Prophet Muhammad needed Anger management Therapy! – #CP May 24.19

[Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] all right hello everyone and peace of Christ all of you first of all please invite your friends and don’t forget to download the videos after we finish immediately our topic today is about anger but before we talk about it somebody asked me a question and I would answer please always subscribe and you can join patron even if you are doing donation you can still join and this way you will be updated because I post there a post in mind I post on Facebook and in Twitter and even in Instagram like if you have an Instagram follow because few minutes before I you know go on air I make a video saying I am ago my life a person asked me about the Muslim singing that we Christians we pay the jizya as a tax so we will answer about this before we go and start the topic about the anger you see always and this is a warning for all the Christians never understand Islam from Muslims you see I I got my degree in Islamic law and everything I learned which is negative about Islam I did not learn from the school because who they are even to say the truth in the school that issue what is you know let us say if you do this what will happen there I mean you study law and Sharia and Sharia is very silly because if you go deep you will find there’s nothing is called Sharia sorry like legalizing them something but based on Islam now when somebody says to you any interpretation any explanation for anything in his cult well tell him can you show me the Muslim is when they make text like you know I saw the comments of the Muslims angry Mohammedans because many Muslims are leaving Islam like in the last 48 hours we have a three Muslims left Islam just life on air not the one who speak to them and they hear and the Muslims are very angry and they re keep saying that Christian France is misquoting not giving you the mean they give you meaning out of context etc but I’m showing in the screen everything I show you know I’m saying and now we will show you what the jizya mean jizya is coming from the ward Jezza which means penalty as an example if we go into horn we search for the war Josiah all those verses here speaking about Jessa look how many churches as a watcher what is Jessa as an example chapter five verse number 33 and this is the word just in the front of us that those you know those those who do war against Allah Allah will do Edge’s for them which mean Allah will punish them and what is the punishment the bent in the case you know in some cases yo-you it would be killed some cases you will be you know they cut your foot your hand you know they depend all right so depend so this is Jessa Jessa is saying a penalty the jizya is the penalty itself which means it’s an it’s a noun of it okay like desire is is the name of something they they will do jizya is known to be money will pay for a reason now what is the reason this is Emma Cathy of chapter 9 verse number 29 you can read the chapter you know take your time I read by yourself but if we go the ear if nikka theall he explained what is a jizya and here right away you see how the muslims always delight was and that’s why I say don’t ever trust them saying anything to you about the cult of Islam very early you know I believed as strongly me myself that the only one will be truthful if you speak to him about Islam is somebody he belonged to Isis those are brave people when I say brave I mean they are not shy I believe they are covered but they are brave to say what they believe I say they are covered because they attack you know people unarmed women children’s could NAB them very coward but they are brave to say what they believe the rest of the Muslims especially who those who live in the West they sneak around they don’t really like there’s a Shia a guy his name is imam tahiti I never saw a liar more than him I mean this guy even he did beat Mohammed ping Jie Jie is a sign of Cofer and disgrace so the sadat attacks they told you its attacks will tak separated by pay tax attacks is not a sign of disgrace actually attacks is a sign that you are a citizen and you have equal right Christians don’t have any rights except not to be killed if they pay so the Jesus simply is pay or die here it says until they pay the jizya for they do not choose to embrace Islam so what is the reason for the decision not because you are bad or no no no this is for very you know simple reason you refuse to accept Mohammed to being a prophet then you have to pay it and you have to be humiliated as you see it have to come with it or the price not only in the money it has to come with the price of him URI ation and here we see how the light was when they explain what is jizya in Nicosia he speak in a time where the Islamic state is not you know ashamed of their teaching this is our teaching but if Nene theer was an immigrant who was coming to the west he will you know he will cover a lot and by the way of nicotine he cover a lot still because anacoth ear he lived in syria where there’s a lot of a christians and all his interpretation was to defend Islam not ready to explain so here you see him Nicosia sane and feel themselves subdued this grace him you Liautaud etcetera therefore the Muslims are not allowed to honor the people of the dimma people of the Ummah is the Christians and the Jews what does that mean was what they may mean it’s mean Mohammed he grant him if they pay him they will not be killed it’s a mafia you know pay us we protect you protect you from whom from ourself we will not kill you they are not protecting us from somebody else they are the occupation all those countries you see in the Middle East none of them have to do with the Arab as an example Mohammed he came and after him the Muslims like they went all the way to Iran they went all the way to Egypt Libya Algeria Morocco but those countries have to do with it’s nothing what does those are African countries and imagine now just because of Islam this what Islam does Islam not only a religion force itself Islam destroy cultures which mean a person from Algeria you want to convince himself now that he is not Algerian a Mozilla which is the origin of those people he is an Arab same for somebody from Morocco even somebody from Somalia you know summary and there are people they have a dark skin what do you what have you what have you to do with the word Arab there about white people so just because of Islam everybody starts saying I am an Arab so he is like it to be and like okay the Arab are the Masters you know who Samba be led in he was a big shot in Afghanistan for very simple reason he is an Arab and he is a Saudi he’s like God orab and Cerruti in fact twice like two things in the same time because muhammad is from there so the muslims are not allowed to respect the christians and they have an order to him you lead them as you see and the muslims they have a duty to keep them miserable disgrace humiliated and here you was seeing the ethic of the Prophet and this is actually fit with our topic about anger don’t initiate the Salam to the Jews and the Christians and if you meet any of them in the road forced them to the narrowest le in the old days the dirty water used to run in the side of the road which mean it’s a sewage but it is all-day sewage so if a Muslim coming in the road and you are coming as a Christian or a Jew in the other direction or even he is coming from the same direction you are he arrived to your side you have to jump immediately in the sewage you don’t change your road you know the Muslim they were said to you because it sounds like narrow alley he’s just forcing you to change your road maybe you know no you will be in the road but he will be in the sewage there was a video made by a Muslim actually I used to have it in my computer but I think I lost it he was saying how Islam was able to force itself on the Christians in many countries as an example he give example in the video you will be with your son and a Christian is not allowed to ride his donkey face in the head of the donkey so how he right he have to ride and his back is to the head of the donkey which is funny imagine you ride a horse or a donkey by the way you can’t decant rise over the horse only donkeys so you ride the donkey but your face face in the ass of the donkey just to him you lead them and that the guy in the end the video was saying so imagine you have a son and your son says hey dad why why everybody is facing the street of the front except you then he was said to you because we are Christians and with all this pressure they will leave Christianity and they will come to Islam and this is how Allah guided them so the humiliation was enforced in order to force those people to convert to Islam but after a certain time when the Muslims have became a big number and they don’t want any like they don’t care really for more people converting because the enemy their army became big so even when some Christians offered to convert to Islam the Caliphate he reject he refused because he wanted money still to come if they convert to Islam they will not pay jizya give notice if they convert to Islam they will not be just yeah here you see this is I this is why the leader of the faithful home or this is the caliphate after Muhammad he what his demand is well-known demand in the condition to meet by the Christians these conditions to ensure their continued humiliation this cohesion etc so my friend when they say to you its attacks that’s a big fat lie now here iam notice that Muhammad as a person always he tried to find a solution by creating by fabricating Quran as an example Muhammad he want to kill everybody who don’t believe in Allah but why now he accepted money okay don’t believe in Allah don’t believe in Muhammad pious Muhammad because he is a false prophet he is willing to compromise a person who says in the hadith I’ve been ordered to fight and kill all mankind until they say in the following which mean to say the Shahada which is converting to Islam or you die as we see in the following hadith so those stories reporting the same thing that Muhammad had been ordered claiming that this is an order from God this is not him he is just a servant to fight and kill everybody unless they testified that he is the Prophet and it is the fight that Allah is the only God to worship and not only that they have to pray as he pray to eat as he eat faced the Kaaba etc so even the food is not a choice for you to choose what to eat or not you have to so all of those together you have to do them and then only then Muhammad he will not shed your blood as you see in front of your eyes in the screen so Muhammad you know always he compromise the bend in his situation as an example when when the Muslims were weak in the same chapter 9 stream in chapter 9 you will see in verse number 1 Muhammad he washed his hands from the agreement of peace with the non-believers declaration of what he wash his hands from the agreement from the treaty which mean I will explain it to you in simple way Egypt did sign a peace agreement with Israel but any of you really believe that the Israeli will have ever a peace agreement with any of their neighbors I don’t know if there is any Jew in the chat good fie here we explained verbally I mean not necessarily fight by the sword yeah well can be can be but my friend he used the word apart he’ll and you speak Arabic Oh cartel is fight to kill coming from the word khatallah not like in English fight the word fight can be many things in Arabic the word or Hotel you know it is fight to kill but Allah is the past tense which mean I killed so don’t go there secondly did your prophet do something metaphorically or he did kill an attack I mean some time you fed the RV and you are very silly I mean how many attack Muhammad he did how many people he killed so how you can say maybe he meant it’s something like here he don’t mean the brother that can be like Jesus said I can’t I brought sword but the sword the sword is ass people will discriminate us so you Muslims record the verse for us but did Jesus give anyone did he carry a sword and his lot slaughtering you have an army so I brought a sword and the sword is a sword but the sword here is a metaphorical about what will happen to us he said people will take you out of the synagogue and they will think by killing you they are doing favor to God but in the hadith here Muhammad he practice and he told you what is the fight reason and he says it clearly I will not shed their blood and this is how I find some time the comment of of Muslims it’s very I don’t know naive I mean this is say does it say then their blood and the property will be Secord does it say is that metaphorical so I understand Muslim Mohammed and he tried to defend his and by the way I feel sorry for the Muslims you see the Muslims get so upset from me when I debate any Muslim I did beat them in any debate not because I’m a genius but because Islam is a stupid I mean it’s not my fault it’s not my fault you are defending the one which nobody can defend but let me tell you what you do usually usually like what they what video Fatih he did now you speak to somebody is a Western he have no idea what Islam is about or somebody he learned two words in about Islam and now we want to debate you that person you can play the game with him not with me please all the games you want but you can with me the jizya there is no note there is no number of the jizya every caliphate he have his own because the Quran never mentioned where so it’s up to the Caliphate the Caliphate you know he decide as you wish the Caliphate or the Prince of the area Prince is not like a royal prince it’s a Muslim they hire him to be in control in that area they call him Prince sometimes even a leader of a few fighters you know the word here is Amir which means it’s the same word for you used for Prince but it’s like the one who give orders anyway so Mohammed he always he played his game when he is weak okay just to show you a fatty is making a comment let us answer him Fadi is making a comment so but why saying Islam is evil because Allah taught Mohammed was ordered to fight the spread Islam good order God ordered the Jews to fight as well it’s mentioned in the Old Testament but the Jews they never spent Judaism and they never force anyone to convert to the religion they fought for surviving the whole nation been taken twice as a slavery additional to thousands of nations attacking them so there’s a huge difference between this and that the same time Muhammad as you see here is attacking people for no reason there’s no reason he just fabricate reasons and this is why he compromise so just for the sake of money he compromised you have to believe in Allah otherwise I will kill you but if you pay me it’s okay this is not a decent man either they are Kafar and Allah order you to fight all mankind until they do this or that but you say to me if I pay you okay I’m prophet of Allah and now if you give me your dollar if you show me the dollar I will not kill you every month I will stop in the front of your house and you pay me you would be my cow I sit home do no business and you feed me and you feed my family this what Muslims was doing for centuries everybody work make money for them the Caliphate in that the Muslims I said to you did you do you know what we did in Indonesia Andalusia dacoit Andalusia that even changed the name of Spain the money this is the money is a theft the money was coming from countries and and land which they stole and they start building palaces and the one who build the palace is not even the Arab the Arab Anton now did not know even talk to build the building until now in the Middle East Saturday and Sunday is the off day for the jewelry stores why because the one who make and make dresses is not not Muslims most of the mosque of the Muslims is built by Christians specifically because Muslims don’t have you know when when they attack Spain there are all the boats all the boat they use in the attack it was made by the Aramaic Syrian in Syria when they attack in a wake UPI Syria those are a make them they knew how to make boots the Arabic the word Europe is Arabic the word Africa is Arabic so they automaker very great civilization his lamb came Horomia is gone civilization destroyed same as Egypt Egypt was one of the greatest civilization in this earth Islam came bingo it’s gone whatever Islam come civilization go out go and see what happened in the last 24 hours 48 hours week since Donna started how many people get killed just today to attack in mosque Muslims attack him mosque you see they make bigger propaganda about a guy crazy guy filthy guy who attack a mosque in New Zealand but Muslims attack him mosque every day every day bombs every day so is that because you are a Muslim you can it’s okay to kill Muslims yeah this is the case now actually Mohammed II allow it same time we have always to remember that Mohammed immediately clear in the Quran that you should not as a Muslim go for peace unless you are not the uppermost and he used the the world alone what did I alone mean the supreme superior the Muslims believe that the all superior other any human being they are the argument the rest are you know they are just and also the reference see the Quran chapter 47 verse number 35 read carefully with me and this is the Muslim translation do you see the Muslim translation I don’t know this translation is weird what slacking slacking what is that this is die quiet is that an Irish thing it has changed as slacken madness what slacking what is dead let us see the potato Yusuf Ali okay but not weary and faint here hurted crying for peace when you should be the uppermost the uppermost here it is not a good translation when you are the supreme [Music] because the Muslims are the supreme so when a Muslim can sign a peace agreement only when he is weak he cannot make it so Egypt when the Egyptian they sign a peace agreement the president of Egypt he invited the Azhar sheiks to discuss with them and they told him no problem the Prophet he did that they he did even AV the same agreement with the Jews but when he gets strong he attacked them and he killed them all so now we are not stronger than Israel the Quran says it clearly never go for peace on you or the uppermost so when I can go for peace when I am NOT the uppermost so this is a temporary peace so if the Jews believe that they have peace with their neighbor George inand Egypt that’s mean they put the Jewish are foolish people to believe in that you know I mean that would be a very foolish foolish to believe in that is just very very temporary especially now the Shia and the Sunni they or they want to eat each other so Israel now is so relaxing because of Shia and Sunni but look at the mistake Israel is doing or even Trump is doing Trump now if he go in war with Iran who is the one who Israel thing you know does really think Iran is the big problem so we need to change the regime I don’t agree I like to this regime to change but this is not what I’m talking about you see if there is no Iran Saudi Arabia will not get a close to who’s is rayul Amaro the Arabia Bahrain all of them they are being so friendly these days to Israel why because they are terrified if Iran attack them they will eat them alive you know I mean so the existence of the regime of Iran made Israel relax the Sunni are weak the Sunni are majority are population but they are not smart like the Persian all the Sunni in the Middle East they are Arab and you know we have to admit that we are uh we are not to compare with the Persian when the Arab they were sleeping in their tent having a bunch of goats around them the Persian they have science and they have I mean they are this is a great civilization so if not if not America USA if not Israel the Iranian they can eat Hezbollah I sorry they can eat this that the king of Saudi Arabia for dinner just for a dinner you know even when Saddam Hussein he have a fight with the with the Iranian the whole world think that Saddam Hussein was fighting Iranian it was not Saddam Hussein it was a miracle behind him giving him satellite information missiles weapon and the sorrow deep a and a Marathi P and the paper Bahraini BP and Kuwait P everybody P even almost the Arab they went bankrupt because of that war still they could not win the war against Iran so if the Iranian regime disappear and now we will not have a Shia Iranian Islamic Republic then the Muslim Sunni they will turn their faces to fight Israel again are we getting my point right now they are terrified because the Shia the Shia a number is growing in Yemen in Lebanon in Syria in Iraq and for sure Iran almost eighty percent or maybe maybe ninety percent is a Shia and and they are connected now Iran Iraq Syria Lebanon that’s it same time if you go in the Gulf a man is a kind of Shia the Sultan of Oman and his country and Yemen most of people now became Shia and this is terrifying for the Sunni they are surrounding them from all over now supports you today we will talk about anger should we go to the anger or continue in this topic so I believe there’s really it’s it’s better for them if the Iranian regime stay if I am if I am NOT an Yahoo I should pay the regime of Iran to stay not to leave because they will never attack as well you know those people they like this a better America that America but they don’t even dare to Fort neither at America neither at Israel you know I mean so let them okay as long this scream but they do nothing let them stay let them be busy in Iran you know because those people they have to find an enemy now the Shia is their enemy if you if you if you if you have been to get rid of this year they will turn their face on you all right now we predicted by America there is nothing is called sir OD if not America in England there is nothing score Saudi Saudi you see even the faintest the name is a shame what’s all this Audi is the last name of the family King day of the King so have you ever heard of a country have a name of a family in King imagine we change the name of USA make it a Trump that Trotta United United State of a Trump so all of those royal families they are not royal they are Bedouin who live in a tent and since they discovered the Arab the bridge intelligent they start you know making kingdoms and princes the king of Jordan disguises those guys are potatoes those never have kings they never been kings they never even been princes they made them royal family all of those are the made of the bridge intelligent and then after that when when the the bridge is not an empire as before and the one who grew and became the most powerful nation as u.s. Saints only a us say took over so all of those are exist just because of USA who is the one who get kuwait back from saddam hussein nobody can get it back the side he cannot who who can USA you know so yes they are the one who protect us early all right before and now and in the future they will protect them as long you know this iot they pay nothing for free nobody is doing like a charity this is not a charity business even Trump he says to them give us your check alone pay us we’re protecting you it’s not even a like before they used to like you know and Allah and they don’t say it publicly but Trumpy has you know you know him pay us we protect you business is business anyway you know this is not a blood money this is not a blood money this is oil money and if if somebody protecting somebody well you know it was the money to descend your arts and their army etc this is not for free not for free you see there’s many countries in the world they are getting protection of USA for free because American they were stupid for long as an example Japan Japan they have many threat around them they have problems with Russia they have big problem with the Chinese you know they have many problems and just by having the American they are secure and they don’t even need to have an army so Japan never pay a penny so what happened Japan became very rich in economy very poor in army but you need an army if somebody else spent his money in the army to defend us perfect because the American they were fooled they defend Japan for for free all right same as Europe you know most of the NATO Coast is American pay since Intel Trump he came this guy is a businessman is smart he said the war we are paying to protect you while we pay for everything you have to pay your shares all of them they get rich like look at Germany how rich it is why America will pay for Germany took to protect Germany so American they’ve been foolish for a long time long long long time but anyway this is politics and stupidity and you know for me I never liked Western leaders always I viewed him as a as a guy who just joined the Cirque you know like the enemy the animals who danced in the surrogate cetera I don’t see between Western leaders any leaders really I see a bunch of idiots and the only one maybe until now is different is it prompt but even from some time he’s an idiot you know but it is saying he is the best idiot between the idiots if we can say there so so he is better than them at least he knew how to make money now we go back to our topic I have a question about Islam when women get miscarriage the child will pull her up heaven no no no this is not for the women okay it’s okay you see we don’t have to go by the topic we can go we can talk about the topic later this is a question this gentleman saying like if a woman she lose her child she go to heaven Oh Susanna sorry Suzanne an attack another guy it’s a it’s a it’s a lady Susanna right I apologize the one who who according to Islam as an example if somebody you know Muhammad always he saying he say crazy stuff as an example if somebody is a children’s they die from drowning the father we have three kids who died from drowning they will go to heaven let me see if I find you so how much he have many of those who stories which is very funny and in over here yeah you know it doesn’t make any sense anyway and even Mohammed he says if somebody but he he died drowning even the man who died drowning he is a he’s a Shaheed is a murderer he will go to heaven which is very funny anyway Mohammed he said many tons of things and they don’t make sense as usual I’m trying to find a hadith at the same I’m trying to remember the hadith details so I can search for it yeah here we go I found this one but let us see if we can find it in English however let us say that what you say it is it true I mean why if somebody is you know women she lost her baby she will go to heaven I mean that’s that’s weird and what does that mean is it all is happening by the will of Allah which means Allah is the made those babies died stupidity you know Muhammad he say stupid things he anyway this guy he’s like a it’s like a madman who keep saying things they don’t make sense read carefully he said the message of Allah said there is no there are no two Muslims three of whose children died before reaching property but Allah will forgive them and give mercy toward them okay forgive who not the children’s will give the appearance look at this one there are no two children’s would the children died before a party okay it will be said to them interpret eyes and he was supposed to the Muslims would they have that it’ll show you the other one a mousseline the Prophet says plus senators Ron there is no Muslim couple who have three of their children’s died without a lodge meeting them to the garden of paradise so if you are if you are married and you have a new and your wife you lost three children’s before they reach the age of being adult Allah will take you to heaven I mean what is that don’t you think this is very silly you know I mean what is that why they would go to heaven I don’t know I don’t know you know if there is any Muslim can tell us why there is people did was the whole family in war in etcetera suddenly Allah is a merciful Allah will put the sin of the Muslims like mountains on the top of the Christians Allah caused thousands and thousands people to die in millions yeah anyway so let us go back to our topic about anger management shall we we answer your questions don’t forget please to download the video out right after we finish look at this look at this dog you know all of the human animals I mean all when they are angry they look change the look of a person or even an animal it’s different from being angry like as an example this is a dog it’s called husky well this is a husky it is peaceful look how you look nice so the previous dog look really scary but the same dog can look really nice so what the different anger anger can even change your look all right either give you like how happy nice look etc or give you a look which is scary the same a creature and that goes for a human being now as long we are talking about dogs I want to share this hadith with you before we go okay let’s go here in this hadith you will see something funny in the translation I don’t know if you notice with me anyone noticed me what is what’s wrong in this translation in the page who noticed what that what’s wrong with this translation because if somebody want to talk to me first you have to be a Muslim otherwise we have to give it time for the Christians then you cannot find me reading in sky because I changed the name there because I’m getting like thousand of ads every day scary so I would add only people who I they want to talk to me and they are Muslims if you are a Christian only if it’s necessarily please now what is the problem yeah I bite him have you ever heard of a prophet saying to his followers go and bite somebody any Muslim they’re listening to this watching this have you ever heard of a prophet of God it doesn’t matter what God is a Hindu Buddhist whatever he say to his followers if somebody is proud about his family previous to Islam bite him but what does that mean how are you mr. Noor we have an or no reason with them so mr. no what do you think is that really what it says bite him any Muslim can tell us what’s happening here is a treaty you’re a prophet saying if somebody is proud about his family previous to Islam go bite him in or I’m just asking you type everything what you can call me nor you have a Skype I will call you if you like it we can talk what bite him what does that mean hadith are nonsense okay you see guys is what I like about Muslims Nora just said something very important and I don’t know if you notice with me what does that mean Muhammad you are saying that the hadith of his prophet or nonsense so Muslims they knew that their prophet something wrong with him but no now he right away he will write again he would say no no no this not what I meant I mean the hadith are not trustworthy they don’t make sense correct nor this what you meant you are against the hadith right hadith doesn’t make sense it’s not the Prophet who don’t make sense huh guys hadith were invented this what I’ve expected him to say I was right hadith were invented hundreds of years after Muhammad was gone okay what the Quran is the same what is the front of Muhammad the Quran of Muhammad never exists nobody have it the Quran Muslim they recite today it’s called the recitation of Hafs but house came more than 200 years after Muhammad and not only that according to Muslims he was a fraud and he was a thief so just the hadith does not make sense to you you’re addicted okay what about the Quran does the Quran make sense to you nor no problem so no do you have a Deidre’s the Quran or you only the hadith is a problem for you all the Quran too is corrupt no actually this hadith sahih this hadith asahi this is not this is not a weak hadith this asahi he has you seen so look what is what happened in arabic it says Samir to Nebbia sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Ayako Montez they be either as a JREF I do or at a condo I heard the prophet of Allah say and the one who is proud about his family previously to Islam go and tell him to bite the private part I’m not going to say the word you know you know what I’m talking about the private part of the man tell him to go and bite the private part of his father and don’t call him by the name which he like which means last name his brother what his last name don’t call him by that last name so look how the Muslims in order to fabricate the meaning they are ashamed to say the Prophet says go and bite his private part they said go and bite him and this is why nor who was a Muslim he said it does not make sense I agree this is a false translation it doesn’t make sense but here in with me how savage Mohammed is I mean what kind of a prophet saying of somebody okay somebody’s proud about in as in heritage what’s the problem well why Allah will be upset because Muhammad himself he don’t have good heritage he have nothing to be proud about you see the Muslim to say to you Muhammad was from a great family rah blah blah blah this all is the garbage when hadisha she did marry from or homage in order to make her father agree to marry him she drunked her father she changed his clothes she made him wear new clothes she color his beard all of this when he is drunk she made him drunk with Mohammed the guy when he woke up in the morning he says why I’m wearing those clothes those goes I go for like party this like you know in the old days there’s clothes for that now even now this goes for every day and there’s a clause which expensive for occasions so he says why why I’m colored why I’m wearing those clothes what happened she said you forgot yesterday she murdered me to Mohammed then when he heard that she married he she got married from Mohammed he took his sword and he when I go and attack the family of Mohammed do you want to take his cousin in his family in his tribe to attack Mohammed there is no way I will marry my daughter to Mohammed why because Mohammed is not from the same level and here you notice how bad the situation is but anyway here you see that but he have a very bad he have he have a bad anger management Muhammad is angry is angry from his life is angry from who is he is angry he is not confident to the point if somebody is proud about his family go and bite him or let us say by the private part of his father but Muhammad he clean Muhammad he claimed that he and his family are the best so why if somebody is a proud about his family tell him to go and buy the private part of his father but if Muhammad is a proud about his family previous to Islam it’s okay wanna say anything Izzy this is hypocrisy why Mohammed he says Allah chose from etcetera from the tribe of etc from the tribe of etcetera and from the travel etc the family of etc and I am the best of the forever family but this is his prison his heritage so why he can be proud and someone else cannot be proud you know Muslims gonna answer all right but here Muhammad you notice that he is refusing anyone to be proud because he don’t want to have competition if you remember the story if you have my book where Muhammad he killed an innocent man just because he is a very decent and he pray a lot Muhammad he order Abu Bakr and Umar and Ali one after one to go to kill the guy the guys pray in the mosque just because before he arrived they were saying this man is the best ever we saw Muhammad he told them that this is the Shaitaan but the guy did nothing he killed no one he harmed no one he is a very devoted believer he pray a lot and here Muhammad because he is not self-confident so now he found in this guy a competition dangerous people will look at him how long how much he pray and look at me and I am the Prophet who spend my day going between women from women to women so Muhammad he cannot accept anyone to be better than him and that bring his anger same time Mohammed always approved was that he is a person who have no control of his behavior and here we’re not talking about his sexuality we spoke about this many time before but even about his anger which come with violence maybe many of you do not know that Mohammed he used to beat Muslims he used to beat them up you know you are the leader and nobody can beat you up back and your prophet and nobody dared to say to you because he have an army he’s a king now Mohammed he used to beat people and justly is there correct Muslims his occur Muslims are on line is that true that Muhammad he used to beat people up just because of his anger not only he beat them he used to curse them and use a bad language with him know that the story about hadisha and make her father drunk this was not in the Quran any Muslim let’s go to the hadith read this how you told me and actually all of those stories also here which mean they are very very correct Muhammad he used to hurt he used to whip they used to beat people for no reason and look look at the madness of this man he claimed that he made a condition he made an agreement with Allah he would conditions in Allah okay what is the condition anyone he beat him he curse him he say the f-word to him Allah will meet that blessing to the one whom the Prophet beat him so if you like to get the blessing from Allah let the Prophet beat you the Prophet get angry the Prophet he said the effort to you the Prophet is in or his he he whip you with the with the with the you know and then you get a blessing read I’m not I’m not making things up and I shall report it the two persons visited Allah messenger and both of them talked about a thing something which I’m not aware of shouldn’t know what they were talking about but that annoyed him and he invoked the crus upon both of them and he heard etcetera blah blah blah blah and then he says she said to him why what happened he said the good wood each every one but I would not reach those two he said why so I think she said I said because she said adisesha because you have invoked a curse and heard over them he said don’t you know don’t you know I know what she don’t know why she don’t know don’t you know okay know what I am a human being and that for a Muslim upon whom I invoke curse or hurt or a her etc a make a curse or a purity and reward for him I mean the translation here is really horrible this guy I think he is using Google Translation it as you see the other one I mean what the trance what is its translation this translation is oh Allah I make a convinent with thee against which though would never go I am a human me and thus for a Muslim whom I give any harm why am i doing harm to who to Muslims or whom is called the one I heard I wept a you know the even translation here is not good a whip him the one who invoke curse upon him the one even I beat him make this a source of a blessing and purification enter the Day of Resurrection so Muhammad amid conditions he made an agreement with Allah that there is people who beat them who should he should not beat them he agreeing that he has not been fear he agree that this is not right but what he can do with his anger management he found a solution I beat you Allah give your reward Muhammad he will not control his own anger you know anger management but Muhammad he found a solution I’m not going to change and I’m not going to promise you I want to beat you no more I will not curse you I would say therefore to you no no I will keep doing that my anger measurement there’s no solution for it but I have a good news for you I say the f-word to you Allah give you reward I beat you up Allah give you reward so if there is any Muslim would like to get the blessing from Allah then here we go nor you want me to come to Paltalk yeah I saw this I could not find his name in prayer talk this name is sorry in the paltalk ok I’ll get me open path talk we have a Muslim own economy in Porto let us see what you wanna say mister nor okay I am in paltalk now I will look for you mr. Noor okay mr. Noor here we go as Amelie garlic mustard on stone or how are you hello let me hear your stream okay King Harry I do hear you please just let me show you a mute YouTube so I wouldn’t have duplicated voice yeah one second me I put on my headphones actually got tip YouTube I will be just a mute the sound I think he’s actually coming from my speaker’s not your your YouTube’s already metered it so yeah alright so what do you want to say to us most don’t know also I think you should keep it organized a little bit so if you want to just ask a few questions or whatever you think about Islam I can answer it God willing and then I can just ask you questions or think I know I don’t want to automatically the questions I want you to tell me something good about it’s not me anything hey feel free how you can’t convince here we go we have like 800 the Christians may be listening and God knows how many later as thousands will listen to this and you are likely looking how you can prove to those Christians that Islam is from God yeah that’s fine so the core teaching of Islam mister Reverend Scott alone submit to God and to do good and be righteous as it says over and over in the Quran and it forbids eagle and clearly says that those who believe in do good works will go to paradise God willing and I house the abode of the criminals I mean teaching so everything falls under in Islam so is you know there is his good work including you beat them up and that will give them deeds to go to paradise bTW well yeah like here the – in front of us here it says that the prophets saying that the one who beat him up he made a condition with Allah that he will give him reward so the Prophet he beat you or even he cursed or even he said a bad word to your mother or your father like you know dirty language and that will give you blessing from Allah and obviously that will take you to heaven is that the way to go to her now that is now that was making a sense none of our hadith sand I don’t believe in many ways there’s no way to verify them they were just is gone no this is so hey okay so you believe in the Quran only you don’t believe in the heavy yeah oh no because our the Quran is from God and in school just invented by meant for what they thought that they heard him say there additional books and there’s no way to really verify all right now he said that all right what about the Quran this is any way to avert a fire that he said anything in the Quran what is what is the proof that the Quran is from God anyway how you can proved so I’m okay that the Quran is from God I won’t you said you might verify how we can verify well I don’t think that there’s a way to prove it 100% I believe it is however there is some evidence that it is like just based off what a teacher is well like the pros and how it’s written how clear it is how we’re clear just over I don’t know the house where my friend as I know the Quran says nobody understand the Quran save Allah so how clear it not oh it says its are gonna clear Quran and I can hear another typing but I’ll finally I know yeah so 36 69 in the name of God the Almighty the merciful we did not teach him poetry nor does he need it this is a reminder here in a clear Quran and it tells us to think and to reflect about it at the same time so 36 39 collected say that the firaon is it clear correct 36 36 69 yet sir 59 936 69 360 no sorry alright so here the cross on the Quran is so clear correct yeah there some yacht in there that are purposely not clear but purposely what this in general it’s a clear Quran what do you think well 3 7 X well 3 3 7 explains about so it says he is the one who sent down to you the book from which there are law giving revelations they are the essence of the book and others which are of a similar file that which is of us I’m willing to confuse and seeking to derive their interpretation but not know its interpretation except God those who are well-founded in knowledge they say we believe in it always from our Lord and none will remember except those who possess intelligence so however you interpret of a simultaneity zey clear-cut on and those who are well funded and knowledge will understand it who are guided by God but there are also some it doesn’t say that it says that those who they are not understand that those who believe they say that those who have knowledge they would say we believe so 2 can be considered as a scholar and slam is not about understanding it’s about saying I believe that doesn’t make sense knowledge is so important 3 7 7 those who are well founded in knowledge so it’s true that we believe in it I have belief as well there is some faith like believing in God because it doesn’t see them we still haven’t know it just let us approve what you just said in the same chapter I’m not going to ask you from different chapter chapter 36 and you are the one who said to me this chapter here saying to us or this verse 69 saying that Allah he made the qur’an very clear correct right alright so how the quran says in the same in chapter that hashem suited reading was the coronel aha and the sun runs into its own course what which one is that the same chapter amina brick chapter 6 round over five times better and I’ll memorize yet so yeah no problem chapter xxx is the same shuttle you gave me first I see here 36 verse number 38 okay as long you say to us the Quran is so clear okay what does that mean the Sun one do the Sun run well says the once to a specific destination okay what is the best touches the design of the noble well what is that well it’s what we see I mean we see the Sun in the sky it’s the same destination every time mm-hmm so that’s a specific destination but this I mean Allah is wrong because the Sun is not trying anywhere so Allah you see as we see or he’s he different that’s petty semantics I mean it’s running in an orbit yeah but this doesn’t matter if you say Roger both he’s talking about you just say how we see the Sun that’s mean that the son is sitting Sun sets on sunrise correct I mean you can say that water is running you know is that wrong or the water if it doesn’t literally run no it doesn’t literally run just like the Sun it moves no no it does the water run the water moved from A to B as legs you’re saying that water and can run with legs water doesn’t have what my friend does anyone have nothing to do I’m saying running have to do nothing to do okay Jay remember remember first of all you are not reading the quran in qur’an is not meant to be in english in arabic it says that actually is surgery surgery no it’s an arabic surgery yeah I know the word the jury it’s me you go ahead you run you run it’s running from location to location no you say it and you agreed that this is about how we see the Sun so Allah speaking here about the Sun setting the Sun rising but this is absolutely false the Sun does not set aside not rise all it says is that it runs to a specific destination and what it the same way that the same way that what water is running ok moves to a certain action which it does every single day it’s just all right if we go just a two verses down you can’t really useless you can read the verse before it and the moon after it have measured in there mention the Quran and belief that the moon have mentions and this is what the religions before believe that the moon he have mentioned he live in the places and he moved from place to place and even the Serbian they used to go and when the moon disappear that they go at to a second town to welcome him in the other town because this is a new moon now Elia notice that the more have houses and he says to you and he run in the old way as it was in the old way but this is not true I mean this is false now if we go in verse number 40 it says it’s not permitted for the Sun to catch up the moon nor can the night outstrip the day each just swim along in its own orbit is that correct yes women swimming in an orbit but let’s take one thing at a time I’m it’s also important correctly and not just interpreted like not just use your own words every time so 36:39 says and the moon we have measured it to appear in stages until it returns like an old palm sheath which it does it’s like the different stages of the Moon which is but he’ll say is it sleeping mansion and is that true there’s mansions for the moon but now I’d say that in the Quran it says it says it appeared it say it’s not a front of us everybody can be hungry I’m reading your muslim translation of my translation yeah which which when you talk about 3639 yes yeah it says and the moon we have middle period stages so if you want to read from the one that I read from it’s what all of these transits what translation you are reading you’re all posted in chat it’s you can google is called a monotheist translation otherwise you can go here no yes you are what does that mean one of our monotheists one monotheists that’s what we are we reference one God that is a new phone the oh my Fiat let me see if we have it here yeah – theists it says it if it’s well talks about monotheism okay yeah but my friend I do you speak Arabic only some I don’t speak it food and I should learn it this tradition is absolutely false my friend it says welcome Mozilla had the courage owner Hadi so it says the word my nasal so how this guy whoever translated this translation he said you can’t copy the sportman as it as you see in the screen posted in google and you will see it mean houses or mansions so this is a false France people there’s lots of translations that translated that says the moon we have measured it to appear in stages and in Arabic is a rich language and it doesn’t have a single no prob word at all but on my for my friend you say it I just not forgive wrong interpretation so how we can I give interpretation for the Quran according to you how do you interpret the crown where you should be eating for yourself and ask God for knowledge and wisdom and also consider the opinions of others you could not answer me you’re the one who said to me you give me verse number thirteen I remember and 36:13 is always a secure it when you’re talking about saying to me that the Quran is so clear the same chapter right but here I’m asking you know how Allah he says such a thing that the Sun run into its course you could not answer you said that we see the Sun every day I didn’t answer it it does run its course it runs the same way that watereth the Earth is going around it’s not list there are L the earth goes around itself this is how did they happen no the Sun rotates it runs to a specific destiny I said it’s like water okay sir Quran okay so this okay according to you when the Sun the site is set every day it’s not the earth going around itself this is the Sun going from point A to point B from east to west yeah and even no matter what you believe about it is also speculation and there’s no point even debating that because you have no way to measure what it’s doing besides what you can observe on or if earth or what you trust what others say because you have no experience experiment that you can do for yourself or to determine what it’s actually doing you know what I mean so it’s pointless to argue about that so but yes there’s no way for either oh no problem I will not argue about that but you just confirm and everybody heard you that according to you according to the firaon as you understand it the Sun every day hero from the east of the West correct well it’s how do I say it there there’s no it’s nitpicky I mean the son wrote it does its course every single day just like it says it runs to a specific destination every day hmm no it has its cycles I mean there’s nothing more to really argue about in that sense yeah so the point okay so now we you know I’m not going to argue well this is your opinion and you think it looked like you know you know better than me about science but the whole on says as long you agree that the Sun goes from point A to point B every day some morning afternoon and night the policy is that the Sun set in a murky water what do you think okay so before so I’ll continue to answer God willing but I also want to ask you a few things as well so for now I’m letting you talk about the Quran or ask about the Quran which I’m fine with but I also want to discuss Christianity and a few things that you might but you know like our topic is this time but I don’t know why you might change well Islam and Christianity because you’re a Christian it’s not just Islam yes let us finish this so so now the sun’s run everything from A to B according to you and then the Sun set in the murky water of chapter 18 verse number 86 yep I know you’re talking about let me read it again yeah until he reached the setting of the Sun he found a setting at a hot spring and he found people near it we said oh – oh and one either you shall punish me shall do them good I don’t know what this means I don’t know what God means by it but I miss what was the matter on is clip your toes will understand you’re going without the Quran is it clear it is clear okay but that doesn’t mean that anyone some things that God teach that we haven’t learned yet in nobody on this earth might know yet so what do you mean what do you know a second ago you told me that the Sun the sun’s every day from point A to point B which everybody know just like healing God or he saying everybody knows I got what you said to me a minute ago the Sun does not go anywhere the Sun does not set and you said no this is what happened and everybody in the chat don’t agree with you this is scientifically already proven to be false so the Quran according to you the Quran is a false book teaching such a false information and now we are showing you a law saying the Sun set in the murky water and instead of saying to me I agree with Allah yes the Sun swim everything and sit in the murky water and maybe this is what it’s meant that the Sun run in its course as you said this is the course of the Sun every day go from the east to the west and then jump in a muddy dirty hot water well so the first talking about running to a specific specific destination there’s no problem with that even if some people disagree it runs to a specific destination and as I’ve explained like four times there’s nothing wrong that means exactly what it says that’s clear as far as 1886 it can be interpreted well how it said so it says until he reached the setting of the Sun he found it setting at a hot spring which means he could be at a hot spring and he found it setting it’s you know even if things are perfectly clear some people might interpret things different ways okay they’re just like the Bible you don’t understand everything no I will myself interpretations oh god it’s cold up here if we go here it says the first who is the one is talking in this verse who is a talk who is talking now who is talking who is the one saying until he reached when he was talking what’s the word so it’s God talking okay so Allah Ya Allah is talking Allah he says until EE until when he so he’s talking about what talking about someone else until someone else okay enter is what is about time in correct timing and location until when he reached the setting of the Sun how he can reach that where is that yarn OB he did actually get to where it sets you know this idea that it just is million miles away is nonsense and I don’t believe that and neither of us can prove it either you can believe what people tell you if you want to believe it without proof no no no you see I look into my tell you I’m talking to you I don’t care about what people will tell me I’m trying to find out from you what you believe in this you said the Quran is already me figure it can be figurative as well okay reaching the setting of the Sun me no no no no no I could say he’s my friend until II know my friend doesn’t care look look look let me let me explain to you here it says he is reporting Allah is reporting a story about his a man his name is a hornet and this guy he keep walking he follow a road and this is took him years and then when he reach the sitting place of the Sun he found it set in a spring of murky water so now Allah is reporting for us supposedly what is a fact he is telling us things we do not know what happened to a guy who passed in time before us correct okay okay when he say he found the sitting place of the Sun what is that how that can be true the Sun set everywhere look what he said it doesn’t set everywhere it goes below the horizon that’s all we know or it sets in a literal spring no no so you believe that the Sun set in a water according to you I don’t but I think that it could be possible according to this that’s how you could interpret it that’s possible so according to mr. Lenoir that it’s possible does the Sun set in the murky water and goes from the in a hot spring in a hot hot a virgin okay actually yes it’s hot you agree with you because the world it does say dark ham yeah yeah I mean two things by the way Hermia is a you know when they make I don’t know what the court and in English like when it when they make the bricks you know I mean so okay the water of that break you know it has to be hot and then even the break itself they they burn it after that so at the Quran confirm that the Sun every day goes and jump in that pool which is a spring of murky water but how big the Senate has the Sun and house how big this spring of murky water the Sun is so big do you think the Sun is like a small lamp or something well it’s definitely not as big as they teach us because it’s also the same size as the moon besides when it’s being viewed through like the atmosphere then it’s distorted when the low but when it’s like up in the sky it’s the same size and this idea that they’re these extreme distances apart is ridiculous that it’s just like let’s try you we don’t know how big it is so if nobody does unless they Anitra’s you think you think like there may be the Sun it’s like in this is small and jump in a swimming pool because it’s a spring of water how big is going to be now we’re concerned that I mean look how big the earth is yeah let me ask you this is spring of water is weird is it in the earth we don’t know it’s wherever the Sun sets but the person here nobody knows what it was the Quran is a clear it it is clear but then it’s not an encyclopedia of everything mmm just like okay Bible is it doesn’t okay so in every single thing because I’d be way too big all right eat notes if we go if we go down a little bit it says then he followed another way verse number 89 and then it says the same story again reported but in the other direction it says and tell you when he came to the rising place of the Sun what is that it says week’s the rising of the Sun the founder eyes a lot of people for whom we did not make any cover accept it yeah who where is the rising piece of the Sun wherever it was wherever he reached it it doesn’t say but that’s means it’s not exactly I can say everybody that’s mean there is a place where the Sun rise according to a lot all right yeah Sun rises and that difficult age that is a specific location as you say it so guys there is a specific location according to mr. Noor where the Sun Rise and that is told by Allah and this is something nobody knows before correct is that something people elegant is this on a high pony I mean or something this is new new discovery this is new science people might have known it and we don’t know how old the earth actually is or how many civilizations came before us they may have known that and they have found it may have been able study it better than us okay now if we could so we don’t worry he found he found people were there and then a little Conine he moved and then he found a group and those a group they have a problem there’s a producer there’s there’s people or nations two nations they are they are called gog and magog you know a story of gog and magog okay so he you know they told him to build a dam between them and the people of gog and magog right okay where were those people how come we did not find them until now I mean Delavan we don’t who cater it doesn’t say we don’t know what that land is just like we don’t know where Noah’s Ark is yes it may be nice to know yeah but the Quran is so clear but we do not know it is clear okay this doesn’t explain it I’m so ugly it doesn’t show every single piece of knowledge in it okay because that would be way too much so let me ask you about a verse in the Bible that says he talked for a long time Anthony Lawson agree with his 20:27 that says that a man or a woman who acts as a medium or fortune-teller shall be put to death by stoning but they have no one but themselves to blame this is the law of Moses what’s wrong with it you agree with killing fortune tellers by stoning well this is the law of Moses what’s wrong with it because that’s disgusting okay so what about okay but the hormones are the same the hormones say the same it doesn’t it doesn’t mention stone in any way this is why I don’t want you to jump so we can show you we can show your related issues you know in the Quran it says that anyone who waged war against Allah he should be crucified cut his hands cut his feet and even Mohammed in the hadith says he wouldn’t ears in the eyes now it doesn’t say that say that in Quran which ayah it says it my friend people fight you just if they’re trying to kill you who is the one know about fighting disease you told me you told me the Quran is it fear that’s not true anyone who do wage war against Allah who is the one who waged war against Allah according to Quran which which I add is that chapter 5 verse number 33 okay yeah the recompense of those who fight God and His Messenger and seek to make corruption in the land that they won’t be killed or crucified that their hands and feet be cut off from alternate sides that they be banished from the land that is disgraced for them in this world in there after what they all have a great retribution that is because they’re trying to fight God and His Messenger that’s people who are attacking so now it’s not just killing no I am attacking the Prophet yes I am now I thought yeah you try to kill us no no no I’m not trying to attack the Prophet physically that’s what it says okay hold on says those oh no no no no no read read read very carefully the verse after it says except who repent before they fall into your power in that case know that Allah of forgiving merciful so if those people they killed okay the one who killed should be killed what repent you kill a salon you know you kill his messenger and so for what what kind of force actually mercy what kind of organ what kind ofor if I speak now against the Prophet I am waging war against Allah is are correct we’re not talking about words but now we are talking about this you are talking about war right Kannada we are talking about words not necessarily real war is messenger okay okay okay what if using war between words you say you are saying to me that we don’t want to give a wrong interpretation for Quran what interpretation you read so we can go together and see what this is meant exactly what it says the recompense of those who don’t injure okay so we fight us so you are said no no no no it doesn’t say it doesn’t fire that’s my friend it doesn’t say this it dad says the recompense of those who fight God and His Messenger we know that your hair abouna here it’s about yes fighting fighting is about fighting by what the Prophet said I’ve been ordered to fight and command to fight among mankind to kill they killed all mankind enter they convert so this is him that’s now okay here we go if we go okay hold on hold on hold on can you take a Christian or a Jew as a friend or he is always an enemy for you we can treat them peacefully this is not like a senior this is not the question they cannot be your ally why right why because there we’re not allowed to be allies with why why may be allowed to Al Gore’s would you ally with Muslims oh why not would you lateness we’re not allowed what would what it doesn’t matter we have nothing against them we can treat them peacefully they can free them peacefully because it chapter on chapter 9 verse 29 says killed the Christians and the Jews and typically the Asia no it doesn’t it also – but no no this is the chapter Futaba came at the end of the floor on the last think Mohammed II came with before he died and he said it clearly it after he attack and he killed all the the the the enemies of an Arabian Peninsula go and fight the Christians and the Jews and the verse in the front of you fight though you don’t interrupt me and I won’t interrupt you and we’ll problem will get so this is me all right there’s a same cause it’s a fight for what reason in Chapter 9 verse 29 okay let’s look at that first and then I have one to show you fives which one was it 929 29 okay yeah so it’s under the context of what I was already telling you under the context of like two or 90 which is fighting the cause of God and so God does not love the aggressors hmm what aggressors he is saying fight those who don’t believe in Allah he’s not fight saying fighting because they are fighting you fight those who don’t believe in Allah nor the last day no no no no nor nor acknowledge as you see until they pay the jizya so if you pay him money you live or what he want from you either you convert to Islam or you you die or you pay no it’s until they pay the reparation yeah so that’s a reparation for being just something no you and it’s all the context of my friend the Quran says quickly but Ali him was ruler so Allah he he he he made a destiny for them to be humiliated by you look what the Quran says party go home you are a b-bow home Aloha be a deacon fight them Allah will torture them by your hands did he say that no that you can interpret a height but that’s not what I’m teaching as a Muslim who are now who are you to teach I mean I’m asking you are you are you are you a prophet no you okay okay so you know on my friend this the Quran says fight them to torture them a lot torch them by your hands yes or no no it doesn’t chapter 9 verse number 14 read for me I know you’re talking about it doesn’t say torture them by your hands it says it says fight them says fight them perhaps God will punish them by your hands and humiliate them and grant you victory over them human people thank you very much or it says would you not fight a people who broke their ult’s and obsessed to expel the messenger especially while they were the ones who hold on first okay you understand have you ever heard see okay that’s why you’re disingenuous my friend before the one before it my friend especially since they were the ones who attacked you first you understand let us see who is the one who broke in oh yeah okay chapter 9 verse number one now that’s I’ve answered enough about that the one the same chapter hold on verse number one it says that the one who wash his hand from the agreement is your prophet read it the same chapter verse number one okay let me look at it and then I’m gonna ask you from the Bible cuz I answer or not a replication is made by God as messenger to those with whom you have made a pledge from among the polytheists what’s your point well it was him who broke the agreement it is him who wash his hand from the agreement and the verses and and the verse in chapter nine verse 29 is not even about the Arab it’s about the Christians is not about the people flourish it’s about the Christians who did not fight Muhammad never fight Muhammad there’s no one he is ignore he did fight with doesn’t stay show me the story where the Christians okay hold on show me the tribe of the Christians which fought Muhammad and attack him it doesn’t say Christians it says Poli no no don’t remember friend let us be honest it says fight fight who people of the book does it say that know which one it said Amin chapter nine verse number 29 it says fight and kill the people of the book Peter be pay the jizya or they die no says fight those who do not believe in God or the last day and the earlier ones jump good sake ma don’t dress the content fight doesn’t say Christian it saves the Christians here we go Benjamin in the scriptures you know nor stop lying my friend everybody is laughing honey okay okay old man I am showing it my friend I am showing Islamic translation now all Islamic translation says it clearly that those are the Christians and the Jews why you know it doesn’t it does read the screen now no no no no Chris daughter may looses her honor by committing fornication thereby dishonours her father also shall be burned to death where frankly at that level the law of Moses is the law of Moses and fit for the time they live in thousand of years ago it’s in the Bible I agree with everything I’m making it simple for you I agree with everything in the Bible for that time so we agree we agree in the by all listen topic don’t share topic are trying to I agree with everything this is the law was given to the people at that time and I agree with it you see you also it’s no longer valid let me show you no no no because yeah this is the law of Moses there’s a there’s a law given to the Jewish saying that there is this end even your God hold on even your God says that this is the law or we give to the Jews here we go the same it’s chapter we’re with you from the show you how he broke at you or it’s chapter 9 verse number 28 it says that Allah he gave Allah he gave the order to the Jews if somebody killed an innocent person as if he killed all mankind today so those with the all Christians and Jews read the translation doesn’t say that curried and said I read the translation it’s not for the first on the string please let me look hmm that’s not a right translation and it doesn’t say but is laughing at you everybody is looking at you choose a translation from this website my friend hold on everybody is laughing can you please do me a favor and now your value and here we go you just showed me that you live person you are yeah I don’t like evil wires like you a translation from the list anyone anyone you wish we have all this list look how big anyone he agree with you that those are not about the Christians and the Jews you’re showing it on the screen it doesn’t say questions I’m you know it’s a it’s a is a Christian how are people and hold on I can show you the interpretation – I will hold on here we go this identity No hold on hold on because oh you are trying to run this is f nicosia why you are lying on this install TARDIS’s are the Jews in the screen and I don’t follow that translation either because it’s supposed to know that that’s supposed to you saved me you said to me you said to me you believe in the monotheism you believe in the mana see a translation can you read for me the verse from that from that translation now you agree patent on you read for me I am not ashamed of my book this is my book fit for them and this is their time God enjoys a record so now I’m not sure why you are not about the Christians why you are lying so for the record Christian for the record why you are saying why you don’t read for me why you don’t treat for me the verses which is in the whole on translation the one you just read for me from before can somebody find me the monotheism translation for the horn the one who told me he is reading from can somebody pulls the link yeah google it okay easy idea where it is fight those who do not believe in the god of the last state doesn’t sings in there this is oh this is so for him it doesn’t say from who it doesn’t say Christians the last eight contests translation hold on go on yes so for the record Christian Prince agrees in Leviticus 21:9 that says a priest’s daughter who loses her honor by committing fornication and thereby dishonours her father also shall be burned to death so he’s saying that he’s with that that’s because I say this is because the Jews God he says we gave mooses the law and the tablet you are a liar and you’re stupid bill to God he said that you gave us this one here now you can give you God’s big your God says hearing guys give me give me the translation for this guy let’s get him bastard life on air the transmission for the monotheist can you give me the hand can you give me a link your surgery can you post a link for me in paltalk can you push the post a link for the translation so are you gonna go around you accept stop being a coward are giving you a danger give me the translation so if you follow the Bible are you gonna go around to all the churches and my phone and they’re done my friends no no we don’t we don’t burn we don’t burn that’s what I’ll show you that alley he burned people alive just because they are wrong now he doesn’t do that so you believe God shall I show talk about well I showed you your prophet he’s dirty and he was going to order to burn people just because it did not its first of all you are not talking about Christianity and this is an order you found them no no we don’t follow everything in the Bible you liar here I will give you an example I will give you an example sample I will give you I will give you an example very clear example in the beginning of the Bible okay hold on and you do say the same in that you know hold on hold on did take the children of Earth and have sex with your sister did the children of adam’ have sex with your sisters well that’s ridiculous listen see he was not a prophet or out the muta-do you follow the muta no I didn’t know who that is just with chapter 4 verse number 24 your prophet he allow it to rain traffic all right tell me what muta means your sexual pleasure yeah what about it did your prophet he order in the Quran chapter 4 verse 24 to do muta you see you are asking me why I don’t follow the Old Testament burning somebody right it’s ok you on even to you about your prophet you don’t follow it no more do you practice muta no it says here’s what it says for 24 so in the name of God the Almighty the merciful bismillah ar-rahman ar-rahim on the indian printed for the women except those main tempts the book of God is over you and permitted for you what is beyond this if you are seeking with your money to be independent for illicit sex as for those whom you already had to enjoy with and you shall give them their dowries as an obligation there is no sin upon you for what you agree after the obligation God is knowledgeable wise sounds right there not for illicit sex witnesses forbidden so let’s talk about what these bandits pays bearing okay hold on zan reform the translation we found apply you Jesus leader the translation you choose for us what do you say sir why are you so shall we read it you coward should we read it this is a policy this is the translations when it purposes the translation your ass can we can we can we read it I just read it to you go ahead and read the same no.9 we would go one by one chapter 9 verse 29 so you say okay guys this is the translation he gave us he said the monotheists translation it says those who they have given the book I’m going to call you back and you tell me who is the one is given the book you’ll away your liar you coward you have no dignity you say it it doesn’t say they or anything you cut the word the book everybody heard you it’s recorded here it says from those the people who they are giving the book who are they the one giving the book I would call you back child who is the one is leaving the book in the translation who is the one you wanna have a real you need to be because you don’t let me talk oh yes the one is given the book answers who is the one you said the race is not about the Christians who is the one giving the book explained to us I have let you talk and ask me I am no I – I am asking you now who is the one has given the book you said there’s no Christian there this is not about the Christian it says in the translation you choose that this is a war against those who don’t believe in Allah from those who they are giving the book people of the book who are they discussion like any form all they are discussing tell me who is the one who are they those who they are giving the book according to Islam you say this is not about the Christian this is not about the Jews either you apologize you say you were stupid or you say I was lying or you say the truth give ok who is the one is given the book only I will answer in a minute but you need to shut up and learn to listen I’m listening go ahead who has the one giving in a normal debate you’re a liar and respect you answer in a debate they don’t allow one person to constantly yell and change the topic because you potato what is the answer or you go to answer or not are you going to answer it if there is any Christians who want to have a real discussion then contact me you can have it run don’t run who are they the people of the book you coward why you want to leave just tell us who is he how it just interrupts you can’t answer I give you the mic 15 minute ago and the discussion that’s why I’m with you for the answer go ahead okay then let’s be fair I will answer one more of your questions no no just answer the song please you say there is no Christian or Jew since 29 this end you say there’s no Christian there’s no Jews in 929 and this is a translation you choose we’ve gone over this five times no you did not you did not read the order when you did not read you did not read the people at the book it says you put up the book who are the people of the book it doesn’t say that it’s in the front of us in the screen are you stupid it’s in the screen everybody’s loved you this is the more a theists group in the third translation real guys this is a translation you choose for me stop lying now fight those who do not believe in God at the last day so it says nor do they restrict what Guardians messenger have restricted nor do they uphold the system of truth from among the people who have been given the book are the one who debated wonderful who are they you said you said it doesn’t say Christian or Jews who are they the people of the book it doesn’t say are they the people of the ball in hand who are they the people the book the Hindus the Buddha’s the atheist who are they who are the it’s the polytheists the people what has the name of their book don’t call me again you’re just a kid donkey coward every single man Muslim agree that this is about I lost my voice Christian friends do you agree without I agree with every verse in the Old Testament and we are not ashamed of it but because you are ashamed you are covering up you are reading for me a book written thousand of years ago fit for their time and because the Jews are people of dignity not like you who your prophet allow you to hire women for six so if a women she did do a Daughtery anyway the punishment for adultery in the Jewish law is his death it is death anyway and Yura prophet he copied that from the Jews but yet we cannot fight in the Quran and you care what you say to me you further the Quran only but we cannot find the punishment of adultery in the Quran of a stoning why because the goat eat it and look we showed him the translation he chews he jump it he did not read the people of the book and he did not agree he did not say who are the DOS before the book and later at the end at the end he says the polytheists what is the policy East is that a new religion what is that who is the one giving the book what is the name of the book what’s that coward but I’m so glad the being cut are recorded Christian friends do you agree with burning do you agree with the stoning today we don’t stone obviously we don’t do that what does that mean that’s mean that this is was fit for that time even Jesus in his time he said to them to the women who the Jews they were going to stone her he said I don’t judge you too and he let her free Jesus said it been said to you but I say to you which means there is something Ben say to the Jews and there is something Ben said to us including the Jews to who follow the Messiah you are silly and you are stupid the children of Adam they used to have sex with their sister can we do that it was allowed for a reason for a time but humours limbs you’re ashamed of your book but the most amazing thing that this person who is open Gogol and tried to ask me questions about the Bible he said amazing answers like the sunset in the murky water and the Sun yes every day goes from the east of the West agreeing with the Quran and claiming that this is what is right you might agree disagree about the Bible but to be to be honest all always about the Old Testament we have to compare how people used to live thousands of years ago when the Jews they have a law other nations they used to eat each other a life actually not long time ago Christianity come to many nations and those nations used to eat people life they cook them they eat them so we are talking about the law when the Arab your ancestors Muhammad himself he used to worship stones thousand of years after mooses kissing his stones and if this is horrible why your prophet he follow Moses and why he approve him you see what happened always you will see somebody he will come in the year 2019 he says look what it says here well go there and live at that time at that time everybody lived by the sword and die by the sword and this is a small society they are called Jews they want to be sure that this is an extreme punishment so nobody will do it so when you do that you know that what you are going to face you do with it’s mean you choose the punishment you have no problem when here in America it says if you kill somebody some state agree with the execution they will execute you it’s mean you don’t care execute me I will kill him when you break the law knowing what the punishment the punishment is not a secret that’s mean you are willing to take care to take all the way up to the punishment if they discover you did so when we speak about something we speak about it in the time and in the history we don’t compare today until now in Texas there is a law it says women underwear are not allowed to published in the public with men underwear when we hear this we love but because you are comparing the law was exist 200 years ago with today where neither men or women were in there were no more so you know when a Muslim he tried to put down the Old Testament we laugh at you Mohammed he came thousand of years after Moses and he take us back to the cave time and the proof it is you who said that the sons in a murky water that is beyond the key of time now look here at the Prophet Muhammad who is supposed to a prophet of God he says that if a woman the or lesbian we jailed him until they die do you agree with Jillian women who they are discontented they die what you will say now or you will say yes or your hypocrite the more the law of Moses is the law of Moses now this is your law and if somebody is a gay we beat him with sandals and here you see how the gut of Islam is discriminating between men having sex together and women having sex together if a man have sex with a man we beat him with sandal and if you repent we let him go but if a women having sex with the women we jailed him and till they die what kind of Justice is that why the punishment for women she is being lesbian is Jail until they die but if a man is being a gay he repent and the punishment maximum you beat him with sandal you beat a guy a gay with a son that he get excited sandals you let him go but yet the women if she have the same a crime we jail them until they die why which one is more ugly to women kissing each other touching each other or a man doing a man which one is more ugly so why the punishment of the women have no mercy and until death you jail them but the man if you repent he go so you don’t follow the why you must have as you claim that you are if you are followed the law of Abraham and the law of Moses the law of Moosa doesn’t say that you are hypocrite you claim that Mohammed claiming that Moses was a Muslim prophet okay where is the Muslim prophet who follow Moses the Muslim prophet Moses is a Muslim Prophet Muhammad is a Muslim prophet so how come the law of Mohammed has nothing to do with the law of Moses and you noticed like how he talking talking talking he will not answer I said to you I agree with everything in the Bible I agree with everything those things fit perfectly for at that time at that time people don’t have you even love people they you know people live by the sword and die by the sword Israel the whole nation been taken as a slaves the whole nation not a hundred two hundred they grabbed him all as if they are goats have you ever heard of such a thing so you want to compare compare people who live 3,000 years ago with people who lived 3,000 years ago but you come today where women they go in the beach and they are almost wearing nothing you see when we compared the Quran we compare it with the Quran not with today we prove it’s time to be false at the time of Muhammad not necessarily today hypocrisy and look he said to me I don’t believe in the hadith but isn’t it the Quran said that you have to obey the Prophet in order to obey Allah how you don’t believe in the hadith you are a hypocrite but I believe he said to me that so he will avoid showing him the hadith he was said to himself okay I will say to him I don’t believe in the hadith and that will cut any any dry from him to get me busted from the hadith I was saying I don’t believe in the hadith that set is gone but the Quran written in the same time and there is nobody have the Quran actually nobody have the book of a Buhari Al Bukhari that exists nobody have the book of LaHaye Muslim doesn’t exist nobody those books are not not printed this is somebody claim that this is what Al Buhari said same for the Quran we don’t have the Quran nobody have the Quran all the they have israelian centuries after Muhammad it’s coming from its high recitation even though official Quran which is printed by Saudi Arabia and the first page it says that this Quran is according to the recitation of recitation officer tation office at asian office at Abril river recitation of muhammad recitation because there’s no book so what is your book and not only that Muhammad himself he said that the one who obeyed the messenger he will be Allah you say I don’t believe in the hadith as me in the Quran proving to us to be short of logic because now how we could obey the Prophet if we don’t receive the word of the Prophet career guys if I’m a Muslim god forbid and I want to obey the messenger how I can obey the messenger if I did not get the words of the messengers because the Quran says I have to obey the messenger and by obeying the messenger I obey Allah because Muhammad is more important our law okay I want to obey the messenger what is the words of the messenger the Quran is the word of Allah suppose be so how you lie to us and you say I am NOT going to accept the hadith how I can how we can obey Allah messenger without the hadith right now listen I want every one of you to copy this video especially since we talk we start talking and let everybody laugh at this cult who believed that the Sun set in a murky water and this guy trying to convince us that the Sun is so small actually you know what I’m going to replay it hold on I don’t know how long ago he called me because this is fun when he started working by the way I thought he is like I mean he’s being funny or something you know but this guy is serious this guy is serious he’s very serious about he is talking about you just said how we see the Sun that’s mean that the Sun is sitting in Sun sets on sunrise correct I mean you can say that water is running you know is that wrong if it’s right doesn’t literally run no it doesn’t literally run just like the Sun it moves no no it does water run the water move from A to B as legs you’re saying they’re water and run with legs water doesn’t have my friend does anyone know I’m saying running have to do nothing to do okay remember remember first of all you are not reading the Quran in a row on is not meant to be in English in Arabic it says that ashley is surgery surgery no it’s an Arabic surgery hmm yeah I know the word the jury it’s me okay you or run you or run it’s running from location to location no you said and you agreed that this is about how we see the Sun so Allah speaking here about the Sun setting the Sun rising but this is absolutely false the Sun does not set aside not rise all it says is that it runs to a specific destination and the same way that the same way not what water is running ok moves to a certain us in the station which it does every single day all right if we go just a two verses down becomes a us listen you can read the verse before it and the moon after it have measured in there mention the who all and believe that the moon have mentions and this is what the religions before believe that the moon he have mentioned he live in the places and he moved from place to place and people even the Sorbian they used to go and when the moon disappear that they go at to a second town to welcome him in the other town because this is a new moon now eally notice that the more have houses he says to you and he run in the old way as it was in the old way but this is not true I mean this is false now if we go in verse number 40 it says it’s not permitted for the Sun to catch up the moon nor can the night outstrip the day each just swim along in its own orbit is that correct yes women swimming in an orbit but let’s take one thing at a time I’m it’s also import the Quran correctly and not just interpreted like not just use your own words every time so 3639 says and the moon we have measured it to appear in stages until it returns like an old palm sheath which it does it’s like the different stages of the Moon which is but he will say is it sleeping mansion and is extra there’s mansions for the moon now I’d say that in the Quran it says it says it appeared it’s a it’s not a front of us everybody can be hungry I’m reading your Muslim translation of my translation yeah which which when you talk about 3639 yes yeah it says in the moon you have men appear in stages so if you want to read one wonderful read from it what falls out of the eight strands what translation you are reading here all posted in chat is you can google is called a monotheist translation otherwise ingo here a theist you are what does that mean one of thousand monotheists one mono theists that’s what we are weapons one God that is a new phone the almighty at bhisma see if we have it here yeah – theists it says it as well talks about monotheism okay yeah but my friend is right do you speak Arabic only some I don’t speak it fooled me here it’s not I mean I should learn it this strong addition is absolutely false my friend says well done Mozilla had the courage oh no Adi so it says the word men hassle so how this guy whoever translated this translation you said you can copy this form and as it as you see in the screen or sitting over and you will see it mean houses or mansions so this is a false France all there’s lots of translations that translate it that says the moon we have measured it to appear in stages and Arabic is a rich language anyway guys you can play it later please download the video after we finish and you can cut the part where he if you want if you wanna make it short this Mohammedan he says the Sun is swimming and going in the murky water you know actually I thought I just got some coffee I missed the coffee but it’s it’s very funny how a Muslim always try to fabricate right away he didn’t want interpretation of a nice color they don’t want the hadith and he is a Muslim he is the one who understand the whole aw and now after understanding the horn he come with the conclusion that the Sun set in a murky water he is oh hey how are you guys aha she was making fun in her comment I made a video about her comment if you remember she said how the Bible says that the Sun is a created in in the fourth day how are you huh oh ah so you are making fun of the Bible for saying that but the Bible says in the beginning God not Allah created the light so we have light but in you Quran Allah created the light at the end and not only that Europe prophet he says Allah created the Sun in Wednesday so what do you think do you like do you like to laugh at Allah because you say this is again the science everybody I have a video everybody can watch it your comment is there correct guys your comment is there I am a normal human being I’m so glad that you are a normal human being why always expecting you to have four legs I know you are a human being I just want talking to you otherwise I will not talk to you like when we talk to cats we say meow meow I’m talking English to you so obviously you’re a human being I’m talking to you so what what this have to do with my question why you made fun of the Bible saying how God can create the Sun in 4th day and this is against science but while the Quran says Allah created the Sun at the last day so now you are a human being like two a week ago you were not hey mr. crow yahoooo let us go to the horn this is yo crow not my pron it says that allah the last thing he created it was the the lamps the last thing after he finish everything in the human the animals everything so what we will do now aha what do you think chapter 41 verse number 10 Allah he create number nine actually he created the earth in two days and then in four days he put mounted in the top of the earth Allah he imported mountains from Home Depot he brought the trucks and then he plays the mountains in the top of the earth okay and then he created the grass and the trees and everything as you see and then after that he went to the sky and the sky was totally smoke there’s nothing there nothing smoke nothing and then he completed them as seven heavens all right and then he created the light only in the lowest heaven this is the last thing Allah he did you see the last thing a lot did he created the day and the night according to this verse so what you would what do you think surah are you going to leave Islam now first read your Bible I agree with my Bible yes guys how many time I need to re say you see this is the difference between us and you you Muslims are ashamed of you make fun of the by above the Bible when we show you photos even from the Quran especially if its agreement you bite your tongue you see I was a human I’m just a human I agree with my Bible what’s wrong why didn’t agree with your on do you agree with your heart how many time I need to repeat saying I agree with my Bible do you agree with your own No how to refute they’ll get you busted I agree with my Bible do you agree what you go on either you say yes or no do you like to call me so ha they’d like to give me a cord call me and you can you can read for me from the Bible by the way no problem I like it but obviously you don’t want us read the Quran that’s why you’re upset and Eve you pause for us tree the book of Judges ok what is the book of Judges in the Quran why why we don’t have it how come the Jews they have it you don’t have it where is the Sun what is the book of Moosa in the Quran I mean what kind of book this book is why the book of the Jews have every prophet book and in the book of Mohammed there’s nothing but fairytale stories what is the stories of mooses what is the book of Moosa chilling the Quran is if you Muslim you say that Moses was a Muslim prophet should in the Quran be up a book by itself additional to the book of Moosa you say to us that Issa was a Muslim prophet shouldn’t the Haram be additional book – the book of ASA where is the book of ASA Islam religion is like an orphan religion it is an orphan there’s no daddy there’s no mommy there’s no books there’s no difference does know what this is nothing there’s no manuscript where’s the phone itself where is the Quran who is the Muslim when I show me the Quran there is no Quran even you must you say to us that old man he burned all the Quran why Othman burn in the Quran here what he has llama phobia why why must men did that I think what man was the first Islamophobia shame on us man of men the Caliphate was a slum or foggy burn in the Quran strip it I don’t agree with burning the Quran why you want a burner – this reason love but obviously Osman was Islamic phobia anyone can tell me why it was man he burned the whole on I will tell you why the only reasons even though I am NOT there that the other Quran are not the same he wanted to unite the Quran because there is many books they are different otherwise why he will never in the Quran imagine I have 1 billion copy of the of the Bible I wanna burn it do we have any Muslim would like to call us and by the way the verse we see in of us on the screen chapter 41 verse number twelve and ten and nine eleven its total contradiction for chapter 79 because in chapter 79 Allah created the heaven first and then he finished earth in chapter 41 Allah created the earth first and then he finished heaven which is a clear evidence that the Quran cannot be a book of God I mean this is the most simple way to see how how silly the Quran is have you ever heard of a God he didn’t remember the order of his creation huh hey somebody’s saying to me [Laughter] that’s a good one guys somebody says to me I am from the mossad do you like to work for us I work for Jesus my friend what Moore said I don’t know how stupid what you are saying to me we work for Jesus this is our employer what more sad and know how silly you are and what I would do for you right what I would do for you I want to work for the Saudi Arabia Mossad they RDP better what’s silly I’m by the way we debate the Jews too I have many videos getting many Jews busted so what do you want what do you want me to work for I get a lot of Jews busted if you’ll bring me – Yahoo here I will spank him do we have any Abdul anyone yeah you know we don’t take a side I mean anyone who was wrong who is wrong that’s it I made many videos you know rabbi even Christian minister Protestant Catholic I don’t care you say something wrong I’m against you but there’s a matter who you are and the Jews they will not be saved unless they accept the Messiah they are not better than all Muslims there is no salvation but by the Messiah as simple as that yes you believe in the same God yes you believe in the Old Testament but I believe strongly that there is no salvation but by Christ himself so what if you are a Jew for me you don’t believe in the Messiah you are lost yeah we are not talking about who blow um himself this is not the topic you see while talking about salvation we are not talking about we are talking about at the end of the day you see all of us we will die for me as a Christian I believe there is no salvation except by the Messiah Moose’s will not save me Abraham will not save me nobody will save me there’s one name only can save me as simple as that this well Christian is about I am the door I am the truth I am the resurrection and yet the Muslims they say to us where Jesus says I am God worship Me yeah that’s a good one is it I am the life I mean even by the way Allah he tried to copy the name of Jesus between Muhammad so Allah he can’t call himself the resurrector that is Jesus Allah has wrecked nobody show me where Allah he was able to resurrect even a chicken stories no witnesses for anything even the Quran says it clearly that Allah he refrained from sending miracles have you ever heard of a God he refrained are you from the yellow vest in in France what do you want you want less tax God always make miracle he’s a miracle whatever he do it’s a miracle whatever God he do it is a miracle so how God who is a miracle he cannot do miracles no more and he says we refrain that’s an excuse you refrain nice to meet you mr. refrain and when the Muslims they say that the prophet of Allah have a miracle what is that Mirena charge he is six years old what is that going to the seven heaven and there is no witnesses show me the miracles of Muhammad in the Quran they say to you the moon the moon brother the moon split the moon the Quran the Quran never says Mohammed is played the moon the Quran says the judgement is near and the moon spirit as of Allah everything to do with it guys if I say the Judgment Day is near and the hurricane came does that mean I am the one who made the hurricane no obviously it’s not me because if I am Allah and I am saying that to you then there is no way I would say that judgment is near and the more split I should say that Judgment Day is near and I split the moon correct I spread the moon you don’t tell me the moon spread and by the way the statement alone is a proof that Muhammad is a false prophet he saw an eclipse and he believed the moon split do you see the our judgment is sight and demonic left is this is a guy he is reporting the news this is not a girl telling me what he did okay guys the thunder is is in the sky and the rainy sky is coming but busy but I did not say I am the one who made the thunder neither I am the one who sent the rain you see it this is the miracle day claim and this miracle proven to us the slam is to be false because if Mohammed making a prophecy according to his god he is saying that judgment day is near but this is 1400 years ago and the Judgment Day is not not until now it’s not here and how the moon split okay did we glue it together again hey by the way yesterday I bought a crazy group do you think Allah he used a crazy glue at that time do we have any Abdul by the way crazy glue is good crazy glue perfectly with the crazy Quran because you have to be crazy to believe that the moon is split asunder and what happened a lot changed his mind after he splitted that okay this is a sign of Judgment Day that’s me and Judgment Day so what happened he change his mind he put it together again he looked suddenly at his SmartWatch he said oh it’s too early I’m going to change the hour now you spitted already and now we heard the Abdul trying to convince us that the Sun really set in murky water and look I said to him murky water he says no not murky water hot water supposedly like you should I mean it make a difference by the way he was correcting me I said murk you actually he is right it’s hot water but look he’s like this is it the man is consistent like no no it’s not the murky water it’s a black dirty hot water okay and the Sun is there now oh okay and then he you know they go and they caught for you from the Old Testament says do you agree with this I agree with every single word in the Old Testament we are not like you ashamed of our book why I will not agree that’s why we why we call it the holy book otherwise why we call it holy book why we have it as our book there’s a law was given to people who they live in a time and that is their law and this is why you know Jesus he he complete the law he fully filled the law I did not came to destroy I came to complete so the law was not perfected yet and the Messiah he perfected the law so people before the Messiah was living by the law people have that the Messiah they are living by the grace of God even the Jews they understood the law wrong when Jesus he do something in a Saturday in Sabbath helping somebody the Jews they say why what are you doing this is Sabbath so what Jesus said to them Sabbath was made for the man for the man not the man meet for Sabbath so you go and you say the book is saying Sabbath Sabbath if you break the Sabbath we would do this to you but obviously the they were not practicing the law correctly they have their own wrong interpretation yeah this is not adverse my friend the verse about if Mohammed he like a women her husband must divorce her is not a verse this is indent a petition you know the story where Mohammed he he like his own son wife let me show you the intubation interpretation but those you will not find in English anyway just to let you know another thing ever the Muslims will translate but you can get my books in our six and Allah and you will be able to read let me first give you the link but this is an Arabic this is an Arabic but what you can do you can open with Google and you can translate the whole page this is the official government website of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia this is official website of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia I posted a link for you so what you can do you can translate let me show you where it’s going to appear but maybe in the translation will be different here it says and from what is it was lawful for the Prophet which means only Allah give it to the Muhammad only the first the best of the booty Muhammad he will get the biggest TV in the booty we attack a house I take the best of it Allah made for him an order alone then number two to take the fifth from the booty number three the prayer number four to have increase of number of wives number 5 2 F of women by the by Heba which mean to give herself we do not need to marry her did not be to ask for engagement she gave herself she is lawful number 6 to have sex with the women without the permission of her father number 7 to do that to to have sex with a woman without paying a dowry because it’s sex is not marriage number 8 to have sex during doing hajj or you know going around the kaabah number 9 if he if he taken oath he can take an oath to his wife but he can break it it’s lawful for him number 10 and here is the problem for all of them they are probably either okapis Allahu Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah is OG hurt allahu wa if his eyes fall into a woman her husband must divorce her and it is lawful for him to ever let us to draw a goggle translation all right go girl will not really give a good translation but you know all right here we go you see this is the other translation if he sees his eyes on a woman for sure here translation is not correct if his eyes fall into a woman her husband must divorce her cabbage do you see it number 10 so Oh what you need to do the link I gave you trust use google translation it’s not accurate but but other nothing I mean this is a prophet of God if his eyes fall into a women her husband must divorce her why why what is that what does have to do with religion with this have to do with God so because I am a prophet of God if I like your wife you have to give her to me if your wife she walked by and she served me some tea or some coffee and I like her you have to divorce her immediately so I can sleep with her and by the way all cult leaders they share the same thing all cult leaders they tell many women to sleep with them all the women who come to their religion you want to sleep with them can you see the Sudeste government website of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia let me pause the link again you can open it with Google be sure you operate with Google so he can click and it do Google translation to the language your speakers and know what slang what you have and right away you go to number 10 what those numbers you are giving me bombuh what those numbers number any Muslim hammer them a bus is driving her bus is a driving and his a prophet he goes to the heaven he come back nobody seemed even his wife she was asleep by the way yesterday I what happened to the Prophet happened to me three angels they come to me and they cut my chest from here to here a sheet to there no no not to here okay you know maybe a foot lately yeah they are there yeah they cut my foot my my you know they cut me from here to here actually let me show you i I just have a stitches here but this is not the cheesiest this is a this is the I don’t know it looked like a high-heeled or somebody throw ie or something okay so they cut from here to here and then the angels they after they cut my chest they took all the material out and they wash them with water of zom zom and if you don’t believe me I have witnesses what this number one did you see me what the angels will cut him mm-hmm yes it sound like my voice but he is the other me because I am many people I have a show friend Roger Collette jefra Nitza my English is funny so forgive me ooh what does this guy is talking about that’s anyone he tell you I went to heaven I came back and then you just you believe know what miss is no proof okay he went to heaven did he see how the earth looked like so after he went to heaven he come with the conclusion that the Sun set in murky water this is what what what happened to us if we go to the space and by the way why the engines they cut his chest and they wash it with the material is a chest with Zam Zam whatever what does that mean I mean what about wash it with the Ariel there’s many good detergent exists in the market and they are really good I mean angels sent by Allah and he took all his but material in his in his Billy what this have to do would go into the heaven by the way I heard brothers that hold on let us cause I can I did it enter it in their event at it in Griffin blimp I told you don’t call me late at night and I am a clipping right now with my poor wife but brothers I can like we have a very urgent question and we need the answer immediately I told you I told you what at the time I’m going to through you I’m going to cut the bunny for you you are not related brother but we need to know what is the connection between cutting the chest of the Prophet and his stomach and taking everything off and wash it was Zamzam to go to the heaven pretty brief I’m going to get you possibly I caught you to Nessa all the space people who went to the heaven accede to the space before they went to the moon what did you to them they do surgery and they are thought that they are very healthy so they do x-ray in the time of the Prophet deltoid free to the angel they cut edited and they took everything of the to beat or everything time and then they put it back ah so because they want to be sure that he is healthy because you will go to the space absolutely and I think now I got you but it but I have to agree I mean your answers by the way is amazing and amazing how how fast you make those answers I told you I’m smarter than you and I am more sexy than you and I know it and not gonna again hello hanka anyone knows what the point hmm so the cut has a chest to be sure he’s healthy is that why no the hadith says okay I forgot to tell him call him again according to the hadith guys according to the hadith which means according to Mohammed tell they cut his chest so they can install in his chest a dish of faith and a dish of wisdom with us find the hadith happy the version like this god he make his a profit surgery plastic surgery to install a dish of faith and dish of wisdom if you don’t believe me here we go this is the hadith in front of you and this is sahih bukhari so you cannot say it’s weak it’s strong it’s whatever fat you know here we go three NGOs they came and one of the angels said to the other story and then say oh they took him and they carry him and they placed him beside a will of Zamzam from among them gibreel one of the other three men three NGOs algebra he took a charge of him which means Mohammed the real cut opened the part of his body between his throat to his billing at his chest and then he took all the material off oh by the way this is very normal I mean all prophets before Angels they cut their material and take it off because it’s a you know I mean rest was garbage you know you know you never know you know and then they took from his a chest a guys read how Christian Prince he read this word a Banda min and I’ve learned this from second I complain me and then washed it with Zamzam water with his own hands till he cleans the inside of his body and then a golden tray contain a golden bowl full of belief and wisdom brought and gibreel stuff his chest and throat blood vessels with it and then he closed his chest okay in the Middle East this is exactly how we earn our wisdom Allah he sent us an angel he he have a with him two dishes and by the way the dish one of gold they are made of gold I mean Allah do you think Allah in his kitchen they have like what pastor Gold and like me I did not go to school that’s why my English is perfect because Allah he installed English in my chest and this is why again quote unquote my English is perfect because Allah he installed a dish of English in my chest otherwise I know I do not know English like I woke up after the surgery I start saying hello it’s me you are looking for you know otherwise I know nothing about the only English word I know si Senor before the surgery after the surgery I learned English and I start speaking English like saying takbir alhamdulillah you know and this is I have witnesses for that and if you don’t believe me I mean why Muslim need witnesses for my stories here we go I might have no witnesses and they believe in it do you Muslims believe in it or no you say yes ok so if I say now I went to the 7-eleven and there’s three angels they came and they cut my chest and they put what by the way in my chest I have a four five hundred a big stuff display they store it there and the first charge battery and I have Android Android and Android not Android because Android is made by the kuffar and drawed is made by Allah 1000 and wrote and they put all those things you know in my chest and now I’m very smart I know everything you know ask me ask me a question ok the gentleman there is asking me questions where is Brazil crazy Brazilian Brazil it’s say in Brazil you know ask me a different question where is Africa in Africa just one with you I told you I know everything yeah and I know things you do not know as an example I have a cat her name is sue sue do you know the name of my cat you don’t I know it that’s proof that I am God worship me this what Allah he did with the his angels the energies they said to him Adam would commit sin Allah he said I told them I know not what you don’t know and then he taught Adam the names and then he pleased the things and he said to the Angels okay tell me the names of those things the Angels they look this one we do not know and this one would not know and this one we don’t know so Allah he said okay Adam your turn now tell them the names I told you Adam start saying rabbit cow microwave and then she’s like wow he knew the names he is the one who gave the names for those things so how he will not know it what Christian friends looked like this is a very tough question for me because I am unlike anything it’s like when you ask a Muslim how Allah looked like what he would say if remember when I was debating that dr. Nabil by Allah he says to me okay Chris temperance Allah is a physical being and he have a leg do you think his legs like yours and it was look at my leg I say man good thank God his leg is not like mine I mean if you see my leg you will die from from from being terrified but what this have to do with the question oh and why Allah leg have to do to look like my leg it doesn’t matter but he have leg it looked like my leg it doesn’t look like my leg but still why Allah have a leg and what he how he look like when you say you have a leg as me I relay anyway do we have any Abdul anyone actually I’m afraid I’m afraid that one day the atheist will use how I look like against us as a Christians to prove that we are coming from the ape this way I don’t open my camera brother I’m not handsome like the Prophet Mohammed there’s a video a guy he described how the Prophet looked like I don’t know how many of you watch it if you watch it you will die laughing he says there’s a guy he came in the middle of the night and then he saw the Prophet and then look at the moon and then he look at the Prophet and then he look at the moon and then he took our prophet and then he look at the moon and then you look at the prophet and the guy is like he is very emotional when he’s talking in the video I let me do it the same he do it he came and the Prophet was coming and there’s a background music like you know very very sincere in music and he saw the prophets and he saw the moon and you look at the moons and look at the prophets and you look at the moon and you look at the prophets and you look at the moon and you look at the Prophet and look at the moon and you look at the Prophet a come on are we going to stay the whole night saying that conclusion the Prophet is whiter than the moon that’s the whole story people these days they spend money to get darker skin my friend but those are of are obsessed with the with the white you go in the middle she was fined every every Arabian women every mother my son I wanna make you I want I wanted you with the marrying a beautiful white girl you say to yourself oh boy my mom she was for me a white girl okay she have to be white you know it’s as otherwise it’s not actually in the old days I don’t know if you you know I told you that Muhammad he promised them that the woman she have will have one mile bomb right one mile in the heaven you know when I was a kid there was a song and I could not really understand what it’s mean in Arabic but it’s a it’s a nice song I mean as a word it says that there is a women she was so beautiful to the point the camel could not carry her and I was asking myself what is the connection between the beauty of the women and the camel is not able to carry her I could not find any connection I mean the song is this was a psalm says and then later I figure out from the you know the elders they say that in the old days if a woman she is very heavy duty you know I’m talking about very big you know that’s mean she is so beautiful and if the camel could not carry her that means she is the beauty queen not like today everybody wanted to is weight blah blah blah go and go back in time you can eat as much as you can and it still the men they will be fighting to marry you they would be like please please marry me you know and you say no no no no I have to eat more so in the old days the bigger you are as a women that’s me more healthy and you are good you will give a lot of babies and the babies will be big so if you are skinny you know that mean you are sick it’s me something wrong with you so this is why these songs and this way Mohammed II promise that are the Muslims that the women will be so white extremely white to the point you can see through the moral of their bones you remember the height right you see it because they are up there love women who they are extremely white not only why they have to be really really white this is why the word whore who is about something extremely white and it’s almost it’s a transparent you know it’s likely like a grape grape is whore grape if you look at the grape you put it in the light you see through you see the seed you know anyway alright I think we are we are done for today I know that we have 966 people what why we have we have 966 people only 776 they like my video 13 Muslims did not like it why how sad Elsa because what do you think if I have a TV station big one and I’m doing every day as show how many minions will watch it and how many people will sue me for dying laughing unbelievable he will destroy me in a debate can’t you destroy me without a debate please why only the debate Salamone do you like to call me cerimon Saruman will not destroy me in a debate okay said I’m on shall we shall we start do you wanna call me or maybe you are just trying your keyboard it’s a new keyboard is that the case why you said that is that why you say that because I know there’s many Muslim to say things to me they don’t mean it’s a keyboard thing like they’re trying it it’s a new keyboard actually to be honest with you since I bought Krazy Glue yesterday I am not worried about you calling me because I would glue myself together I’m not really worried anymore and I get it for two dollars from Walmart no I asked I asked a lady there where I can find the glue she told me from my hand and took me I said shame a kid well why is that I was like whoa what were you taking me because I’m so short I think she thought I am I shall Sunday so as when I call me or what look like he ever not call me I think he was just practicing shouting or maybe he have his girlfriend watching this chat and he wanna show her how how good he is but you know that we have to admit the guy who called us an hour ago he was the best I mean I never like I how much I have how many how many thousand Muslims I spoke to tens of thousands the guy today was unique we have to admit don’t forget to download the video and cut that part when he is talking to me about the sunset please remember this video will not stay for long so in a few hours from now we will take it down and by the way ya know if they if you are posting your chin your channel my videos and they flag your videos and they delete your channel always make me channels some of them are activated some they are not the same so when you lose one just give me a link we post it here for you and people was app required very easy right very simple don’t worry about it because he he said he said things as I mean like his start line at the end about killing but in the in the beginning he was saying yes the sunset in the murky water and the Sun move you know and so it was usually Muslims they try to hide that what is that currency my brother Jesus saved me one one hundred no car you know chemi would 100 hopefully guys I just received 100 nuke what is the currency if knock what is that I have 100 Nook now I am God to you answer the question that is this between I am God your God Salamone our milk is the currency of Norway so if I go to Norway and I make 500 nope man I can control the whole earth that’s a good thing thank you my friend for the nuke you gave us actually I want to go to Norway but it’s expensive I mean the currency of that country will knock me in the ground before I buy a sandwich there and I will take the first flight and go back I saw once a video YouTube he was talking he bought a sandwich I think how much is caused him it’s so expensive so your neuquén will knock us down if we go to I will be homeless there no actually ice so videos about Norway is so a bit of a country it’s very beautiful country yes they have a tough winter but it’s really really beautiful country they are lucky actually and I hope they will they will take care of their country and they were protected from from all the risk is they are facing because those countries they are tracked in many many many foreigners and you know if you keep receiving foreigners then the country will be out of Norwegian you know in Norway and then you yourself you will became a foreigner in your land and they will kick you out we became minority right anyway I think we have enough for today please don’t forget to download the video right after we finish it might take maybe 20 minute for it to be ready but it’s specifically the part where we spoke with this guy please download and share with your friend again I want to say thank you to be here and thank you for those who support us I appreciate you and thank you for those who download the videos and give them around take care and I will try again to be here tomorrow maybe we can find another fish which is fishy alright let’s hope but today I did not really do good because in the last three days we have everyday life on air or Muslim live in Islam today we did not make any Muslim leave Islam at least he told us but maybe from those who they are listening there is some they decide to leave Islam hearing especially this guy explaining how the Sun set in murky water and he is saying that this is what it is I mean how how after this anyone can believe in such a cult right and now I have to go before the Sun sit in the murky water and then in order to grab it back I have to work in a murky water and I don’t like to do that thank you guys for being here may the Lord bless you and Christ is Lord Islam is force and see you soon again take care bye bye [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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