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Hi there everyone! This is Teacher Kathy
and welcome to my class today we’re going to talk about ten
words that you are probably pronouncing wrong number one vegetable can you say
that again that’s right we can say I like to eat vegetable next week
comfortable comes comfortable my bed is comfortable can you say that again very well
third words with silent L for example almond
salmon one more time almond salmon great moving on let’s have
the fourth word etc a lot of people commit mistake in pronouncing this word
instead of it said they say it chair so say that again etc another one is
clothes clothes the children are wearing colorful clothes can you say that again great next on the list is the word Jewelry can you say that jewelry now let’s use it in a sentence
my dad will buy jewelry for my mom architecture
is another word that is commonly mispronounced in English remember that
the CH sound has the same sound as the CH in the word stomach and ache I’m alive
I’m alert I’m enthusiastic this is one of the most common words in English but
most of us mispronounced it so remember it’s enthusiastic photograph can you say
that again photograph photography photo photograph can you take my photograph last
but not the least is the word espresso most of us would say express o but if
we’re talking about our favorite coffee we should say espresso that’s it for now
don’t forget to visit our website at so thank you so much for watching and I
hope that you enjoyed see you again next time you

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  1. Love it! Your videos are going to help English learners and aspiring English teachers to improve their pronunciation. Well done teacher !

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