Overcoming Depression & Anxiety: “Spent the last 12 years hating myself…”

Hi, my name is Orlagh and I’ve just completed
The Thrive Programme… For the past twelve years of my life I’ve dealt with
feelings such as anxiety and depression I felt as if every day was a struggl,e a
hardship and that my life was insignificant. The effort I was putting
in everyday to make my life bearable was exhausting and I felt no joy from my
achievements gained. I knew about Niall (Thrive Consultant) from his reviews and testimonials from people
who had finished The Thrive Programme, I really related to how these other people
had been feeling and was amazed by the results and how brave these people are
for overcoming their issues. I knew my leg needed to change so I contacted Niall (Thrive Consultant) as I had nothing to lose The Thrive Programme has changed my entire life, Niall has taught me how to overcome my powerless thoughts and reactions and deal with hurdles in life. I no longer expect the worst-case scenario or over
think every situation, I feel like I can accomplish anything and I am looking
forward to finally achieving my goals and aspirations in life, whereas before I
was afraid and would think of every excuse not to do things even everyday
simple tasks. I feel as though I found myself. Mental health is appreciated as something you need to keep quiet about or something you should be ashamed of
but, as Niall showed me… just like your physical health, your mental health needs
work and attention. I now have the skills and knowledge not only to go
through life happy, but to Thrive and become the best version of myself. Before
starting this programme I never thought I would be able to do this video for fear
of what others would think of me… and the Sigma attached, but my mindset has
changed and my thinking about life has changed, so I am no longer afraid or
ashamed. I would not be here today only for the testimonials from other people,
so if this video helps anybody change their life then this video has been very
worthwhile. I have spent the last 12 years hating myself and berating myself… I now will spend the rest of my life loving myself, my life and the people in it

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