Pig Portal Problems – Angry Birds Parody

Dramatic Music… Quiet music – soft drums Pig noises – Oink Oink Oink More pig noises – oink oink BOOM! on the roof top. Cellphone Alert – Beep beep – Pig Radar! Loud dramatic drums! Oink Oink – landing on the roof. It’s time for my NEW Birds! tense music building stronger Computer beep beep. no, pass, no Oh yeah, I need that one! Selected! I need that one too. Yes! I will need that one too! no …… maybe …… Oh yeah, I need that one. Oh yeah, he is COOL. Portal Activated !!! BOOM! Thunder! Bird Scream! Fire – Flamethrower noise. Sizzle! Score! Score! Points! Bird Scream! Pigs: Huh??? Bird Tweets. Pump air – whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, POP! Robot noises – mechanical noises. Machine gun! Pop, pop, pop, pop! Robot noises – in shutdown mode. Bird scream. Pig giggle – giggle, giggle, ha ha ha. Record scratching – DJ scratch! Power on! Dubstep music – LOUD!!!! Loud soundwaves – so loud the pigs can FEEL it! Bird scream – Helicopter noise. Military copter – noise fades ever more distant. What? Where did he go? Inside the Longbow cockpit – computer noise – targeted. missle rocket FIRED! BOOOOOOOOOM !!!! woosh ! BOOM BOOM BOOM !!! Points! Machine gun – Rat A Tat, Tat!!! SPLAT SPLAT SPLAT – Goooooo Video game points – bling bling bling! Awww, What a MESS!!!! Music – Ending.

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  2. I watched this video when I was about 12 years old and it was very good I remember when I played good work + sub

  3. I remember this it was really looooooooooong ago I also thought the portal app was real and that I could summon real angry birds

  4. I just notice after all the years I have watch the kid opens a folder to look at the birds then he opens the pad and scroll for birds… what was the folder for?? Also 2019 anyone??

  5. Minecraft bird moveset:
    Tap : sword chop
    He chops with his sword
    Tap hold : arrow shot
    He shot a arrow
    Tap + ←/→ : cart ride
    He rides in a minecart , you can turn in this attack
    Tap +↑: firework throw
    He throws a firework that explode upward
    Tap +↓: tnt set
    He drops a tnt that explode
    Tap +↓and then↑ : spawn egg
    He throws a spawn egg that summon a creeper , zombie , zombie pigman
    Tap +↑ near a pig : piston throw
    He throws a pig with a piston
    Tap + → near a pig : tnt blow
    He drops a tnt front a pig that explode
    Tap near a pig : pickaxe pummel
    He pummels the pig with a pickaxe
    Tap +↓ in midair : anvil smash
    He drops a anvil below the pigs
    Hammer bird moveset:
    Tap : hammer pound
    He pounds with his hammer
    Tap hold : hammer quake
    He makes a shockwave with his hammer
    Tap + ←/→ : hammer spin
    He spins with his hammer , he is invincible in this attack
    Tap during hammer spin : hammer boomerang
    He throws his hammer like a boomerang
    Tap +↑: hammer uppercut
    He uppercuts with his hammer
    Tap +↓ in midair : hammer slammer
    He slams with his hammer
    Flamethrower bird(or makin bacón bird
    Tap : flame breath
    He blows fire
    Tap hold : flame cannon
    He shots a big fireball
    Tap +↓: hot carpet
    He blows fire downward making a carpet that burn pigs
    Tap +↓in midair : flame hover
    He blows fire downward that make hover in the air , you can move freely
    Longbow bird moveset
    Tap : long shot
    He shots small bullets
    Tap hold : missile shot
    He shots a missile that explode
    Tap + ←/→ : copter surge
    He spins while dashing
    Tap +↓: granade drop
    He drops a granade downward
    Pumper bird moveset
    Tap : grab tube
    He uses his pump tube to grab pigs
    Grab tube after colliding with a pig : blow up
    He inflates the pigs to explode
    Jump during blow up : balloon vault
    He cancels blow up and he throws the balloon that explode
    Tap repeatedly : tube slap
    He slaps many times with his pump tube
    Formula bird(or indy bird) moveset
    Tap : accelerate speed
    He dashes to run over the pigs
    Tap repeatedly : burning wheel
    He spins many times making fire
    Tap hold : rocket turbo
    He charges his speed to dashes very fast
    Láser bird moveset:
    Tap : láser shot
    He shots a láser that bounce
    Tap hold : mega láser
    He shots a big láser
    Tap hold long : ultra láser
    He shots a bigger láser
    Tap + ←/→ : láser whip
    He swings his láser downward
    Tap +↑: upward láser
    He shots a láser upward
    Tap +↓in midair : downward láser
    He shots many lasers diagonally downward
    Drone bird moveset
    Tap : bomb drop
    He drops a green bomb
    Tap hold : mega bomb
    He drops a big bomb
    Tap + ←/→ : drone dive
    He spins while dashing
    Tap +↓and then↑: parachute bomb
    He throws four bombs with parachute
    Lightning bird moveset
    Tap : thunder attack
    He shots a thunder beam
    Tap hold : súper thunder
    He shots a stronger thunder beam
    Tap hold long : mega thunder
    He shots a bigger thunder beam
    Tap +↓: electro wave
    He makes a eléctric wave in each side
    Tap +↑: thunder strike
    He throws a thunder upward
    Tap +↓in midair : electric drop
    He throws a thunder downward
    Tap + ←/→ : volt speed
    He dashes in zigzag
    Fire bird moveset:
    Tap : fire spit
    He throws a fireball
    Tap hold : fire beam
    He throws 3 fireballs
    Tap + ←/→ : rolling flame
    He rolls like a wheel dropping fire
    Tap +↑: fire upper
    He spits fire upward
    Tap +↓: flaming burst
    He makes a fire wave in each side
    Tap +↓in midair : meteor drop
    He pounds to make two fire waves when touch the floor
    Dj dubstep bird moveset:
    Tap : sound burst
    He shots a soundwave
    Tap repeatedly : multi amp
    He shots many soundwaves
    Tap hold : destructo sound
    He shots a bigger sound wave
    Tap +↑: loud upper
    He shots two soundwaves upward
    Tap +↓: dubstep burst
    He shots a soundwave in each side
    Tap +↓in midair : sound drop
    He drops a big soundwave downward
    Tap +↓and then↑: mega amp
    He throws a bigger music note that explode in four small notes
    Tap hold long : mike bomb
    He makes a bigger soundwave in all direction
    HiTeFuRo bird moveset
    Tap : robot shot
    He shots many bullets
    Tap hold : robo missile
    He shots a missile from his "crest"
    Tap +↓: cyber mine
    He drops a landmine that explode
    Tap +↑: bomb upper
    He shots four bombs
    Jump in midair : jetpack hover
    He flies with his jetpack
    Samurái bird moveset
    Tap : big slash
    He slashes with his katana
    Tap + ←/→ : fast slash
    He rushes with his katana
    Tap repeatedly : final slash
    He slashes many times with his katana finishes with a powerful slash
    Tap hold : mega slash
    He makes a stronger slash that make a giant beam
    UFO bird moveset:
    Tap : green laser
    He shots a láser
    Tap hold : mega láser
    He shots a big láser
    Tap +↓: unknown catch
    He uses a beam to catch pigs
    Tap + ←/→ : mysterious teleport
    He vanishes and reappears many times
    Karate bird moveset (idea for a sub)
    Tap : quick kick
    He kicks quickly
    Tap repeatedly : multi kick
    He kicks many times
    Tap hold : punch blast
    He makes a blast with his punch
    Tap hold long : súper punch blast
    He makes a stronger blast with his punch
    Tap +↑: rising strike
    He uppercuts with his punch
    Tap +↓: sweep kick
    He kicks in circle
    Tap + ←/→ : spinning kick
    He kicks four times while spinning
    Tap +↓in midair : down kick
    He kicks diagonally downward
    Tap near a pig : grab punch
    He punches the pig
    Tap +↑near a pig : slam drop
    He jumps high with the pig to slam him
    Tap +↓near a pig : raging stomp
    He stomps many times the pig
    Tap + → near a pig : suplex dive
    He jumps forward with the pig to slam him
    Tap + ← near a pig : back throw
    He throws the pig backward
    Tap +↓while running : dash grab
    He dashes to grab a pig
    Clown bird moveset (idea for a sub)
    Tap : ball throw
    He throws a coloful ball that explode
    Tap hold : balloon bomb
    He blows a balloon that explode
    Tap +↑: bomb juggle
    He juggle bombs to throw him
    Tap +↓: clownball
    He mounts in a ball , you can move freely during this attack
    Tap during clownball : clownball kick
    He kicks the ball
    Tap +↓during clownball : explosive clownball
    He drops the ball to explode him
    Tap + ←/→ : circus somersault
    He somersaults three times
    Tap + ← while running : backsault
    He somersaults backward
    Tap +↑near a pig : juggle grab
    He juggles the pig to throw him
    Tap +↓near a pig : pig balance
    He mounts the pig like a ball to throw him , the pig is damaged when you move
    Tap +↑in midair : trampoline jump
    He jumps from a trampoline , if the trampoline touch a pig , the trampoline explode
    Mario bird moveset (idea for a sub)
    Tap : fireball attack
    He throws a fireball
    Tap hold : mix fireball
    He throws a big fireball
    Tap + ←/→ : shell throw
    He shots a green shell
    Tap +↑: hammer throw
    He throws a hammer
    Tap +↓: bob omb throw
    He throws a bomb that walk
    Tap +↓while running : rock ball
    He transform into a big rock ball
    Tap near a pig : F.L.U.D.D. grab
    He grabs the pig with the F.L.U.D.D. to throw him
    Jump while running : raccoon flight
    He flies in raccoon form
    Jump in midair : tail glide
    He glides in raccoon form
    Tap during raccoon flight : facción spin
    He spins in facción form
    Knife bird moveset (idea for a sub)
    Tap : knife throw
    He throws a knife
    Tap hold : knife burst
    He throws five knives
    Tap +↑: knife uppercut
    He makes in the floor four knives to throw diagonally upward
    Tap +↓in midair : knife rain
    He throws three knives downward
    Tap + ←/→ : knife slash
    He slashes with his knife
    Ninja bird moveset (idea for a sub)
    Tap : shuriken shot
    He shots a shuriken
    Tap hold : mega shuriken
    He shots a big stronger shuriken
    Tap +↑: bamboo upper
    He shots two bombs from a bamboo gun
    Tap + ←/→ : stealth chop
    He slashes with his katana
    Tap +↓: spike drop
    He drops a small needle that harms pigs
    Tap near a pig : katana thrust
    He chops the pig many times
    Tap +↓and then↑: smoke bomb
    He drops a bomb to make a small smoke explosion
    Tap when getting hit by a pig : hide technique
    He disappears getting hit
    Tap after hide technique : hide surprise
    He reappears causing explosions
    ESP bird moveset (idea for a sub)
    Tap : psycho attack
    She shots a psychic ball that electrocutes pigs
    Tap hold : psycho bullet
    She shots a giant psychic ball that explode
    Tap +↑: psycho storm
    She drops four psychic balls
    Tap +↓: psycho flash
    She drops two psychic balls
    Tap hold +↓: psychokinesis
    She makes a bigger psychic ball that you can move , the ball disappear for a short period of time , when getting hit or releasing
    Tap + ←/→ : PK vanish
    She vanishes
    Tap after psychic vanish : PK reappear
    She reappears causing small explosions
    Tap when getting hit by a pig : psychic disappear
    She disappears when getting hit
    Tap after psychic disappear : psychic insight
    She makes a big explosión of psychokinesis

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