100 thoughts on “Polybius – Angry Video Game Nerd (Episode 150)

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  2. Avgn, I absolutely love your videos. Even the old ones. When people wanna be mean to me, you always make everything better. You are the best. 😭😌

  3. Hah, everyone in possession of a Tempest arcade machine is contractually obligated to re-skin the cabinet to Polybius.

  4. 7:14 SINNESLOSCHEN would be correct if written "SINNESLÖSCHEN" its still no correct german but could be translated to mind delete. Oh i see he talks about it later 😀

  5. At 17:58 look inside the asteroid game behind you there is something there it look like it wearing a gas mask it weird

  6. I know he didn't mean it but the latter half of the episode really reminds me of addiction to something. Where if you're deep enough you can't help it, to the point where it feels like an outside force takes you over when you're trying to resist.

  7. I was surprised at how well you turned this episode into a full blown creepypasta, i was incredibly immersed and drawn in to the story, 10/10 you just got my sub

  8. Should've looked at the board. See what chips were used. Most chips have codes that you could tell an exact manufacture date. It's likely that a reman would use newer chips. Polybius would have chips from 1981 or earlier.

  9. Wow. No lie at 6:45 right when he said "turn this thing on" my internet froze, and it NEVER does that. I thought it was part of the video but it really froze for awhile then came back. Weird!!

  10. I don't know if it's real but I downloaded it on my Android phone I'm afraid to play it though LOL I'll probably just delete it well to be honest I played it a little bit but then I deleted it but I did find it on Android phone

  11. I really like this episode, maybe the game did existed but highly doubt it. Myths sometimes contain a bit of truth, they start of something

  12. <yea, M, it's a code P-scop. Yeah, it's still lingering, although it's aged. Ok, i'll be sure to lable it green. Thanks>

  13. Loved the secret message if you turn subtitles on. It’s at the end of the video. Not gonna spoil it though have fun decoding.

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