RAW: Toronto road rage caught on camera

There’s a road rage incident
just right there. Hey! [whistles]Now’s the time. Hey!Get back in the car!
Grow up!
[indistinct muted shouting]Sit down or you’re going
to get arrested!
[indistinct muted shouting] Listen to the officer!Both of you grow up!Come on,boys!
Move it!
Everybody’s a winner,
don’t worry.

100 thoughts on “RAW: Toronto road rage caught on camera

  1. I can’t stop watching this😆😆 “Come on BOYS” 😆. This video makes me want to just throw the whole “America”away. Our cops 👮‍♀️ aren’t even as nice😆 “everybody’s a winner”😆

  2. You guys are not going to believe me but I know this man personanally and have purchased a car from him. He is a Hilarious Officer with over 30 years in his career. Great Officer and even funnier man! Rock on Graham!

  3. Lol…c'mon. Kids stop the fuzz…
    Nice citizenship. That happened in Mexico…that all gang up on the cop…and that's no joke

  4. The "Get back in the Car" and "Come on now Boys, both of you. Grow Up" sounded like a true Father. Sounded like he was saying "Hey, get your hand out of the cookie Jar." "Come on now, Children. Stop it NOW or you'll both go to the corner." That made my day.

  5. Since everything is way bloody too expensive in Canada, (I am Canadian by the way) I couldn't afford to travel to Toronto anyways.

  6. Wow 😮 no way I can’t believe that in Canada u have this type of behavior and I thought only America has that problem shocking

  7. That's Canada for you. Human all around. "You're all winners," I love this officer, he knows how to handle these egomaniacs.

  8. Canada : " C'Mon BOIZE! Everybody's a winner. Don't worry."
    America: Two roadragers shot after refusing to listenbto orders from police officers.

    Guys: Alright fine we're going. Sheesh!

  10. oh dear these Torontians. In England this would have been settled with some frantic slapping, shaking hands, apologising, calling the police & exaggerating followed by a stabbing

  11. Typical of police officers, blame everybody when one person may be the only one to blame… Predetermine a conclusion and then treat that conclusion as fact… That's the police way.

  12. that cop, I can't…I know he was on TV at the time and on his good-cop behaviour…but, dude…he's about as intimidating as my Neice's goldfish, Fancy-Fred

  13. This shithole used to laughably be called' Toronto The Good'( all propaganda of course). Toronto is the single most unfriendly and coldest city I have ever lived in in my life, NEVER again SHITRONTO!

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