Putin: Merkel is Frustrated Because Germany is American Colony

There are not so many countries in the world that enjoy the privilege of sovereignty. I don’t want to offend anybody, but what Ms Merkel said is an expression of her resentment over a limited sovereignty. I assure you of that, whatever she answers later on. Within the framework of the military-political alliances, it is restrained on official terms. It is determined what is allowed and what is not allowed. And in practice, it is even harsher. You must not do anything that is not allowed. And who is giving that permission? The leadership. And where is the leadership? It’s far away. To repeat once again, there are not so many states that keep their sovereignty. Russia attaches great importance to its sovereignty. Sovereignty is not a toy. It is needed for the defence of the country’s rights and its self-development. India does have sovereignty. I would like to say something to Mr Prime Minister. I have never told him that even though we spoke for several hours yesterday and the other day. I would like to say that to him in public. We are aware of the stance of Indian Prime Minister, Indian leadership and its people in regards to all attempts to persuade India in taking an anti-Russian position, which is beneficial for somebody but not India. Based on its sovereignty, character of its leader and its national interests, India does not follow somebody else’s demands. There are very few countries like India in the world. We should take that into account. India is such a country. China is such a country. Now I will not list them all, but they are not many of them.

100 thoughts on “Putin: Merkel is Frustrated Because Germany is American Colony

  1. Putin is mistaken, Germany wants to assimilate Ukraine and Russia to become a colony to be exploited. The German economic might has already conquered Europe and is expanding exponentially. The 4th Reich is here.

  2. What is the point of sanctions against Russia? All we know that half world resources are in Sibiria from gold, oil, silver, gas, diamonds, platinum, antracit, coal, zink, lead, iron, all kind of crystals, copper, etc…..What if sanctions will turn against stupid EU? As we know Ukraine almost die in one month without russian gas, smart Russians just closed the pipe of russian gas and everywhere was immediate crisis not only in dependent Ukraine or stupid EU, in Balkan in that time wood price raised from 50EUR to 100EUR per cubic?! Really US want to destroy EU and Europe which is 80% depend from russian resources like stupid Germany! EU IS REALLY MORON OF GAY PARADE! ROTSCHILDS AND ROCKEFELLERS ARE REAL TERRORISTS NOT SOME TINY STINKY ISIS OR WHATEVER INVENT! STUPID BLIND SUICIDAL SHEEPS!

  3. Sorry putin but we don't buy into your proaganda Germany survives I've and we'll as you well know it the uk and America re-built Germany rather well xnd it's people are all they can be maybe perhaps we built Germany to we'll but it is functioning better than any other European country regardless of what you think or say

  4. Putin still holds the old grudge obviously time to put your old communist ideas aside that's is what everyone knows that keeps you behind the times and behind a old rusty iron curtain time for brighter fresher out looks other that your old ways

  5. Russians are free minded individuals that don't like looking back if they can't get to move for words with your kind of retrarical retrickyour people enjoy the people of the west and our cultures and no brand of comunistic ideology will stop the rights of your people

  6. whats funny is that India has taken an anti russian stance by allowing US advisors to examine the russian made nuclear subs that they bought.

  7. All the major players need to sit down together and agree to seize all assets owned by the shadow government in Russia ,China, the USA, England, and others that want to fix their economy. The world's shadow government is behind all the wars, and other problems we have had in the past. They control everything. All their assets need to be taken over by their respective governments. If we don't, we will have a nuclear WW3 with just a few owning everything. Think of it as a game of monopoly that has finished. we need to start over, or just a Handful will own and control everything, while all the rest of us that are left will be peons, servants and live the life of a slave.

  8. Fuck putin, I disagree sovereignty is not an privilege it’s actually achievable even for small countries if their leaders have got balls, brains and strong army no matter how small the country is!

  9. Just look at what American brands, fashion companies alone did to health of indian people. Watch ''The True Cost (2015) ''

  10. The big mystery about Merkel is that about five years ago she told an immigrant child on a national TV programme that regardless of the fact that the child had acquired an education and fluent german in Germany the rules required the child to go back home to Iraq or somewhere.

    Her stance suddenly reversed by 180 degrees and entrenched itself like a pile-driver leading her to flood the country with a fifth column of primitives. She must have a remote-controlled bomb up her rectum.

  11. I don't like Putin or Russia at all in general, but I much appreciate his straightforwardness. And what he just said is absolutely true.

  12. Sound like f*ck you NWO Criminals of Bilderberg petro $ Scum and there poppet state are # 1 priority is sovereignty of are back yard
    The world never gonna be your privet place suckers and you can WAX Vlad shoos!!!!:))))
    BoJochok and Maychok globalist of Deep statechok us MI6CIACHOK to make False flagchok to discredit Russia 😂good luck stupid globalist 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  13. Stupid Russians you would like and wish to be like Germany in social, liberal, economic status, your society is left decades ago full of corruption with your crook leader who has stolen everything from you and controls everything (even this channel)! Russia belongs to the west and needs a more liberal system which will lead the country where it belongs, rich and powerful, Putin doesn't care about national interests he distracts you to live like a king, it is a shame that such a country was no1 in adoptions and have cockroaches like Putin live in palaces and yachts.

  14. Putin is smarter than all the Western politicians put together because he takes his job very seriously whilst Western politicians are busy messing about with Porn Stars.

  15. A lot of people in the UK are finally waking up and know the truth! We have to put up with corrupt Politicians who run are country. We have no money for schools , hospitals or the old folk, but they can always find money for bombs and weapons 🙁

  16. When he says, there are not many nations that can keep their souvereignty, I presume this also includes nations in the reach of Russia.

  17. win is this liy er stopkiling the Soviet union the ussr Ukrainian he just did it a gin win he goin to stop this dumping NUCKHER waste in the rivers and lakes and on mounts side

  18. Why United States is so EviL against u.s. citizens millions in poverty, used chemical weapons against vietnamese citizens and bombed the shit out of Japan hiroshima an Nagazaki citizens? Whats next?
    U.S.A HEADING TO A Nuclear War againsts Iran, North Korea, China, Pakistan, and The Russians. WTF IS WRONG WITH THE UNITED STATES GOVERNEMNT MANIPULATED BY THE ISRAELIS ??? And U.s.A stole mostly half of the Mexican Empire…SMH

  19. Germany …. buy yourself out and be no longer a colony of America and look for help with the EU !!! The US needs the money !!!

  20. The asshole putin is pissed off because he couldn't get Germany and France to cave into his wishes and elect an idiot like trump in those countdies ! Fuck you putinTHANK YOU PEOPLE OF FRANCE AND GERMANY FOR NOT ELECTING A PUTIN PUPPET !

  21. Russia has an economy GDP same as Italy .You are very small compared to the GREAT USA , get used to it communist scum !

  22. I don't know but She doesn't look very happy does she, perhaps it is time for her to retire, for her own peace of mind!

  23. Too many ripoff demosluts in usa, only out for money and blood and people, dumbo queers don't like you but only too play mommy and daddy you stupid ass wipes

  24. Sure.Germany is American Colony. 70 years US army is in Germany,34 000.For What? USA have to sign up,anything G.ermany what to do!

  25. A true statesman. Honest . Concern n visionary world leader for future world.. Putin is right . He is great .

  26. If only the demon crates could be honest with Russia, we could form a common bond for western civilization to survive.

  27. But but we have to blame random individuals we can't look systematically- the right who refuses to accept this truth Communist have been telling them for decades

  28. Sure She is Frustrated. Hollywood never left after 1945. 35 000 Cowboy there,doing nothing
    just a drug . USA can say anythyng hatreds is on more then 70-years.Just like in Japan.Korea

  29. That "journalist" is just talking head without own perspective and knowledge of how things really are. She comes and goes if her boss says so and she just knows what she must and has to say. Well Putin has realistic picture of what is situation in geopolitical game. She can`t say anything that confuses Mr Putin even remotely.

  30. Merkel is the true enemy of the German people. Is this woman still breathing? After the Betrayal she did to the German people and Germany .. I can't believe nobody has done anything by now. Wow

  31. So you're saying no matter what big government us the commoner can hold the ground the farmer and the oven treatment timber all that country by themselves they don't need politicians yeah just proper nutrition!

  32. The master at his best.. as always.. im mexican and this is the only politician i respect.. but at same time he is more leader and less politician

  33. America boolies the whole world and thinks the people of of other countries are as naive and uninformed as their own people.

  34. Deutschland is better off breaking away from NATO and as the leader of the EU, initiate a EU military. Since the EU has a bigger GDP than USA, in time it would be the most powerful military on the planet and then tell USA to FUCK OFF or else

  35. Whatever dude. Let me know when the US kills 20 million people and locks its political opposition up in gulags. Until then, none of these oppressive countries, Russia, and China have ZERO right to comment how the US treats Germany.

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