PELZ FETISCH – Doraphilia – Mohair & Fell

Hi at Total Versext, you already see it, today it’s about the fur fetish. I want to start with: I’m not a fan, I find wearing fur, especially the real one, really disgusting. I still want to make a video about it because so many of you recommended it. It will be about: what it means to have a fur fetish, whether it has to be real and where it comes from. This hat is actually real, it’s from my grandmother, this coat is a fake … so in this sense: let’s do this! Monika! Dr. Monika Wogrolly, psychotherapist, love expert, also with me on the radio show on Tuesday from 10 p.m. to midnight. On kronehit, Austria-wide radio stations,
also in the podcast! So enough self-promotion. First of all, as I said, not a fan of this and I have to say: your coat is a fake and it still feels
so soft! I’ll wear it more often, then I’ll be petted! It’s so soft, and this weird, real hat, is totally hard, just like that. So I don’t understand why you wear real fur at all. The fake is so much softer and is that not what the fur fetish is all about? The fur fetish doesn’t have to be necessarily about whether it is a real fur or some kind of fake fur, but it’s very often about a feeling: to be wrapped up, to be well wrapped up. Just like the snow queen in her sleigh and just being wrapped up warm, just like you felt safe when you were wrapped up as a child. As I said before: you know fur mostly from your Grandma. Fur is not so popular these days.
There are a lot of shit storms when someone wears fur, what I don’t think is particularly good, when you throw paint on people who wear something like that … I always say “fake” when I’m in public somewhere: “fake fake fake” so that nobody sprays on it. Yes such things are not great either, but it’s good that there is definitely an alternative product
and I found very little on the internet about this “fur fetish” what is good on
one side but so many people wrote: do a video about this “mohair fetish”. That’s the Material for wool sweaters and so on. Okay so I’m doing it. Tell me: Does it really come from your grandmother? Have you ever seen grandma as she was wrapped up? Then thinks: it’s cool or why is someone into fur? Yes, it can be the observation as a child that adults, mostly aunts, grandmothers, mothers were wearing fur coats and that somehow made an impression and meant: They are allowed to do that, they have something like that, I don’t have anything yet and some clients in my practice also tell me that as a child, when it was cold and it wasn’t heated up that well in winter, the mom or aunt or grandma covered them with a fur coat, like with a warm, cozy blanket and that gave a feeling of security and protection and simply beeing held by mom. It can mean something like that. But is it now about the real fur or does it not matter to a fur fetishist whether that is a fake or a real one? So from the more likeable fur fetishist, I’m talking about, whether it’s real fur or fake fur, it’s just about the feeling, of the cuddly and that you can cuddle in somewhere. It’s about security,
maybe also for parental aftercare, so we call it in psychotherapy language, if one has not spent enough time with the parents and so as an adult you find it attractive to
kuddle with fur, it does not necessary have to be sexually motivated. But of course it can also become a sexual fetish, simply if you still find it cool and somehow find yourself powerful with fur. I would also like to point out: all the monarchs and also the Pope in his robe, they all have fur on it, it is also associated with power. Hopefully these furs will just be passed on through generations! You guys don’t need a new fur and before you get angry about this hat: yes it is real but every Grandma has that at home because it was just popular back then, but if you like it please get something used. Get off on that and don’t buy anything new! So I don’t like this fetish, but if you really have to and want to wear furs and that sexually turns you on. When I was a child the older ladies had Mink scarves with paws on them and even a head! My grandma also has something like that, a fox. But when I was a child I found that kind of funny, this fox. I also caressed the paws, we were still so naive, the fox exactly! They had fox heads knotted around their necks, that was kind of normal back then Puh! In your childhood too? Yes! I mean: not worn but we had it at home and it was more of an ornament on the couch! But if I’m with a Fur fetishist, how can I make him happy? By doing a lot of talking about furs, it’s also about
verbally erotic, there are different Types of fur and the word “fur” alone can
trigger something already. And of course he will be very happy if he is really a hardcore fur fetishist, if a woman eg if he is a man, if a woman is naked, only dressed in a fur coat … I will lose my hat over that 🙂 There are also these carpet runner furs, Those in front of the fireplace, we see them in movies too. It’s also about this feeling of stepping on this fur with your bare feet and of course embodies fur, even if it’s a fake fur it’s, body, physicality and it can too stand for pubic hair. Seen from depth psychology perspective. So it definitely has something very physical and has a lot
to do with touch. I caress this hat all the time while you talk … That was definitely a … No, that’s a fake! Sure, it’s just as soft as… This hat, I would never buy one … maybe that was a dog or something … A dog? Ok but to Monika’s comment … Just let your pubic hair grow when you are into fur… It can stand for fur. Exactly, it can be “fur fetishism light”. It can start there, that the partner wishes: please don’t shave! I love that you are that hairy!” Bushes! That could be one little hint for fur fetishism, but does not have to be at all. It can also be only a preference. So definitely:
everything is normal with fetish as long as you don’t have a fixation, so as long as you don’t
only want to have sex with fur, so not with the fur but the boyfriend or girlfriend has to wear the fur to turn you on … then it is abnormal! That annoys me extremely today … not just the hat! I think the cap irritates you and thats why it slips! I’m irritated with that topic … This is definitely not a fetish that I do
I want to approve because you always ask me for my opinion! Fur and so on … well! NO. But there are enough wool sweaters to put on. There are a lot of things you can use: Sockets, then there are kidney warmers. Maybe you can try a handjob if you are into that. Whatever! Just write me under the video how you live out your fur fetish, what you think Please: if you have to bluster me for this hat: I understand. I don’t think it’s good either, but it belongs to the fur fetish and a video about fur fetish without fur … well! Monika, you are the author of “the relationship formula” Where to order this book is below the video and I released a game, a board game for couples, you can also find the link under the video … so thank you Monika! Until next time, great aua, ok now we have totally disassembled … away with this hat … How do I look? I mean, not great that you look hackly after wearing it. Well write me under the video what you think of this fetish. See you next time, thanks for watching. Salut!

8 thoughts on “PELZ FETISCH – Doraphilia – Mohair & Fell

  1. Interessantes Video. Finde es sehr gut wie du alles so gut erklärst! Finde deinen Kanal super 😊. Könntest du auch mal ein Video zum Thema crushing machen?

  2. Hallo Sandra..finde deine Videos Mega schön und interessant. Kannst du auch mal ein Video machen über Leder Fetisch. Bzw was kann an dem Fetisch sein dass man als Motorradfahrer Frauen mit Motorrad Helm toll findet.lg

  3. Pelz ist schon ein strittiges Thema, ich bin da ehrlich gesagt zwiegespalten. Wenn die Tiere nur für den Pelz getötet werden und das in großer Zahl finde ich das auch voll daneben. Es gibt aber noch einige Leute die in der Natur leben und sich ihren Unterhalt damit verdienen Tiere zu jagen und unter anderem auch die Felle zu verkaufen. Immer nur auf Synthetik zu setzen ist meiner Meinung nach auch nicht immer besser und auch nicht unbedingt nachhaltiger beziehungsweise umweltfreundlicher. Unser System ist auf kurze Lebensdauer ausgelegt und Dinge schnell wegzuwerfen und neu zu kaufen. Das zerstört aus verschiedenen Gründen die Umwelt. Google mal wieviel Wasser allein für die Produktion von einem tshirt drauf geht. Da wird einem ganz anders. Und dann werden die Dinger ins Massen hergestellt und teilweise halten die keine 5 Waschgänge aus. Die Mütze hast du von deiner Oma und man kann sie immer noch tragen. Das Gleiche gilt zum Beispiel für Lederjacken. Eine mit Qualität hält ewig. Was natürlich wie gesagt total daneben ist, ist dieser Luxuskram. Aber früher Dinge aus der Natur zu nehmen und nicht im Überfluss der Produktion zu ertränken war sicherlich besser für uns und vor allem für die Erde insgesamt.
    Aber gut das nur kurz ein kleiner Gedanke allgemein. Interessantes Video und auch ich würde mich über ein Leder Video freuen. Da gibt es ja auch die Debatte Kunstleder oder doch echtes. Ich finde das gar nicht mal so einfach zu beantworten wie es scheint.

  4. Dear Sandra:. Great video,
    makes me also want to
    learn German. Pelt (English)
    and pelz (German) shows
    the two languages are in
    the same group. Brilliant!

  5. Pelz soll nicht mehr beliebt sein? Vielleicht mal die weltweiten Umsatzzahlen checken… Dir Branche wächste seit Jahren.

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