No Stress

Hello! How do, it me! How you? Good! Great! Ok, this is mostly for audio test. Not for you, for me. Great. Hi guys! Uh, Mark here. Just first off the bat, my glasses broke. Hurray! I wasn’t doing anything with them, except running into a wall. Repeatedly. I had to do that multiple times because I didn’t get it right on the first take… It looked too fake! I had to make it look real! So I had to really slam into that thing! And of course I edited it in post, but, that hurt! A LOT! And I think it might have lead to the destruction of my glasses… But either way I was just wearing them yesterday And they literally fell off of my face in pieces. Like, they just had enough, for the three years that I had these uh, particular set of glasses, it was just, “ALRIGHT WE’VE HAD ENOUGH OF THIS FUCKO HERE TIME TO GIVE UP ON LIFE!” Oop, there it goes again. Sooooo, I no longer have glasses.
For now. I’m- IT DAT CONTACT BOI, DAT ME! Am I memeing hard enough for you guys? I’m really trying here. So it’s gonna be glasses-less Markimoo for the next few weeks. BECAUSE APPARENTLY The place that I went to can’t make them in house, And they have to send off, for some strange material That they get from space, in order to make the lenses for my glasses, Because I have really FUCKED UP eyes. Because my eyes, if I don’t control them they just pop out of my head And go wandering off in different directions. Of course that’s not true, It’s an exaggeration, what we in the ‘business’ call, HYPERBOLE! Or a god damn lie. But back to the crux of this vlog, I wanted to talk about something very specific and near and dear to my heart! Which is, The topic of stress. Because this past week has been a bit of a hell for me! I was in DC for a loooong time And I was stuck in the airport over and over and over again And I made a vlog about this that kind of roasted Delta a little bit Because they really screwed me over like, they – it wasn’t that like- I get it, their computer systems went down But it wasn’t that that REALLY screwed me over It was that they continually rebooked me on flights that were then subsequently cancelled! I didnt- I KNOW I could’ve rebooked on another airline I could’ve done that, that would’ve been easy for me but if I had done- they, they PROMISED me that they would go and I TRUSTED THEM. WHY? I- it’s partially my fault because I trusted them when obviously they were having horrible computer issues but… EVERYONE I TALKED TO WAS SO ADAMANT that I would be flying home on the next plane, I even patiently waited the first day because I was like “OH, IT’S OKAY, I’ll hang out with Bob for another day!” And then by day three, he was SICK OF ME *laughter* I am not good company to be around for that long! So, stress and the lack thereof in my life because one of the great things that came out of that trip besides a charity livestream which was extremely succesful and thank you everyone who joined in on that stream but the other great thing that came out of that weekend was two discoveries of mine And they’re more re-discoveries more than they are discoveries themselves but number one: That crap vlog I made? That was one of the most fun videos I’ve done in a long time because it was just me, Bob, his wife, his brother-in-law and all four of us just going out on the town, bringing the camera with us, and just being stupid and having fun OUT IN THE REAL WORLD with REAL PEOPLE and REAL SUNLIGHT lots of real stuff out there, it was cool It was so good to just be able to go out and do stuff, and you know and I’m not saying I DISLIKE doing gaming videos or even doing this strange vlog that’s in my bathroom that I’ve been doing and it became a habit of mine and I should probably break it but the lighting’s so good so I can’t really ignore it? but it kinda unearthed this potential and I hope to do more stuff like that in the future I really do- ummm my buddy Tyler is actually moving to LA You guys know Tyler. *sings* No Word Tyler Stone-Face Tyler! HE HAS NO FACE!!! (Eugh shit…) But my buddy Tyler is moving to LA in just a few weeks and together I fully intend to go out more and do more stuff and even meet fans, because every time I go out now, like someone comes up to me and recognises me from my videos and I’m honoured to meet ’em, and maybe now when people come up to me they can be in videos too! That would be super cool! Like it would be really awesome to be able to go out there, and meet these people and also have them be featured in these random stupid vlogs that I do. Like that would be awesome! I would love that. And that second thing, that I kind of rediscovered, about uhh what I love about youtube is doing stupid little sketches and the Delta one was *smooches fingers* I mean actually it was *pfft noises* But in all honesty, it was shot in like no light It was done on Bob’s little camcorder, with the camcorder audio… So surprisingly good for what it was, And then the special- the ‘special effects’ was just “I hope this works!” I have no idea if this is going to blend! And we just did it and it was fun, we did it in like two hours and it took three hours to edit and then like- we just ran to CVS to get stupid supplies because we didn’t know how to make- like a mask that said Delta on it so we just literally got cardboard paper and *laughing* drew Delta on it and it was awesome! And that was fun! It was so fun! And then lately I’ve just been- you know- for fun I’ve been doing these other stupid crap videos and I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT! OH… I LOVE IT! I love doing these things! I love ’em! Ohhhh! *laughing* I love it so much! Oh you guys don’t know how much I- how- how- how happy it makes me when I make these videos. And again, I’m not saying I dislike making these gaming videos, but, it’s like this little bit of passion to let the- let out the stupid IN MY SOUL! I have to channel it somehow, or else it’s gonna build up inside me! And turn into rage *giggles* That’s not good… So it’s fun, and coming back to the topic of stress is what I’m trying to say is I came out of a very stressful situation And I turned it into something really creative for myself. So I may have suffered at the hands of forces beyond my control, But out of it came some really cool things and some cooler things that I think you will like in the future. It’s going to be a fun, fun time going forward, when Tyler gets here I cannot wait to show you the stupider side of my brain! *giggling* I can’t wait to show you how many stupid ideas we together can make. And it’s going to be 100% awesome And there’s going to be 100% more cool stuff for you guys. So thank you everybody so much for watching. And as always… I will see you… In the next video! Buh bye!

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