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I’m Dr. Ari Brown. I’m here to help you figure
out when to start disciplining your child and how to approach discipline for babies,
toddlers and preschoolers. Discipline is about teaching your child, so you have to be realistic
about what he understands. For example, when you say “be nice”, your 15-month-old may have
no idea what nice means. You have to show what you mean by be nice, like showing her
how to pet the cat instead of grabbing its tail. And setting up rules and limits are
different depending on the age of the child. One and 2-year olds need physical limits like
putting the potted plant out of reach. But 3 and 4-year olds, a verbal limit should be
enough, such as “Don’t touch that plant, honey.” So, when is the right time to start disciplining
your child? Kids can respond to discipline as young as 9 months of age. That’s about
the time they start testing the waters to see if they can get away with things that
you’ve already said no to. You know the drill: your child cruises over to the dog food bowl
to grab a snack, but before he does, he looks at you with a little grin on his face. That’s
because you have already told him 10 times that that’s not okay. If your child is smart
enough to figure out this human behavior, he is more than ready to be disciplined for
it. For babies, the best response is redirection. Just removing the temptation, like taking
away the dog food, will reduce the number of times you need to say no. It’s also pretty
easy to redirect the baby to another more appropriate activity like banging on some
pots and pans with a wooden spoon. For toddlers, give choices and teach consequences. Toddlers
are all about control, so giving them a chance to make decisions makes for fewer power struggles
and discipline moments. Of course, you only want to give two choices, both of which are
things you want them to do anyway, and if a toddler misbehaves, make his time fit the
crime. For instance, if your toddler enjoys running away from you when he’s outside, say,
“You can’t play outside if you run in the street.” Your child learns that his poor choice
has consequences. For preschoolers, catch them being good and ignore undesirable behavior.
Three and four-year olds aim to please and they thrive on their parent’s attention. So,
noticing good behavior will minimize those ugly attention-seeking behaviors. And when
your preschooler starts calling you a poo poo head or some other preschooler cursing,
ignore it and she will quit. Yes, it’s funny the first time but if you respond to it, you’ll
hear it a hundred more times. Being a parent of a 1 to 4-year-old can be a real challenge
but you will be a pro when your child becomes a teenager, and with teenagers in my own house,
I can tell you, teenagers are much easier. Keep your chin up.

63 thoughts on “Parenting Tips – How to Discipline Children at Different Ages | Parents

  1. wow u have teens you look great. I have a 5 year old and he is reluctant to words. Sometimes I let him off the hook because he has a full time kindergarten is there another way to get his attention to learn or to listen?

  2. When is the right time. Before they get expelled at school or before you have to visit your child in jail.

  3. Thanks for the tutorial. I agree that communication fails when your child does not understand what is said. So as a parent, you should remember that your child is depending on you for instruction when it comes to discipline.

  4. The truth is, when your child does something wrong, the first time you tell them in a strong/serious voice to not do it again or (assigned punishment). If they deliberately do it again then you move to your punishment, I'm sorry, but a time-out should only be used on little things. Spanking a child when he/she knowingly does something wrong against your wishes is the best form of punishment for young children. It doesn't increase the chances of a child becoming a delinquent. Children with no respect for their parents increases the chances of he/she becoming a delinquent/problem child. These tactics have been proven to work.

  5. This women with all due respect her advice she says doesn't make any sense the first time you directly speak to your child and than if that doesn't work you give him one warning.After that doesn't work you bend him/her over and spank him and than tell him why he had to be spanked.Thats how you do it

  6. Am I the only one that thinks that spanking and slapping is ok? Just as long as there isn't a bruise left or its unprovoked

  7. Wtf I came here to ask how to punish my son for messing up in school like should I take his smart phone and give him a crappy phone until next semester? Or sell all his video games

  8. Why do people discipline their childeren physically that's just fucked up you know childeren are
    Much younger than you you shouldn't be beating them come on wtf is up with this world

  9. Rhetorical question: Do parents forever supersede their children? Do they forever get to call the shots, no matter how old the children are? Answer: As long as the children are dependent on them, which means as long as it's THEIR home the children live in, and as long as it's THEIR money supporting the children, the answer is yes, they do, because those count as dependencies on them.

  10. how do i stop my one year old boy stop acting like this i be doing the chores i giving the bottle so he stops crying then he trow it and trow him self on the floor starts crying and intill he gets my attention carrying him what advice can you give me stop my 1year trowing him self on the floor.

  11. When I have kids, when they are a toodler I will sit them in a bathtub and make them be quiet for 10 mins then come back and if they don't apologize, I will take away da toys for the whole day and if they still misbehave, whip em!

  12. this is what I have to say one time when I was 8 I got kicked in the leg almost my private part for having untied shoe laces

  13. It's 2016. Children ought not to be physically punished for behavioural problems.

    When someone can't read, you teach them to read.
    When someone can't write, you teach them to write.
    When someone can't behave, you punish them? No.
    When someone can't behave, you teach them to behave.

    Behaviour is a set of skills that are learned.

    Hitting a child when they are defiant or not following instructions, teaches them to be fearful, and that using physical force is okay to use on others to get what you want.

    Teaching takes time and working out why a child has not followed an instruction means you might realise your role in producing the behaviour i.e. was the instruction to difficult or complex for the child to understand, was it delivered when there was too much distraction. Furthermore, a child needs to constantly hear what is appropriate and expected of them. If you don't teach a child what is expected of them, how will they ever know?

    If you go to work and your boss is pointing out all the negative things you're doing, and hitting you when you try to follow an instruction and then doesn't tell you what is expected of you – how are you going to feel?

  14. When should you start disciplining a child. Long before you get a call from the school principle's office or before you have to go to the police station on their 16th birthday.

  15. Without discipline nobody can achieve anything.there are ways to teach kids how important discipline in ones life.go through panlarko teaching toddlers planner (just google it).hope you like it

  16. Reasonable suggestions. Perhaps even with a slight verbal chastisement… but not "to strike a child, or vilify him, for the child’s character will be totally perverted if he be subjected to blows or verbal abuse." – Selections: Writings of Abdu’l-Baha

  17. Nah, you gotta beat that ass, my parents whacked me if I ever got out of line, I'm Fine today, if my parents told me to is walk through no mans land w/ and egg between muh butt cheeks I'd do it

  18. I'd love to know why we think medical doctors have training in this. They don't. Let's see something by a child psychologist of a behaviorist.

  19. my folks taught me that baby turn into small monsters called toddlers. toddlers turn in to bigger monsters, and the bigger monsters turn into the stuff of nightmares… teenagers…. I have a toddler atm and the future worries me

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  24. I Never punished my 4.5y old. I am Bonding as much as possible. So whenever he missbehaves I just Need to talk a little stricter. He stops. Because he knows I samt the Best for him ans always explain Why this is good or bad for him.
    Where I am from its against the Law to punish Children physicly and emotionaly. So what does that Teach the Child to do it either Way… you dont have to follow the Law. Bad parenting. you have to come up with sth more clever in that Kind of countries.

  25. We are Thai. We are trying to be more self disciplined….น้องโทโมมิ น้องซะยะกะ พยายามจะเปลี่ยนตัวเองให้เป็นคนที่มีระเบียบ วินัย ในตนเอง…มันไม่งายเลย…แต่ก็ทำมา 3 วันแล้วค่ะ =>>>

  26. When you dont beat your kid they turn into a sjw. When I look at college's around the country I see a ton of kids that should have gotten the belt.

  27. wtf is wrong with you youre a monster. poor children. hope you find other ways to raise your children that make them respect you rather than fear you.

  28. jordan peterson said it best. don't let kids do things tat annoy you and make you not like them. simple but true.

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  30. Time outs and loosing privileges works great for my 5 and 7 year old. They also have a princess reward chart so when I think they are showing good behaviour they get to move up the chart and when they get to the top to princess castle they get a prize (going to the store to get something they would like). Discipline is necessary put so are rewards which encourage good behaviour just as much as discipline.

  31. This is utter crap you don’t give any child of any age a choice they do as they are told end off

  32. what you want to be in future…astronaut..csp officer…blogger…lawyer…a complete guide..

  33. here are topper's study tips to excel in exams

  34. left your mobile, stop rattling with kitchen stuff and don't scroll on tv remote now..awesome n practical tips for parents to grab concentration of their kids in exams

  35. I have a story for you all. Parents in general need to pay close attention to their children. I'm 27 years old. My generation is a good example of those who are going to have issues. I have seen parents that think discipline means to smack kids in the face. They think by ignoring their kids and letting other friends and family discipline their children is okay. I even have seen a specific friend complain about their child not listening and not responding to discipline. This last statement alone makes me laugh. When I was babysitting this specific child once I was still in college and I was having to do an online class as well. The child brought me a DVD and asked if I would put this DVD in for her and I said in just a moment I only have 20 mins to get this test done. it's being timed. She then broke the DVD in half and threw it at me. She was at the age of 3-4 at this time. I remember finishing my test, getting up calmly, and doing what her parent should have done a long time ago. I spanked her. After this, when her mother would say "Brooke is keeping you while I'm working tonight" the child would throw a tantrum. I eventually told her mother why. The child always acted as an entirely different person after that. When the parent was around however, the child could get away with anything and everything while her mother slept, or expected whomever was around to deal with her child.I would catch myself disciplining her child while I also had my child as well and was also sleepy and battling health issues. Eventually I had to tell this parent who claimed the child didn't respond to her style of discipline she was just teaching the child that when someone does something wrong it was okay to back hand someone else when they were mad, or upset at one another. She said well time out doesn't work. I said well probably because you don't stick to keeping her in time out. The child is now of age where it's school time.She has been kicked out of daycare and the parent blamed the teacher, not her child. she's now in 1st or 2nd grade and her mother can't understand why her child doesn't know how to read or write her name. I said well, when you do their homework for them at home how are they learning to figure it out on their own? They aren't.Unless you plan on going to school with the child and doing the work for them, and that's not possible, then you should work with the child and teach her what she's doing instead of having absolutely 0 patience with the child.

  36. This is good to know. I’ve been wondering how to discipline my toddler. He loves to throw his sippy cup. And his food. Or anything that will get my attention. It’s so frustrating. 😩 idk how to teach him to not throw things. Or hit. He will hit me if I try to get face to face to tell him not to do it, and don’t know how to break him or that. And another thing I’m having a hard time with is getting him to drink out of a different cup. He has one specific cup he will drink out of, and no other. It’s so stressful. It can be the same cup/different color, and he won’t drink from it. Idk how to break that either. I thought of doing a video on my YouTube channel asking other parents to give me advice on this subject. I really need help from other mommy’s.

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