R.LUM.R “Frustrated” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

Charlotte Corday is dope. You gotta look it up. They will cut your head off and they smack it to make sure you’re dead. And if it doesn’t react… Well as the story goes her head was clean cut off, but she was such a badass, they picked her head up and they smacked it and she was like, had this look of indignation. Which is like…that’s the dopest shit I ever
heard in my life! Even after death, you’re taking no shit. I met this dude Super Duper, this guy Josh
Hawkins, who did the production for the song. The song, basically as you hear it was already
done. Like, the chords and the structure and all
that stuff. But then we just worked on production stuff
together. So it felt really natural. Literally the mix that’s out, that’s the first
mix. That’s just, “Boop.” We got it and we were just like, “Tight! Yeah. I like that. Let’s put that out! Great!” The sky, it’s air. It’s not tangible. You can’t… I can’t grab it. You know what I’m saying? But you’re asking me to chain you down to
this thing that doesn’t exist. I’m asking myself to do things that are impossible of me. To be this person that maybe I’m not. You paint this beautiful, colorful, vibrant,
amazing picture of who you are in person, but that’s unlike the way you color me at home. We don’t… I’m black and white. I’m nothing to you when I’m at the house. At least that’s how it feels. I’m clearly not feeling it from you, but
I wanna make this work. I want this to feel natural again. ‘Cause it did. So I’m like… Tryna give and tryna give and give and it
just isn’t coming back. Every little action or whatever that you’ve
put in from the point that it was going bad to the point that you realized it is bad,
it’s just like, “Damn I wasted that. Damn I feel like a clown bro. I feel stupid.” You wanna be with me or like you wanna care
about me when you feel like it. But that’s not how like, people and relationships
work. The bigger point is like, I can liken that
to myself. You look in the mirror and you’re fighting
with that person as much. These choices have to be made, but you’re not meeting me in the middle bruh. I don’t call my girl bruh. Let’s make that clear. But, you never seem like you want to choose, so it always falls on my shoulders. I’m the one that has to choose. Then if I express some discomfort over that, you can just walk away. You can just get mad. And I’m saying like, “Well…” I’ve had people ask me like, “Yo, did
you like hurt this person?” And I’m like, “No dog. It’s not like that.” It’s the final scene in the relationship. Not in your life. You know?

100 thoughts on “R.LUM.R “Frustrated” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

  1. he seems like such a cool, chill guy and his falsetto is amazing oh my god. i liked this song before but im officially a stan ahaha

  2. honestly, R.lum.r is going to be one of the most influential artists of our time. I met him in person at the Orlando concert, and he really is the type of person u can vibe and connect with, to a wide audience and a diverse range of people. His voice and talent is so raw that everyone was in shock at his live performance. Ain’t nobody gonna top him.

  3. I listen to the song “Frustrated” all the time. It truly represents my life all in one. Real artist with real lyrics!

  4. Ive never heard of this guy before and at first glance im like oh he must be another mumble rapper but i clearly was wrong i had to listen more he whipped the guitar out and all.

  5. Why dis nigga look like someone tried to photoshop DRAM, Khalid, Ol Dirty Bastard, Danny Brown and Kevin Abstract together?

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