Polarities and Mesmeric trigger points

Clenching the hands helps determine the type of person People with the right thumb up tend to be more logical People with the left thumb up-more emotional Balancing these two elements is essential World’s Leading Expert in Non-Verbal Hypnotism Prof. at the Balkan Academy Foundation We have a defferent reactions with the right or the left hand The left side reacts immediately Hypnogenic points trigger the hypnotic state This is a powerful ancient technique. Get our FREE COURSE! www.mesmerism.info Bringing the energies together. I asked her mentally to come forward. I wanted to come forward, move my legs. I still feel the need to move my legs Subscribe to our channel and bring information that I learned from my masters a lot of information subscribe to our channel and follow our free course you will find link in the description you will learn a lot ,a lot of free information that you won’t ever find elsewhere Thanks!

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