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(telephone Ringing) hello i am calling from trusted service center yesterday you had sent your car to our service centre for repair? yeah right, done with the service? yes sir now your car looks new wow, deliver it to my home sir i’ll like to tell you, you’ll get a free service too which? actually we have already given you the free service yeah but which service? petrol, sir. we have completely filled up your tank with petrol, enjoy! what? it was a diesel car, how can you put petrol in it? sad! you should have informed us earlier that it was a diesel car. were you born with your brain in your a** you work in a service center and you don’t know the difference between diesel and petrol its okay sir, both are fuel , that too you are getting it in free how can a diesel engine work on petrol? we have put activa’s (scooter)clutch plate, its working properly then, why wont petrol work in a diesel engine? what? how can a scooters clutch plate fit in a Mercedes engine yeah we had the same question so we had replaced the Mercedes engine with the scooter engine what? now you car runs very smooth, you know? no need to shift gears anymore, so we removed your gear shifter too. the same gear shifter ill Shove it up your a** and grind it, understood? see sir, you can’t abuse me like this, i have fixed your car your monthly salary is my car fuel expense, you know? sir, also the oil was over, so we had put rhino oil in your car you have put rhino oil in my car engine? you come in front of me, ill make you stand in front of a rhino sir don’t worry it free we won’t charge you for this your car is all set to drive, you just sit back and enjoy the breeze from the fan how did fan come in an AC car? oh, i forgot to tell you, your car AC was screwed up so we replaced it with a fan. what? yes sir its a good quality fan, it won’t spoil only you’ll have to take care of your head while driving why? because we have put up a ceiling fan, sir. how did you fit a ceiling fan in an open car? sir, i was feeling very hot because of the sun, so i have fitted a metal sheet. (hickup) hey guys, if you like this video then hit the like button if you are new to the channel then subcribe i’ll meet you in a new video with a new topic, till then, goodbye! (outro)

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  1. First u said its an A/c car at last u told it's an open car how can u fix fan in it πŸ™„πŸ€”πŸ€”Open car A/cπŸ€”

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