Receive More Money With This Secret Japanese Technique

I have a ritual
when I buy anything. It has to do with how I spend
and receive money. Hi, can I get a black coffee, please? Yeah, grande. So maybe you noticed I closed my eyes
when I handed her the money. I’m going to tell you
what’s going on there. So the technique here is called the
Arigato Money technique, and it comes from Ken Honda. So, we’re back in my office. Let me tell you what exactly
is this technique. So Ken is famous for being
Japan’s biggest writer. He’s written over 50 books in Japanese. And one of his projects was to interview
12,000 millionaires in Japan and understand how they think about the world
and what unique beliefs gave them their edge. One of the people Ken Honda got to
approach was Wahei Takeda, the Japanese billionaire,
often known as the Warren Buffett of Japan. Ken asked Wahei Takeda
for his secret and Wahei said, “I’ll teach you a simple technique.
It’s called Arigato Money.” So Wahei’s teaching
was rather unique. His teaching was very zen. And the answer to my question,
“What is the secret of wealth?” He said, “It’s very simple.
Arigato your money.” And I didn’t get it.
“Arigato your money?” And he said,” Yes, with a big smile on,
just arigato your money.” That means appreciating your money. The thing I didn’t know at that time was
by saying arigato in, arigato out, I also had the practice
of appreciation without knowing. I realized after a few days by saying
thank you or arigato to your money, I felt very good about myself, my life,
and I didn’t know that was the effect of arigato in, arigato out. And also, I ended up making more money or
rather, I’d say, I ended up receiving more money because the money kept coming in
in a very mysterious way. Whenever I went to his office or on the
way back in Nagoya, I always got a text message from my publishers that I got
another reprints of my books in the past, which is always strange because always
good news comes in when I was with Wahei. And I think it was because I was in this
mode of appreciating so much, I somehow attracted abundance. So I arigato when I bought
this cup at Starbucks. It was to take enough blessing but I also
arigato recently when I had to sign a $100,000 check to a tech company
providing us with a service we needed. That is also a form of
arigato-ing the money. So when you receive money with arigato
and you give money with arigato, what you’re doing is in your mind,
establishing the circular flow that money flows through you with blessings,
with grace, with ease. This is the secret that Wahei Takeda
spoke of in terms of the true mindset of the rich. And Ken Honda says what you start to find
is that you eliminate your stress and your anxiety around money. And you start seeing more money
come to you because what you appreciate appreciates. And you also see that what you are buying
with your money comes to you in the most positive way. So it’s a beautiful technique that I’ve
been using in my life. If you found this idea interesting,
join me and Ken Honda in our upcoming masterclass on Mindvalley,
where we’re going deep in the psychology, and the mindset, and the EQ of money.

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  1. What are you going to buy next using this technique? A coffee? New clothes? Comment below! ๐Ÿ˜Š Feel good about your finances and make a 1 hour investment of your time to watch Ken Hondaโ€™s free Masterclass for more amazing money secrets ๐Ÿ‘‰

  2. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.At the same time I was thinking this is the same teachings in the law of attraction.Being thankful for what you get and what you give โ™ฅ๏ธ

  3. Poor people are the kindest, most religious, and loving people. They work the hardest with pride. Same for the slaves… they survived on gratitude and they were still slaves and mistreated. Actually, what ever you think you will attract it.

  4. Vishen Lakhiani is truly helping raising frequency on Earth. I give thanks for the knowledge and wisdom you always shed light on. Arigato โœจ๐Ÿ•ฏโœจ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿพ

  5. Islam teaches to be gratefull to the one who gave you this blessings and you have to be vocal about it by saying 'Alhamdullilah'.
    So by Saying Alhamdullilah you thank the one who gave you this blessings and you're content with what you have.
    *Alhamdullilah means: all praises and thanks are due for Allah alone.

  6. Wow believe it or not i did this for last few months
    I always say ยซย thank you money for come to me , please attract more of your friend ยซย ๐Ÿ˜‚
    I didnโ€™t know it was a thing ๐Ÿ˜‚
    But i just love to share this with you guys
    Have a great weekend everyone

  7. This worldly life has different people with various drives and each person thinks or gives a thought to a certain aspect based on his 'earned' rationality.

  8. Love this, I'm going to start today to use the Arigato money technique and appreciate the in and out flow of my money. Thank you Ken & Vishen !

  9. Several years ago I loaned several thousand dollars to a couple of friends who were going through very difficult times. They took it and ran and I never heard from them again. I've been so distraught over this and it hurts so much. I don't know how to make peace with it… Also, now I need that money, I want it to come back to me somehow.

  10. This is brilliant and when its broken down like this you see how you use gratitude to open yourself up to receiving more money. Great share Mindvalley! ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ

  11. God loves a cheerful giver.2 Cor
    Give and it shall be given unto you pressed down shaken together and overflowing Luke 6:38
    These scriptures make even more sense now! Love it!

  12. What a croc…. just be grateful….. thatโ€™s essentially what is going on here…. your are just re-marketing gratitude using an obscure Japanese word that means nothing in the English language. Desperate for content pushing your Ken Honda products…. we donโ€™t need another guru… enough already ๐Ÿ™

  13. Love you money๐Ÿ™๐ŸปThank you Money๐Ÿ™๐ŸปTrust you money๐Ÿ™๐Ÿปpl come to me in multiple. I do ths.thank you for sharing this video

  14. Before watching this video, I planned to buy something, but I was hestitant to do it. Then I watch youtube videos , suddenly iam thinking about visiting this channel then the crazy thing is when I watch this video, which its talking about money . I got money from my mother and I was not asking for it

  15. Namaste

    If I join mindvalley course I will say Arigato Out

    Instead of that let me keep my money with me and say Arigato In

  16. Since you so generously help yourself to the lives of others as well as my own. my official response to you can best be found in George St. Pierre's book, The Way of the fight page 201 ,. The whole page basically.

  17. I find this video both confusing and interesting. The Arigato Money Technique is it just saying to yourself I appreciate the purchase as well as I appreciate my money coming in? OR do you actually say Arigato money? Why at the beginning did he close his eyes when paying for his coffee? I was led to believe that was apart of the technique. Very confusing.

  18. I get a haircut and shave every two weeks; and I appreciate it every time. I feel so good afterwards. โ€œArigato in, Arigato outโ€. ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ™

  19. Thanks. I believe it's the neutrality towards it. Money coming in isn't good and money going out isn't bad. It's just energy.

  20. I do not believe in spending money on things you don't need so I always keep some moneh. I also lso close my eyes and say I am thankful for every single thing I have when I use it, and when I give it, and I STAY blessed. I wake up saying thanks. I have everything I really need, and the things support my life purpose, and it's because I am thankful through my day. When I have a cup of a black coffee in morning I close my eyes and I say I am so thankful …etc. I ended up getting big bags of good coffee for FREE. I eat two meals a day only now and stay in ketosis for 22 hours and do semen retention…etc. all when saying THANK YOU with eyes closed all day as I enjoy my blessings. I actually eat like the Asians because I have the same blood type. Their meals are super powerful.
    My first meal is only a palm full of greens, and an egg. I drink loads of tea blends.
    My last meal is a small serving of food I consider high carb like oatmeal or rice. I also have two servings of a protein, a small portion of fruit, greens. I prefer to have sweet red wine as my drink. I drink a gallon of water or certain teas a day. I am thankful as I do and I also close my eyes with each food I eat and be thankful.

  21. People need to do this everytime they be with their spouse, so the love between them become abundant and the bond is sealed and they both get blessed.

  22. I also do it when I eat greens and money comes to me. I close my eyes as I eat the greens and even as I pick them up and I say I am thankful ..etc and I meditate as I eat the greens, and shortly after, I write amazing work, and wealth and gifts comes to me. I also do it sometime, as I am listening to certain sound with certain frequencies. Closing your eyes keeps you from focusing on other stuff

  23. awesome will do this. I also say when paying bills, I pay my bills with love. Thankyou Vishen for helping to change the world xx

  24. Wow. Though I always appreciate everything I have, this technique is really interesting and I can connect to it. Thank you Vishen. Joining you.

  25. I did the closed eye thing with all my food today… I went to the grocery story and was given FREE groceries! And my favorite. They said they were getting rid of their left over veggies. I then was planning to get fruit and all the fruit I wanted was at a big discount at my favorite store, and I found $10! My daughter told me she is buying me groceries. I have a car full of my favorites super healthy groceries and only spent $20!!! I have free groceries coming from two more sources. I am freezing all the food. ๐Ÿคฃ. I also had $7 added to my bank account. I have been in semen retention for months and staying in ketosis for at least 20 hours for the past few days.
    I do everything slowly and close my eyes through the day and thank the most high. Today a bowl of broccoli tasted unbelievably good that I shouted "this food is good, thank you thank you most high" ๐Ÿคฃ. I am being bum rushed with blessings!!

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