Persistent migraines and dizziness, but no autoimmunity or thyroid issues?

Hi I’m Andrea Nakayama and welcome to Get
Your Big Ask in Here where functional physiology meets holistic health and nutrition. Today’s
Big Ask is from Sandra, and Sandra has a client who has persistent migraines and dizziness
and she’s tested negative for gluten intolerance, celiac disease, autoimmunity, and thyroid
issues. So this is a toughie– I, of course, don’t know which tests were run and if they
are ones that we could trust to be accurate. I haven’t seen any other lab results and don’t
know the client’s full history, but I can tell you that when I see a client with persistent
migraines and dizziness, there a few things I’m going to think of first and foremost.
Those would be food sensitivities, so I’d be curious if food sensitivity testing, IgG
testing, or a full-blown elimination diet has been done. Also the function of the liver
is really important– we can have a lot of headaches and dizziness if the liver isn’t
detoxing properly, and that could just be due to extra toxins coming in that we’re all
dealing with or things like polymorphisms, genetic variances that impede our ability
to detoxify. And the third thing I’d be thinking about is hormonal issues. Since these migraines
and dizziness are persistent, they’re happening all the time, it’s probably not cyclical,
but there could be a hormonal imbalance that is persistent that could be detected. I’d
start with the gut and with the dietary cleanup, if that hasn’t been done, along with IgG testing
and then take it from there. Good luck, Sandra. That sounds like a tough case. Why don’t you
get your Big Ask in Here by giving me your question, writing it just down below.

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