where the sulforaphane, broccoli sprout extract in sulforaphane has
shown to be even as good as fluoxetine, which is Prozac, in alleviating, like, all these
different methods of stress they have to make an animal depressed, and then they give it
Prozac or broccoli sprout extract and it works just as well, which is extremely interesting. [Jed]: I totally agree. We won’t talk about the way those experiments
are done here because I think they can be sort of…
[Rhonda]: Inhumane? Some of them? Some of them. [Jed]: They’re distressing to hear about,
yeah. But needless to say, it’s better to do them
on mice than on people. Yes. In fact, just last week, I was at the Stanley
Medical Research Institute, its annual meeting in Baltimore and there was a lot of talk about
inflammation and depression. They’re focusing on bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. And in fact, they funded the study at Sheppard
Pratt that’s just starting, as I say. So, yeah, I mean, there is so many conditions
that we hope may respond even if only partially, and the fact that it can be a dietary approach
is, I think… [Rhonda]: Wouldn’t that be cool? [Jed]: That would be… [Rhonda]: I mean, if people could, instead
of getting on something with side effects possibly takes broccoli sprouts or some sort
of broccoli sprout extract or supplement that’s out there that’s really effective, that would
be so…because it’s just, it’s so good for you. The sulforaphane, the broccoli sprouts are
so good for you. So I just would be really excited to see that

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