poison ivy hypnosis

way to say it I told you this was the
wrong house Woodson spot it’s not my fault wouldn’t you tell your father
sleeping you should have already observed ep all your fault now right the
wrong house oh I’m sorry to bother you we’re looking for this it’s her dad
don’t worry about it have you seen this bad man hey besties like this really
great bit wrong Shh you mess it up yeah no not really
really both of you you didn’t realize you’re in somebody else’s home Christmas
right you know about mistletoe of course she’s stealing Daisy mistletoe
for each of you pretty yeah baby so pretty but we’re not supposed to kiss
girls you have to follow the rules of the mistletoe oh you’re gonna be on the
naughty list yeah but but it’s mrs. Stanner like at
home I can’t now we’re gonna have some fun you

24 thoughts on “poison ivy hypnosis

  1. I want to be hypnotized by Poison Ivy because she's so beautiful and when she hypnotise,ske kiss and i want to be kissed by this beautiful plant.

  2. I would like to be hypnotised and kissed by poison ivy because she is beautiful and I would like to be her slave and her own plaything

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