Overcoming Frustration – One Step at a Time

Hey guys!
Today I want to share with you a few words. I was with a friend yesterday,
and she was telling me how she would love to be an artist, being able to imagine what she wants,
and basically draw it. And I asked her really simply,
what’s stopping you from doing it? And her answer was a mix between:
I don’t know where to start, and I won’t ever be as good as I really want to be. And basically I felt like she was scared of the amount of work in front of her, and she was not focusing on the next step. Obviously, it’s normal to get afraid when
you think about all those things that you need to learn, and you think about them at the same time,
in one big step. Instead, what you should think is, it’s more
to have small steps, one in front of each other, and that you focus on each of them,
one at a time. The next step can be anything you want:
gestures, poses, hands, eyes, skin, anatomy, landscape, perspective–
sky’s the limit! But the important thing is to try to
only focus on that step, and that step only.
Not the end game. You see, focusing on one thing at a time will give you two benefits. First, you learn faster that thing.
And second, you see results faster. You see, I’m far from the artist that I want to be.
But when I work on something, I don’t focus on where I want to go.
I focus where I am, and on what I’m working on. And that’s the main point I want to
share with you guys today. So keep it up! Don’t get frustrated,
just go one step at a time. And as always,
Happy Painting!

13 thoughts on “Overcoming Frustration – One Step at a Time

  1. This video just came to me the moment I put my stylus down and freaked out over the painting. T.T
    Thank you ! ^_^

  2. Thank you for the advice! It just takes someone opening your eyes to realise why you never start doing something you love. I'm ready to star with lesson 1! =)

  3. good advice. another thing I hear people say is "I don't have the time" and I'm always encouraging people to do even 15 to 30 minutes a day because even a few minutes can add up in the long run.

  4. heh in this week i got same cant draw anything 🙁 week before i can draw full day now i mess all day do nothing i cant 🙁

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