Pre hypnosis warn up fun | a favorite routine of mine to help find interactive hypnotic subjects

so I’m often asked how I warm up the
audience before I actually start doing some hypnosis so check out this week’s
video. [Feel Good Hypnosis music plays] It’s Turan here from Feel Good Hypnosis and in this week’s video I’m
going to show you a little fun thing I often do especially if there’s three or
four people and I’m trying to find who’s gonna be a fun person to work with. This
is not standard hypnosis thing to do it’s more of a mentalism type trick or
act but it’s a great fun thing that really gets people engaged and
interactive. One of the things I’m looking for is building up rapport,
seeing how well people follow instructions and this little technique
is a great way to do that in a crowd of three or four people or more. So watch
the fun check height which one do you think I’m gonna selects for hypnosis? I
start off with one girl right on the end she’s a bit dubious about being
hypnotized and that’s why I move into this routine which is not hypnosis and
in a way everything’s hypnosis but this is not specifically a part of a hypnosis
set or routine or process but it’s a fun thing to do you’ll have seen me do it
before you might .. you know, if you’ve seen me live you’ve probably seen me doing it
and it’s really enjoyable to interact with and it’s a great warm-up thing just
to get people relaxed and get people interacting so check out the video and
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a like and don’t forget I want to hear from you so if you have any comments any questions then make sure you leave it in the comment section below. The question is, who am I gonna pick to
work with next so there’s four people standing up there for people interacting
you tell me who you think I’m going to pick next. So give your answers in the
comment section below looking forward to hearing who you think is gonna be
the perfect hypnotic subject look forward to your comments look forward to
your likes and enjoy this video. Do you want to do this fun thing as well? Stand up. All you have to do, is follow my instructions, I’m going to test how good you are at following instructions. Put your lighter away if you’re going to do this. Put your hand out like this. Good stuff. Do this. Now, you see .. you change it .. I lifted my left hand, you used your right! If you don’t follow my instructions it will not work. Start again, ok, do this .. do this. Perfect. Turn your palms so they are facing out .. Stretch your hands over .. .. move your palms down and interlock your fingers. ..over! Your not alone! Now, I want to make sure your left thumb is on the bottom.. move your left thumb .. perfect .. interlock your fingers so your left thumb is on the bottom. Put your index fingers out, .. You’re struggling today .. keep your fingers together and .. do this. You’s are terrible now! Yuo can’t follow simple instructions!! [Feel Good Hypnosis music plays out]

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