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How All right guys, it’s almost Valentine’s Day so it is time for me to do my annual Valentine’s Day makeup tutorial and this year I feel like this is actually one of my favorite Valentine’s Day looks I’ve ever done because it’s so natural but glowy It’s like a little something on the eyes. It’s just I don’t know. I really love it And you know, I have to blush it up because I’ve been do that lately and I’ve been loving blush. Um, but yeah, I’m so excited to show you guys and Everything’s affordable. Everything is drugstore and I actually have a little special So I created my own little bundle with Milani cosmetics for Valentine’s Day so inside here are some amazing products like probably like my top favorite products that Milani makes but all of them are so perfect for Valentine’s Day so what I wanted to do with this kit is like have something for you guys to create a look or For your significant other, you know your boyfriend your girlfriend, whatever To have something to give you guys that’s like really special and it’s just gonna be a great value for your money as well So inside my bundle, I’ll show you guys all obviously all the products in action in the tutorial But I have 5 of my top favorite products. So we have this eyeshadow palette that is in sanely good. Ok, guys, sorry I’ve been using mine so I cut it a little dirty, but it is so perfect for Valentine’s Day You get the champagnes you get the rosy neutrals you get some plum shades down here It’s just beautiful. And obviously I used it to create this eye. Look this eye topper that comes in the bundle Girl, it’s next level. Okay, so this right here So good it is so pigmented So pretty on the eyes This is what I have on right now is the hypnotic lights holographic eye topper in the shade 0-1 lustre light Of course you guys know? Baked blush in Luminoso. I mean like it’s just it’s just a must especially for Valentine’s Day But any time of year this I’ve probably been using for like 5 or 6 years now, it’s just it’s so so good I also included a highlighter palette and again You guys have probably seen me use this before because it’s one that I use quite often on my channel So it’s the Milani stellar lights highlighter palette in rose glow And you get three different shades a pearl a champagne and then like more like a rose gold copper shade and then the last product That I included in the bundle. Is this really beautiful lip gloss? I actually have it on right now it looks a lot darker in the in the bottle than it does when you put it on but it’s just the most perfect like Neutral shade it has some peach eNOS to it has a little bit of warmth But it’s still quite neutral so you can wear it For more everyday low so you can wear it for more glammed up looks it’s really like up to you how you use it? I will link my bundle down below and the pricing is really good So again five amazing products and the bag comes in the bundle Originally the price I think is a little over $60 but as a bundle itself, we marked it down I tried to get you guys the best price possible. We marked it down to I think Almost 30% off 244 but I have a discount code for you guys So if you use my discount code Roxette 15 Then you actually get an extra 15% off which brings it down to 37 dollars and 40 cents. So 37 dollars forty cents for five bomb-ass products that you guys are not gonna regret buy Okay, you guys are gonna be I just I just know you guys are gonna love everything. Anyway, that’s why I’m so excited But yeah, let’s go ahead and get into this tutorial I’m gonna take the pretty fresh higher logic acid hydrating primer from colour-pop and just put that all over I don’t feel like it smells like anything in particular. It just smells good. So I’m doing a super hydrating face makeup Vibe today and then obviously the eyes are gonna be like, rosy and pretty nothing too heavy cuz I feel like Now that I’ve been you know, I don’t know what you would call it in the dating world I don’t Really like to wear super super heavy eye makeup because I feel like it’s too much almost I want to make it like a little bit on the natural side, but still glam alright, so I’m gonna go ahead and fill in my brows and I’m just gonna do my normal brow routine so you can just do Whatever you normally do. I’m using the elf ultra precise brow pencil and I’m just gonna add some concealer right on top of my eyelids. It’s gonna cancel out discoloration powder Crease I want to do this technique that I saw on Niki makeups Instagram. She’s one of my favorite makeup artists You actually definitely check her out. I’ll leave her Instagram in the in the description box because she’s so talented So what she did? Or what I’ve seen her do Multiple times is actually take the liner first and then build up the eyeshadow on top and it gives it a much more natural Look to the eye liner, like it doesn’t really look like eyeliner It just uplifts the eyes and gives it a little bit more definition So I am gonna be using the Milani stay-put eyeliner in the shade 0-8 piccante like a nice berry red And I’m just gonna take that right on to the lash line Alright, and then what you’re gonna want to do with that liner? Is take a flat brush you want to use something that is a little bit stiffer So you can see this one is like pretty stiff. You know what I mean versus like a normal blending brush would be very flimsy So you want to take that stiff brush and blend out the eyeliner? you could also do this step the blending with a pencil brush – Why is that such mood right there? Alright, so then We’re gonna take the eye shut out that’s part of the bundle so rosy revenge once again, and I’m gonna take the second shade and Start to press that into where we applied the liner and this is gonna give a really really pretty smoky look Alright, and this is kind of what you want want it to look like once you’re done Also, I just realized I did not even swatch the palette for you guys So these are the shades you get you can see you just get the most beautiful arrangement of like those Rosy rose gold, but like rosy pink Valentine’s Day colors. So for the lid I’m actually gonna take this medium. Rosy shade and Please oh and then you just want to blend out the edges with a Clean brush or relatively clean at least and then we’re gonna slide it over to this middle like lighter pink And place that right into the center of the lid Look, how payment did that is too like a mat for a mat to show up that well on top of another mat That’s when you know, it’s very very very good quality. So we’re just using this for a little miniature pop Especially once I blend it out because we’re gonna use our hypnotic lights eye topper and this is like the moment where I really feel like The v-day look comes together. So I apply straight from the applicator and And the cool thing about this particular eye topper is that it shifts different colors depending on what you have underneath so Right here when I blend it out It looks like almost like a rose gold with pink undertones But if you put this on top of other shades like I’ve done a gold eye look with this on top and it actually starts to look just like a shift of gold and I Like to take this just a little higher up once the product gets dry because I like the sparkle to peak out This look is actually so easy and quick to do but it really looks like you put a lot of effort into it Oh my god, is that not like the prettiest I look I love it. I love it. I love it a little bit I love it. Alright, and then just to finish things off I’m gonna add just a little bit more of this darkest plum shade in the palette right to this outer lash line So for my lashes, I think I’m gonna do these cheeky little like underneath flutter lashes I know I don’t even know who I am like not using a strip blossom lash in this tutorial But these are gonna be really cool if you haven’t seen some of my recent videos I tried these out and I was actually pretty shocked at how cool they were cuz you put the lash Underneath so you can’t see a lash band. If you really want to go the natural route and just look like you just Didn’t try that hard, but like you look perfect then I think these are kind of cool and they’re from kiss I think that it was called false Kara and I got it at CVS originally, but what I do is I curl my lashes Kind of press it down a few times and then I’ll go in with the Maybelline falsies lash lift Makes my lash look so like the luminous wrong. So this is like the other part to this falsies application step you take the Bond and you place it underneath your lashes like a mascara kind of and then you literally and just take this And it automatically gives your lashes a very like flirtatious I almost want to say like cat eye and then the second part of this is to seal it in with Like the white side of this so you can see it makes like a subtle difference I only add two to the very outer corner so it can create that like cat eye Subtle, but I really like it because it just looks so natural It looks like my neck but my natural lashes are just like like this and then if you really want to lock these guys into place you can take your eyelash curler and just really gently Press the natural lashes to those Of mascota so that Again, it’s just really locked in there. They’re not going anywhere. And your lashes look bomb AF I’m obsessed with these lashes That’s all I’m gonna say so I’m gonna go ahead and move back to the face So again, I just want something that’s like a little bit more on the natural side I really go through phases like sometimes I’m like You know what? I’m going all out all or nothing and then other times I just want to look a little bit more natural and glowy So this is the dream a radiant liquid from Maybelline really really good new foundation that they have. Oh That looks so good. Oh my god this foundation just looks like literal skin. It’s actually insane Alright, and then for concealer, I’m gonna take the Milani conceal imperfect in 130 light beige. I’ve been actually Loving this concealer. I’ve used this one for a long time, but just recently I guess I Rediscovered it rediscovered how much I love it? Especially the shade has such a nice undertone and it’s brightening without being too cool tone It’s so good and really good coverage too and because this concealer is super matte I actually don’t really feel like I have to set it that well For it to stay. So I usually just take a little Brush Dust some loose powder into the creases so that that part sets And then I took a little bit of the pressed powder on my blender and again for a look like this I’m not actually gonna bake because I do want my skin to still look very skin-like and like glowy natural for The look that I’m going for the pressed powder I’m using is the makeup for everyone just because I Don’t feel like there’s any that I’ve found that compared to this velvet one I like it just has the best texture and it really looks like a velvet finish like it’s a soft matte finish Rather than a super matte finish. So I’m just gonna press that really lightly underneath the eyes And I don’t go too far down the face for this step alright, and then I’m gonna take this little Catrice contour palette and Contour the cheeks. I press so lightly here too because I don’t want to move. What’s underneath. I just want to add a little Okay, then we’re gonna dig back into the bundle and take Luminoso baked blush from Milani. Obviously best blush I’ve been using this for so long because it has just the most beautiful peachy undertone to it And you know, I love blush right now. Okay, so I go hard Well what I like about this blush is that it has like that perfect peachy undertone, but it is pretty buildable So if you want to do a lighter layer, you totally can and look at this sheet. It leaves you with like that glow. Oh so pretty you guys like legit if you wanted to do a more natural look you don’t even need to put on highlight on top of this because it already Has that perfect Sheen to it? But I am going to put a little bit of highlighter on because I want to show you guys this palette I mean a lot of you probably have already seen me use this because I used it a lot on my channel But it’s again the seller lights Rose glow highlighter palette And ooh, which take today? I usually use the middle one but what I like about this palette is that all of the shades are so Beautiful, okay. They look like just wet like oh My god, it’s so pretty And you do get also a pearly shade so I think I’m gonna take a little mix of the gold and the rose gold today and I’m using it on my Sigma eye highlighting brush Oh my god, it’s so pretty. It’s so pretty. This is like this formula I literally cannot wait for you guys to try it because it’s just so good for such an affordable price Like it really reminds me of high-end Highlighters and then I’m gonna take a little bit of the rose I’m gonna dig back into the eyeshadow palette as well because I want to use the champagne from here So we’re gonna take this guy. This is such a pretty color. It almost is like a mix between a champagne and a rose gold But it’s so pretty for in this inner corner And then also on the brow bone and I’m just gonna add on a little bit of bronzer to blend everything together So we’re using the Revlon skin lights. I used this like recently and it was so good I’ve been obsessed ever since Alright just gonna take the same exact blending shades from the Milani palette that’s in my bundle and place that underneath the eyes And I’ve been taking these pretty low lately. So just Know what to expect here I feel like it covers my little like Under eye wrinkles, and it just makes the whole look look very put together Then I’m gonna add on some nude liner and one more coat of mascara to the bottom lashes You guys I’m obsessed with this. Look it’s turning out so good And so for lips you just want to use a brown tone lip liner I’m going to use the elf cosmetics and nabela noir collab lip pencil. It’s in the shade miron nude It’s a really good dupe for stripped out actually So I’m gonna outline the lips and then also fill them in with this lip pencil Because we’re gonna go over it with my lip gloss that is in the bundle. This is such a pretty shade, too So this is the Ludacris lipgloss and it’s in the shade 120. She’s all that She’s a perfect everyday color you could glam it up. This was a smokey eye would be fire It’s just good for anything. It’s so pretty super moisturizing too. Alright, guys, I am up says this look turnout so cute I feel like it’s just the perfect little Valentine’s Day pop It’s probably one of my favorite Valentine’s Day look live ever done actually because it’s like natural and glowy and lots of blush Lots of rosiness but a little Valentine’s pop on the eyes. I’m obsessed with that the palette and the eye topper So thank you guys so much for watching. I love you guys so so much and don’t forget Don’t look if you want to I will have it linked down below Don’t forget to subscribe turn those notifications on and I will see you in my next video You

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