100 thoughts on “President Donald Trump Angrily Tweets After He Surrenders On Census | The Last Word | MSNBC

  1. The Census gives information of the number of people residing in the country. Whether native, naturalized, registered alien, or of whatever status, voting age or minor, is irrelevant. All a census is for, is enumeration. Federal funds are distributed by population, regardless of who the population may be.
    It appears that Donald likely wanted to skew distribution, so areas with higher numbers of non-citizens would get less support, requiring more local tax revenue, and creating the burden he claims–falsely–that aliens already cause. He possibly also wanted to simplify ICE targeting efforts, which is, absolutely, an unlawful use of the census, anyway: misuse of any appropriated project or use of information other than the clearly stated purpose, is a violation of Federal Titles, and would subject the violators (Donald et alia ) to prosecution, as well as negating any arrests or action they took on that basis: as fruit of the poisonous tree, any other action would be prohibited, meaning, immunity for the alien.
    The Court was correct, and Donald was wrong.

  2. That the question he wants is framed as a clear binary of either "citizen" or "illegal" suggests that the hope was that people would identify themselves to be rounded up and deported, separated from children, etc. There are various kinds of Resident Alien, People working toward citizenship, people who are here on long term visas for education or medical care… but nah all he sees is "Citizen" or "undesirable" ….

  3. Oh my gosh. 🤦🏻‍♀️ These reporters are blatant, emotional, drama-queens filtering news through their feelings and creating something entirely different all together. Annoying.

  4. Those of you who hated Obama so much got what you deserve,Trump, so let this be a lesson in history not to follow stupid candidates who pew hate . Obama wasn't perfect as wasn't Bush, but this guy sucks .

  5. Just ask yourself, is it a good idea to roll back water related issues, or some forms of energy that benefits us all and our future kids. This guy is rich and can buy his own water and afford to stay inside counting his money. Wake up folks . Dump Trump .

  6. Once Trump is out of office, someone should put together all the dumb things he has said and publish it into a book.

  7. You spoke way to soon and your argument is weak.He has forced Schiff and Nadler to surrunder on Everything.He shut the Gvt. Down for 35 days just to make a point, Mexico was a little game for him.He did not surrender leaving Syria, he threw out Intelligence and the Generals, did not surrender, they Speak no more.Hicks He did not

  8. It was roaming around in everyones head, it is always in mine.When will he pull his move, and will it be good enough,will it be Quiet or a Riot.Taxes deutsce bank, the Report it is to late now.When we see it the damage has already been done.Expect A Block at the Taxes, expect a block of Mueller have a Plan.What can he do?He is going to use

  9. His flock of Super lawyers and the Justice dept with Barr and the Supreme Court to pull something. Be ready,How?I dont know, Maybe you have a private Room set aside , if something happens you say Fine No hearing and you walk to that room and noone gets in no press, you record it. You Have a reverse thing ready. You go to court now

  10. Scary that 4 of the 9 Supreme Court Judges did not agree with the decision that the Census cannot change the wording from resident to citizen . A crystal clear example that these “Republican” hack judges are not actual judges at all. The constitution can not be more clear. If this clear article in the constitution is to change, it can only be done with a 60% majority in both the Congress and the Senate, not by the Trumenfuhrer.

  11. The only things tough about Trump is his reckless mouth and the people who who are tasked with his dirty work.

  12. Donald Trump are you a citzen of the united States or are you a citizen of Russia or do you have duo citizenship..

  13. When you fill out your census , in large print you write on the top "4 United States citizens " and that's all the information they need . The democrats want ILLEGAL ALIENS to vote for them . It's that simple . Now send me your negative comments and prove my point . Liberal media is the propaganda wing of the be Democratic Party .

  14. LMAO, 2 days later he's considering EXECUTIVE ORDER. YOU SHMUCKS. are yall keeping up yet. Like a kid shaking a jar with u bugs in it… TRUMP2020

  15. 'SMALL HANDS AND FEET' . . . LOOKS LIKE 'BABY HUEY' OF CARTOON FAME . . . acts like it, too . . . Baby Huey was a fat gooslet . . .

  16. Lawrence O’Donnell is one of the worse Trump haters on Fake News. Go back to the days when reporters actually did news. His reports are so biased. Democrats fight so hard for non citizens.

  17. Happy for you Neil, you look like you are about to jump out of your chair with glee for the result of trump's idiotic attempt to help rig the 2020 election. Glad there are some that will put this moron down!

  18. Americans don"t need enemies….it"s own stupid people will put this country down…no wonder china took advantage of trade…germany fool u.s. by subsidizing NATO yet germany buy billions and billions of oil from russia…canada..mexico…everybody took advantage of u.s. and these stupid newsmakers are just happy to bring america down(what a way to make money…)

  19. …but according to tRump, he never loses…There is no rhyme or reason except he is delusional! He is a legend in his own mind or the space between his ears. Draft Dodger Dictator Donnie tRump rides the River of De-Nile. I guess that he thinks if he tells himself that he is winning enough & never lost that he will continue to believe it! He listens to the voices in his head but do not cough, as it disrupts them! There is no reality for tRump.
    It is a VERY SAD TIME IN AMERICA when someone like tRump who appears to follow Kim Jong Un and Putin, is adored by those who think this is okay & American but down those like myself who is FAR from being Anti-American!
    All the World's a Stage…it is time to bring down the curtain!!!

  20. He's still saying he will use an executive order to include the citizenship question. He is a FASCIST AUTHORITARIAN and must be removed by any means necessary.

  21. If tRump got his way, and the question was asked, whether you are, or are not, a US citizen? and you lied and said yes you are.
    Does this give Government grounds to investigate whether you have lied or not? I mean the Government pretty much has to take it at face value.
    I said I was a US citizen now they get to invade my privacy to determine whether I lied on the Census, and if I did, what kind of repercussions are there.
    I can see the bag of worms the Supreme Court is trying to avoid.

  22. he has already declared that any vote that doesn't go his way, was rigged
    he has tacked the Court
    the coup has already happened

  23. Trump is a dumb president, but is smart in corruption and fraud. And the worst is lying to the USA. What a disgusting human being as president.

  24. Is Melanie legal?I want to see her birth certificate. I was asked about my citizenship when I renewed my driver's license I have been a responsible driver for 20 years plus I had to show my birth certificate for my initial license as a form of ID. This administration is crazy does Flint, Michigan have brown water? crickets

  25. Trump has lost but that won't matter because he is looking for a way to cheat. Cheating the law is the Trump way.

  26. Oh, I think I've figured it out. Trump wants immigrants to THINK the citizenship question is on the census in hopes of depressing their response.

  27. After tweeting it left the room, slammed the door and "poked its mouth out".  The orange baby didn't get its way; what a shame.  Your worshipers are crying with you.

  28. whether you're a citizen or not is immaterial to the purpose of the Census. It's purpose is merely to count all the households in the country.

  29. What happened to the executive order he was going to impose. Not I guess someone gave him a civics lesson and told him as president he’s not that powerful

  30. But the Supreme Court decision was split wasn't it? I don't see how decisive that is? Who wrote the dissenting opinion? What does it say? Glad the Chief Justice did the right thing for once, but the split was the usual one. Or so I thought. Seems to smack of that nasty bugaboo "Judicial Activism". . .

  31. He can't afford to surrender power. His back is to the wall and he knows it . The net is closing in now that Epstein has been arrested . Its stay in office or go to jail. He may as well use all means at his disposal to hang on to power. If he has the loyalty of enough people with guns on his side there is nothing the Dems can do about it . It will be around this time that Trump should supplant the Democrats with his own team of Dems. Then he can take the credit for getting the best bipartisan cooperation in history etc etc. Trump needs another Reichstag fire .or another 911 type incident to really consolidate his power.

  32. Donald Trump said of Epstein in 2002: "I've known Jeff for fifteen
    years. Terrific guy. He's a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that
    he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the
    younger side

  33. But he will say the question is still on the form every time a camera is pointed at him thereby poisoning the well.

  34. We need a law that stipulates what the proper channels are, and that ‘tweets and the like’ have no legal standing. No one can be fired by tweet, no military action can be implied by tweet, etc.

  35. Hey Gina don’t forget it was the US that ask Canada to send her back to the US and will soon has to go through process you do know that right ?

  36. If the purpose of a census is to determine districts and fund allotments, why would it matter if the people are citizens? When I was in the Marines, I knew servicemembers who would bring a wife back on each deployment. Should the local schools and water plants not be able to count them (although they use those resources)?
    There are so many other ways to track this. Trump is fear mongering. When you read the back of you ballot it says voter fraud will send you to prison. There is rarely a person willing to risk prison to steal a vote ( asides from Republican politicians). 😁😊

  37. trump loose 22 times in NY courts . That’s no secret , that’s not the first time trump looses in court .

  38. StephBer 1 love your comment , we would love that too , very, very, very much 😀😀😀😀😀👏👏👏👏😀😀😀😀😀

  39. He is so vile and disgusting. Orange man should know his number is up when CJ Roberts votes against him.

  40. Is Treasontrumpski a NAZI, a Hitler? He's German and has opened Concentration Camps! Put those questions job his forms!!!

  41. Affirmative Action and Trump denied losing – make-believe?? Tweets of lies and FRAUD will not admit TRUTH…….prefers his delusional lies

  42. Liar, liar pants on fire! Trump's last words as POTUS, "I'm not a crook, I'm really not." "I'm a very honest person, just ask my cult following."

  43. Did Mexico pay for that wall? Keeping it alive to never forget one of his many FAILED campaign promises.

  44. It’s time to vote Democrat and get this loser of a president and the Republicans out of power.

  45. What I do not understand is white Trump is keeping the hush hush money from me. The community is enjoying the profits from my expense. And I don't get one miserable coin from all this conspiracy propaganda. What is going on it's not fair what they're doing. I am not going to keep quiet until I find out what's going on.

    NOT GOOD!!0💜🖤💜🖤💜🖤💜🖤💜🖤💜🖤💜🖤💜🖤💜🖤

  47. Does he realize that if a population is lowered in an area because some are not citizens. That there will be less federal funding to that area for firemen, police etc, etc. So if some people are for what Trump says, let them haul the buckets of water if their house catches on fire.

  48. Where is the back bone of our leaders ; where is the spine; they are all spineless ; speak up—stand up for Justice; what kind of legacy will be left for you children.

  49. The Purpose of the Census is to count heads, citizens and non citizens . Hmm you come, live here illegally, get welfare better then citizens, and refuse to admit you are illegal etc.

  50. I respect Katyal’s expertise and experience, but I strongly disagree with the statement he made, that it’s ok for Trump to lie to the American people. The SCOTUS is important but US citizens are of equal value, and it is way less than ok to lie to us.

  51. I have a hard time listening to Lawerence. I can’t stand Trump but this guy isn’t practicing journalism. He sounds and acts a lot more like Jerry Springer.

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