One Of The Most Frustrating Things About Women –  EXPLAINED

If you’re anything like me, then one of the
single most frustrating things about women – whether it’s female friends, or long term
girlfriends is when they say something one minute, then do the complete opposite the
next. Have you ever seen a woman say ‘I hate that
guy, he’s such a pig’ – Then 2 days later she’s shacking up with him? Or you see her enjoying hoeing into pizza
like it’s going out of fashion on monday, only to hear her talking to friends on friday
about how she doesn’t really like pizza? I mean WTF?? seriously! Are all women living their lives in denial
of the truth? Are they that unaware? I swear that at least 50% of all domestic
arguments involve a man saying “But if you meant X why the hell did you say Y?” while simultaneously pulling his hair out
and going gray at an accelerated rate. This is a lesson that took me a long time
to learn, and an even longer time to accept, and it’s one that I want to share today to
explain WHY this happens. At it’s most simple, it’s because most of
the time, women talk in emotions while men talk in absolutes. When a woman says ‘I hate that guy’ then 80%
of the time what she’s really saying in guy language is ‘Right now at this specific point
in time, I feel like I hate that guy, but it’s just an emotion so it might change’. Whereas when a guy says ‘I hate that girl’
, then 80% of the time it means ‘I hate that girl right now, and I’ll hate her forever
more, I’ve fully made up my mind on this unchangeable fact”. When I first heard this, I was tempted to
fight it. I wanted to still be annoyed at women for
not simply saying what they MEAN instead of what they FEEL, like men tend to. HOWEVER, there is actually a really positive
silver lining to this style of communication that I didn’t see at first. When I make a decision about the way I feel
about a food, or a person, or a holiday destination, then as a man I tend to make up my mind and
close off all chance of changing my mind in the future. Once I’ve decided I love pizza, I’ll keep
loving it no matter how many times it makes me feel sick, once I decide I hate George,
I’ll barely notice anything else he does that would actually cause me to like him more because
my mind is made up. We men tend to do this to keep life simple. We don’t like open loops, and by making firm
decisions on things quickly, we get to move on with life not having to think of them ever
again.. It’s efficient and I’ll likely always do it
since it’s my nature as a guy. BUT when a woman has a feeling about something
then a lot of the time she remains open to revising that feeling on an ongoing basis. This is great for her because it means she
doesn’t close herself off to people and experiences as easily as men do. But it’s great for us guys because it’s easier
for us to recover from making the wrong first impression. If I meet a woman at a party, and her initial
impression of me is that I’m not the kind of guy for her, then the next time I see her,
I get a second and third chance to change that feeling. This is where the very dangerous term ‘No
means yes’ comes from – Because so many guys have the experience of a woman saying ‘no
I don’t want to sleep with you tonight’, but then as the night rolls to a close, they end
up sleeping together anyway. So the assumption was made by men, that in
truth the women were lying all along and her ‘no’ really meant ‘yes’. But in truth, her no definitely meant no at
that point in time. What it really meant was ‘no I don’t feel
like I want to right now, but I may feel like it later.. Or not.. You know just depending on how I feel’. And that’s the big takeaway – Don’t be annoyed
with women, they aren’t lying, they aren’t being indirect, they’re simply communicating
in a different way which is neither better nor worse than mens’ style of communication. The great news is that when you hear something
negative from a woman, it usually means you still have the chance to change it if you
play your cards right. Of course there will be plenty of times that
a woman just won’t like you, and nothing you can do will change that, but knowing that
women communicate in feelings allows you to understand them a lot better than you likely
did before. I hope you enjoyed this video, let me know
your thoughts in the comments below, and be sure to subscribe to my channel if you haven’t
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25 thoughts on “One Of The Most Frustrating Things About Women – EXPLAINED

  1. This may refer to women with a neurological disorder (overexcited amygdala), women that don't have these symptoms operate differently. The problem is magnesium deficiency is high in most western countries.

  2. Hey I need some advice, the girl I like lives in another country. Should I tell her how i feel and if so, how???

  3. I'm tired of men always having to figure out women and adapt to understand their needs. How about women meeting us halfway to understand how men need women to be direct & consistent? When did talking to women become a skill men needed to learn? When has being emotional ever helped resolve a situation? It's called maturity and I can't respect women who don't know how to communicate so anyone can understand them.

  4. I'm frustrated because their difficult and are allowed to be difficult and then are too self righteous to care

  5. Who's to say that if a woman hates you today then wants you tomorrow that if you get her she's going to like you at that moment then hate you again the next day? Then women wonder why do men give up on them.

  6. So you’re saying most of the time women are incapable of being rational because they are utterly governed by their emotions. That‘s a lot of bs in only 4:37 minutes.

  7. Wrong interpretation of the girl saying "i hate that guy"
    Real translation :
    "I really like that guy which is why I am so angry at him for not being a certain way I wanted him to be"
    Hate in such cases is disguised love

  8. Oh great –

    I love you youre so manly and supportive i am so glad ive married you and i love you forever <3333
    (next day)
    I hate you!, i demand divorce!

    fuck this shit. xD

  9. This comment which is made about women changing their minds all the time and deciding based on emotion, is like what we see in children both male and female. I wish more people would have the courage to acknowledge this.

  10. This is why there are new laws coming, where only yes means yes, an only at that time, where the "yes" has to be continuously reaffirmed, and the "yes", can be recinded at anytime.

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