Nikola Tesla is My Best Friend | Message from Another Dimension | Past Life Regression

hello infinite creators do you have a
historic figure as a bestie? in this video we’re going to be talking to
someone tie herself about her friendship with Nikola Tesla in a past life welcome
back infinite creators and if this is your first time here I’m Arianna and I’m
a hypnotherapist and past life regression as’ and I help you dive deep
into the powers of your mind to expand your consciousness and achieve self
prosperity now recently I had the pleasure of working with Heather who is
also a quantum healing practitioner and she loves to write she’s a writer
during recession we discovered that she was a journalist in a past life and good
friends with Nikola Tesla so in the clip that you’re about to see we start with
me trying to have Heather’s higher self reveal the name of her good friend in
the past life so watch this clip and in the comments below let me know if you
have any strong connections to a specific historical figure And her good friend is it someone that she knows today? someone that she’s known all the days Is it someone related to her now living is? No Is it someone that has transitioned over Um… yeah no physical body yes it’s yeah and does this person have a name? Yes. Yeah you guys both already know it’s
just hard for her to say it cause she doesn’t fully believe it yet but it’s Nikola Tesla So what’s her connection with Nikola Tesla? She’s his teacher and his student. That’s the best way I can put it. And what does Tesla want her to do with
the pieces of writing short stories tell? To tell the story of the heart. There’s not much of it here so that’s that’s her job. Now he wants her to tell the stories
of the heart or from the heart? Both. All of it. The side of more love because the the love has always been there but it’s just been so buried by the mind and the suppression has killed a lot of it but always been there and it’s her job to help
bring it up and when she’s doing her writings is she channeling Tesla at times? she’s channeled him and all of us in everything she’s done she doesn’t know what that means is that what you’re trying to convey to her is that um what she’s been learning about her
connection to Ra or is that different? no it’s not different that’s correct so is it the law of one that she’s been looking into? yes so she’s been through her writing
she’s channeled Tesla and all that is? that’s right and aside from her writings
what does Tesla want her to do with the inner lost knowledge that she’s
recovered her story she can only do that it’s the heart the story of she’s gotta talk to women to get them to love men she can only do that knowing what she knows she doesn’t know what that means but she will so you want her to tell the story of how to love men? yes how women basically teach women how to love men? yes until they become one okay do you feel that society has a disconnect right now? it’s getting better from between men women? yes okay is Tesla around now? yes always is there any message that he would like
to give whether that be Heather or Humanity at the moment? you have no idea how important love is that’s for everybody now if you enjoyed this video and want to
see the full session check out Heather’s YouTube channel more
than love which I will link in the description below and stay tuned for the
next video where I go under hypnosis with Heather and talk about dimensional
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until next time infinite creators wishing you all abundance love and prosperity

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  1. “You have no idea how important love is”- wow!! Very cool!!! I want to learn who my famous bestie is lol!! I can’t wait to see your personal session here! 💕💓💗

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