POTS, Headaches, Tachycardia, Tingling and Numbness, Anxiety, Depression – Aimee M

(Music) Hi, my name is Amy. I was diagnosed with POTS disease when I saw… first saw Dr. Jaudy. It was a lot clearer, a clearer diagnosis than what I had gotten before, from my other doctor, which was either just depression or anxiety. They told me that was the reason why I felt everything that I was feeling, and I would be put on a lot of different types of medication. After seeing Dr. Jaudy, I told him how I felt, and he was able to identify the problem. The symptoms were pretty bad. Well, shortness of breath. They… I guess I would get a lot of pressure in my chest when I tried to breathe, a lot of heart racing; also, the tingling in my hands, mostly the tips of my fingers, but it could also be my arms, and my hands would get, like, so very, very cold. It was unbearable, and I would have to, like, put my hands under my legs to warm them up, and yeah, it was, it would be very bothersome, but with… when Dr. Jaudy helped me, it was a lot better because I… he would constantly ask me if I had tingling, or if I didn’t, if it had gone away, and now my hands don’t get cold or do not stay cold constantly… either my feet, so I don’t… it’s not that big of a problem anymore. Also, when I wake up in the morning, I also don’t have tingling in my hands like I used to. So, when I was here at Dr. Jaudys, I felt like I was working on the root of the problem instead of the… just the symptoms, so wouldn’t be like masking the real problems, so I felt that the activities I was doing would help more directly than the medication I used to have, so that really helped me. Also, you know… just knowing more about why everything was happening to me, and like, more as a result, so after Systems Care and Functional Neurology, I noticed the difference in my hands, so now they feel very warm, and yeah, it really helped me. What makes Dr. Jaudy different is that he spends a lot of time with you and not like a typical doctor’s office where you go in, and they see you for about 15 minutes, and they try to prescribe you something, but they don’t really spend time knowing more about you, especially if you’re a new patient, they don’t really know your background or anything, and they just make you fill out a form beforehand, saying that but, they… but it just gets put into the computer, and the doctors don’t really spend that much time with you, but Dr. Jaudy did spend a lot of one-on-one time with me and other patients, and you could tell that he really cares about each person individually. I have seen a lot of doctors for what I had. Well, before, I didn’t know it was POTS directly, but I’ve seen a lot of doctors for anxiety and depression. First, just the family doctor because I was underage, but then, later on, the psychiatrists and therapists, and yeah, even when I was younger, I think when my mom had taken me to, like, a heart specialist because I had a lot of the heart racing, but nobody could really target the problem. It is scary because the heart racing is scary because it’s like you’re trapped… It also can cause or lead to a panic attack which I always despise because it’s hard to breathe. You feel like you’re dying, and that you can’t really take control of the situation, so, yes the heart racing in my case is scary and suffocating as well. Well, in my heart I would just feel the pressure, and in my chest I felt like my heart was just beating very hard. It would just be so hard and felt like it would pop out of my chest because of that, and I couldn’t… I could barely breathe in those moments. That would be very difficult and almost painful to breathe, so, yeah, it was just like this cycle that you get tired of being in. You feel just in despair because you don’t know what to do to fix that. (Interviewer) Absolutely, was the
medication for tachycardia? No, the medication was for anxiety and depression. Actually, one of the medications wasn’t even for that, but they prescribed it to me because they thought it would help with that. They thought it would help with tachycardia. I’m 20 years old, and I was on medication. I’m not on medication now, but beforehand, I was passed from a lot of different doctors, and they would give me one medication, and that one didn’t work, so they would give me another one, and another one, and another one until I finally found one, but that medication was making me pre-diabetic, so I had to stop with that one too, so those medications were never the answer. They could alleviate for a little while at the beginning, but later on I would feel that my symptoms would come back, and they didn’t really work. My mom…she also was treated by Dr. Jaudy at the same time I was. I could definitely see the different, but I saw the different procedures that
my mom went through, and I could see a big difference from when she walked in at the beginning of
the week to the end. Actually, even a couple days after she started, I could see a big difference and she had a lot of trouble with her lungs, and she can breathe a lot better now, so it was nice having my whole family here at the same time, and everybody
was a support to each other. For everybody who has been
looking in other places, other doctors, and just seems that they have run out of options, definitely look into Dr. Jaudy’s office because he can definitely give you help for what you need. (Music)

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