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  1. This guy is sincerely talented and the realest music artist ive ever heard hands down. I mean every single track has a story and a message in it. I definitely can feel what he's saying while I sit here and listen to him track after track over and over.

  2. No bro I'm sorry if I gave you a heart heart murmur I accidentally unsub but then I sub back in I think and I love you but I hate you so much that I love you it's one of those things that we're just going to not talk about it pulling my rap about it but not to each other

  3. I’m a US ARMY Veteran Combat Medic, my wife died in 2014 and I felt 100% justified to drink a half gallon of Vodka a day and wait to die.

    I did exactly that for five years. This February an amazing woman walked into my life and I didn’t know it yet. I hoped she’d be nice enough to fulfill me physically before she saw the train wreck for what it was and left. The poor sweet thing sees something left here, it hasn’t been easy for her these last eight months as I changed my life for the better because I still have a LOT of issues to repair to be right for her. I’m leaving for Battle Creek MI next month to address 10 years of PTSD I never cared to try to fix until I wanted to be for her what she is for me. This song word for word says so much about where my life is right now it’s eerie. Love the song. Mad respect

  4. Dear NF,
    I attended your concert last night at Red Rocks in Morrison, Colorado. The performance was absolutely phenomenal. Near the end of the performance, right before the encore, I tossed up a desert camo patch on the stage. The patch is for the left arm of the desert camouflage uniform. I felt that I needed to leave it for you as a symbol of myself, and others like me, who are still here because your music has shown us that we are not alone. I have lost far too many Brother's and Sister's, upwards of 22 a day. The problem is so bad that the VA is now requesting that we check the VA parking lots for our family in crisis. Some were sent home in flag draped coffins, while others were consumed by their personal darkness and ended it all, and some wander around a shell of who they once were. Since I have discovered your music, starting with Mansion, I have been encouraging other Veteran's to listen as well. I know a patch is not much of a thank you, but thank you for helping me to become better, and for the message that your music contains that help so many others. You are truly a blessing, Sir. May your life be showered with love and light for our creator God!

  5. finding the true you is when you only have complete self-acceptance. accepting the things you've done knowing that it can only define what you were but not WHO you are. knowing that there are going to be downfalls in life and accepting the moments like treasures. because everything you deal with, will never describe the true you. you can't find yourself in a dictionary. you find yourself by truly accepting who you are.

  6. They should play his rap songs on the worldy rap stations! this is more of his pop/ rap song they play on the pop radio stations

  7. The person that says "I Just Need Time" sounds like the same nikkas from Earfquake 😅 am I right ?

  8. Damn that one hurt 7 years and still paralyzed by it all. Almost texted my ex after watching this, but I know better the people we were are dead now along with any hope for a future. But thankful for our incredible son that is the best of both of us and looks exactly like me and his mom. Much love NF thank you for your music! It's good to know that we aren't the only ones that feel the way you do in all your music.

  9. It's funny how when ur going through something there is always that one song… that one song that can say all the words that you cant…

  10. people: whos your favorite rapper?
    me: NF
    people: whos your favorite singer?
    me: NF
    people: anyone who isnt NF?
    me: nate
    people: whos nate?
    me: NF

  11. If you're struggling with depression, anxiety, or anything like that, please go give this a listen or hmu. I hope you can relate to this and that it might actually help someone. Also, like I said, if you're going through stuff don't be afraid to hmu, I don't mind helping people out. 💯

  12. I did an acoustic version of this song if anyone wants to give me a little feedback or support 🙂 NF is my favorite and wanted to pay tribute <3

  13. Hi NF I’m not sure how or where to reach you at, but if this message reaches you somehow, praise the Lord!

    I love your song’s, I’m wondering if you could create breakbeats. I’m a dancer thats christian and I use music as it is intended but you my friend have a gift.
    The breakbeats are for the children Im teaching, not for me.

    Could you please make some breakbeats?
    Thanks in advance

  14. Ever consider that, when taking out the logical mistakes…this video would make sense backwards? The girl stops at the end. Comes back. They repair the relationship..

  15. When you realize that the only moment in this video that time went forward was when the first met each other, that famous saying that says "It's all wonders in the beginning".
    That was the only time throughout the whole song when both of them wanted time to move forward, when there were no fights, no arguments. Both of them were struggling for their relationship to go back to what it used to be. Until, eventually, everything disappears and they have to start from scratch.
    At least, this is what I take from the video. Deep asf
    BTW, NF the next GOAT

  16. Um so love the song but in my opinion the guy in this video looks like Bucky Barnes/Sebastian Stan I mean it's not a bad thing I just wanted to point that out btw I love that soooo no judgement

  17. This song and video (or short movie) is pure art. Scenery, cut, timing, the words, the voice, and melody, how it flows together, is absolutely amazing and excellent.
    Thank you NF for showing your talent to us!
    I am working through a long history of trauma myself (20years of it), but also coping with it through being a designer, your music helps me a lot to find words for things I did experience and always thought I was the only one. It is a big relief to find out I am not.
    You have such a big impact on countless people!

    Be blessed with the peace and foundation that only our Heavenly Father can give, so that you can fully enjoy the great success that you have. He is the ground we can stand on, and is able to really heal us of every trauma.

  18. E agora vcs tem que fazer melhorias para animais e plantas e flores e natureza e Rio e mar e sempre tá cuidado das escolas e hospitais e creches e fisterapias é É que terapia e tudo caraio de bom para as crianças e família união adolescentes tem que trabalhar e vamos só fazendo proguersos e sempre prática esportiva e cada das quebra e nois já falamos não vai ter drogas e tudo que fais mal para nois e amor vem seu a guerra e família união

  19. TO Anyone in the CALIFORNIA area. I have an extra digital ticket for NF'S concert on the 25th (house of blues) I ordered on the wrong day and I'm giving it away. Please comment back to this if you want it and I'll give my contact info. (I'm going on the 24th). I'm just trying to give this away before it is too late!

  20. This song speaks to meet so much God is working in my life I am trying to be a better follower of God I’m being spoke to right now

  21. Hope you get a chance to read this. Thank you Nate Your music has helped me open my eyes to the shit i havnt dealt with in my own life. #Respect.

  22. Mass media won't push him because he doesn't follow Satan that's why he isn't as famous as other yet he's better than every secular artist that exists.

    Stay prayed up and strong y'all!

  23. This actually got me doing the tears. Hits right in the feels haha….glad there's so many like-minded people here

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