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okay so let’s get real I’ll be honest right now I am hiding out anymore and they reason why and we have a really really relations it’s off at my son and my oldest I believe that so I have my headphones on I have a feed for my house because there are times when even parents need or respects and I realized that kids have a way of blaming their parents for stuff when they didn’t do something in this case my son’s tablet wasn’t charging well and he started blaming me saying that I wasn’t permitting him to use or a charger at this point I don’t even know what that was all about the point is that he was now throwing a temper tantrum around the house saying that I don’t permit him to have a certain charger and it’s all my fault his tablet isn’t working right when all he really had to do was go upstairs and get a new charger he had to get a new charger but instead he heard screaming saying it’s all my fault then at the same time when we arrived home he and my other son abused my iphone to play pokemon go because the only phone in the house smartphone that mixed that so they had it to the point where there was no more and they knew that I was about to go shopping and I asked mom I got home please charge my phone which he did not which makes it heat that what time I asked him is that my phone was charged he knew he messed up because at the point I was furious at him blaming me about his public so he did not charge it because he thought he was too busy getting pissed at me for not being able to charge his public which was total I so basically what it was complete selfishness on his part and complete disrespect to me and the fact that he is choosing blame as a way of getting has of inches not gonna sell because we all know people who blame our victims they are people that want to suicide to give their control and their power over to other people and this is definitely something that I have been working on a lot with my son I guess you know every single situation is different so teaching blame is difficult or a because every single time you have something that happens like this blame you don’t really know how do you be able to show it for every single thing right as a way of doing it so what I do is instead of really good throwing him across the room which I really was – I’m here at the mall and I’m really with video and all these people are watching me and it’s quite funny because here I am standing in a Guatemalan wall speaking English to my home wearing my head so I love it but it is definitely giving me a chance to blow over I called my husband to let him know that he really needs to show my son what respect is about and blame is not going to happen in the house anymore because really what it’s about is giving up yourself right it’s giving up a part of yourself is playing a victim saying I can’t do something when all you have to do is go in his face upstairs and get a new charger read it was really that simple but in life the plumber even realize that blaming others is a really easy way to do this things like that so that’s pretty much what I have to say right now you are committed to get just angry at your child it is totally correct it is totally normal we get angry at our adult friends or our husband why why not the chosen right so so we cook dessert and something to really focus on

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