Overcome Anxiety and Fear of Coronavirus Pandemic

How do you overcome the anxiety and fear
that surrounds the current coronavirus crisis? We are living through two global
pandemics. We are living through the corona virus pandemic and all those
associated challenges and we are living through the global pandemic of fear and
anxiety that surrounds the covid-19 pandemic. It’s an incredibly difficult
time and it’s very natural to be anxious. Now I don’t know what’s happening for
you right now but maybe you’re in a place where you’re worried about your
own well-being, the threats to you, quite likely you’re very concerned about
members of your family, particularly anybody who’s vulnerable or who’s at
risk, and I know many people are very concerned about their income, about their
livelihoods with all the uncertainty and the economy closing down like it has been.Now a little bit of anxiety is actually quite a useful thing. It helps
to mobilize us to take the actions that we need to take. However with all the
uncertainty, with all the overwhelm of news and information many of us are just
feeling overwhelmed. When we become overwhelmed we’re actually in no place to
take the action we need and actually, as well, we’re in a terrible position to help and support the people around us who really need our help, when we need
to be strong and focused and calm. I’m Jonathan Butler and I run My Fit Mind. I work with many people to help them overcome anxiety to help them
survive and thrive and move forward feeling more confident and able to act,
focus and do what they need to do in their lives. I’m working with two esteemed
colleagues of mine to run a webinar where we are going to show you how to
survive and thrive in this current crisis. I’m working with Dr. Rick Norris,
leading NHS psychologist who helps people overcome anxiety and is also
best-selling author of the book “Think Yourself Happy” and many other
publications. I am also working with Glyn Morris, one of the UK’s leading
psychotherapists and occupational health specialist working
with people in the workplace to overcome anxiety and stress. So we are putting on
a webinar this Sunday evening this, Sunday evening, you might want to write
this down! This Sunday evening 7 p.m. UK time 2 p.m. Eastern Standard Time and on
this webinar we are not going to be selling you anything! I know most
webinars are but we are not going to be selling you anything !This is going to be
an information webinar where we will tell you why it’s natural why the brain
is making you so afraid right now but most importantly we’re going to show you
some really simple but powerful techniques that will help you and your
family to cope better, to survive, to thrive, to better keep in perspective with
everything that’s happening right now. So we’re running this on Sunday,it’s a live
event so please mark it in your diary and please make sure you register early
because we are expecting a huge interest. We are making a small charge
of 20 pounds to cover our costs for this and for that you will get access to
everything we can tell you from our sixty years of knowledge between us – of
how you can cope, survive and thrive in this environment . We are also going
to give you a link to a download an audiobook of Dr. Rick Norris’s
best-selling book Think Yourself Happy which again will be invaluable and will
embed everything we will teach you on this webinar. So we promise you it’s going to
be a very powerful event. You will learn a lot of practical. simple things that you
can put in practice to help you and your family, your loved ones, right now. We
will spend as much time as we can answering all your questions as well.
We want to deliver huge value out to you so please mark it in your
diary, register early and we really look forward to seeing you there for a
powerful informative and we hope entertaining evening as well. Look
forward to seeing you there. Thank you

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