army and usaf no matter all that sodomy or obviously they were struggling
they’ve been there trying to win the big one and they’re trying to establish
themselves they need to be able to compete on a
level where they can have all this is in the recent isn’t so so it
makes perfect sense given the how they seem to be all about them self
destruct and we can leak anyway just from their own internal crazy he does
are you know i had never occurred to me they would actually like opened their
arms to somebody else do you think when and you know when meet both of them lost
catch up and they both have these great ideas do you think that’s what happened you
think they took those little ideas and gave it to a bigger company interview you because it is only about
five-star yeah i think that kept the house but
then i think that what you think that was sort of the last straw for detecting
co you know what let’s not have this happening there hillians brendan or retention travelers
from india and on so you know i i just slightly ripped so so far because i’m obsessed with intrigued by
the intrigue is the the secret so i have said because it is
prohibited by law firms without entering this however is that ok so we had a lot of entry here and and i
loved it and uh… so that moment where there are a couple of that
night and they meet at the bar uh… are like that to decipher what it’s about life friday so if they did don didn’t have that big idea they
were all gonna lose mckinney will lose big-time but that one idea sometimes makes a
difference for stadium so good about it d’etats idea liberalism whether there
was a winner roll out the door what about then routes or believing that
peggy’s case with ted and then the incredibly on mad men like
moment this seems like something that that
meant doesn’t do maybe imagining ted there instead of
hitting you know uh… and kissing and that just
struck me it was it’s ok i get the storytelling technique
but it was not it seems like i don’t know what i was trying to
sell copper it was a little so-called recently but i do know i thought it was
a bit wasn’t economical way to sort of let us know what she’s thinking and and you know the whole notion that that that bitch you better but had sex with
you be thinking about it the whole time character and that the and we don’t know
what exactly is peggy jealousy which is about crime handed also like to do is differentiate
yourself from don u_n_ flap around as he put a big circle it’s all right and maybe because she although i would have decided she had
been really wanna sleep with ted sources we’ve lived on geo doctor flyer and at the end of course she would have
been a heartbeat with k altered had to do was get surfer uh… there’s one second more and value and
they have already said yes that was returned dot ’cause when peggy went like this which
was gentle brain down with mono burned-out weather like this and i think
you mister clifford ed captain

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