Q&A: Can Hypnosis Help My Children?

Hi and welcome back to Grace Smith TV where
I teach you how to get free. And, remember, true freedom begins in the mind. Today I am
answering a question that I received on one of my Periscope broadcasts. And the question
is: Can hypnosis help my children? And the answer is yes. In fact,hypnosis is incredibly
helpful in dealing with any type of issue for any child under the age of seven. We will
talk about children over the age of seven in just a second. Specialists and experts
have proven over the ages that for the most part under the age of seven we are pure subconscious,
meaning we don’t have that ego. We don’t have the self consciousness that comes along
with developing an ego. We are still very creative. We have imaginary friends. We tend
to believe anything is really possible. We are also extremely open to suggestion. The
way that we learn as children is by mimicking others. So everything around us we are just
absorbing it like little sponges. It can be, for example, let’s say there is a five year
old child and their mother keeps saying to them: Calm down, calm down, calm down. They
are not absorbing the word or the language as much as they are absorbing the fact that
she is annoyed, the fact that she is mad. Those are the habits that the child is starting
to form and develop. That is why so often as we get older we are like: Oh, my, I am
becoming my mother. You actually are, because that is what you learned as a child. Those
seeds were planted when you were very, very young, when you were wide, open, pure subconscious.
So it works the same way in the other direction, though it can be very, very beneficial. I
remember the first child client I had when I first became a hypnotherapist. She was flipping
around on the chair, peeking open her eyes. She was squiggling all over the place. And
I kept thinking in my mind: Nothing is happening here. This poor child isn’t going to get
any help at all. The next week she comes back with her mother. Her mother gives me a big
hug and says: I don’t know what you did, but my little girl has a new lease on life.
She was playing with kids again. She had more confidence. And all of the other things that
we had been working on with her diet and just overall getting over social anxiety, it was
really, really working for her. So how could that be? She wasn’t laying down? She didn’t
look that relaxed? It didn’t even seem like she was absorbing it. Well, she wasalready
pure subconscious. All we had to do was invoke something she already has, which is her imagination.
But instead of having her imagine all of her nightmares like she was in her mind over and
over again, the worst case scenarios, we were having her imagine an amazing life. We were
having her imagine everything was going exactly the way she wanted, that people were nice
to her, that she could play and come up with great ideas and enjoy her day and be herself
and still be loved. And it worked like a charm. It worked very, very quickly.
So you might be asking yourself: Well, my kid is nine. Am I screwed? What am I going
to do? Not at all. All of my clients—99 percent of my clients—are adults and hypnosis
works incredibly well for them. It just might take an extra session here or there. So just
be aware of the fact that your children are highly suggestible. What you do is just as
much of an impression on them as what you say if not more. So if you want your children
to grow up feeling confident, calm and happy, you need to be confident, calm and happy when
you are around them. So use hypnosis yourself to get there and use the imagination of your
children to help them overcome any of their issues. I hope that this is helpful to you.
If it was, go ahead and click the little thumbs up button below. Share this with anybody who
you think can benefit them. And let me know in the comments below when you put this to
use. Let me know how much you improve the lives of your children. Thanks for being here
and I will see you again next time on Grace Smith TV. His question was: You have a very
sane and generous approach to hypnosis centered around the needs of others, which is great.
On the other hand, do you ever feel the temptation of using the control hypnosis can give you
over someone else’s mind to achieve your own goals?

2 thoughts on “Q&A: Can Hypnosis Help My Children?

  1. Hi grace please help I love watch your videos on here They helped me greatly! So I have 2 teenage kids one will be a senior coming 2018 and she has been struggling I school since around 3rd grade and now watching her coming into her last year of school worries me I've taken her to Dr visits because that's what her school as told me to do but noones seems to find anything wrong with her but she does her homework and class work but come her test scores are very low which is causing her to fail her classes! She cries because she does her best but she doesn't seem to Retain information. Which explains her having low test scores. She is an elite athlete and she dreams of college but with her gpa no one will look at her my other is a boy who is an incoming freshman and he to sturggles he says he doesn't understand how they way they teach him but I'm hoping my struggles with financially didn't stop my kids from succeeding they remember everything Bad. But have no memory of anything good. I just got my 17 daughter after 16 yrs of shared custody to I now have 99%custody she did go through a lot of crap while In his care and I feel like that played a role in my daughters life can you help me to hypnotize my children. To let them know how smart they really are and can maintain valuable information for future testing.

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