News24 –  Sparks fly after Man Utd draw with Liverpool as angry Graeme Souness snaps in TV row

 Liverpool failed to capitalise on Manchester United’s injury crisis – they made three subs in the first half as Juan Mata, Ander Herrera and Jesse Lingard all went down – in a drab 0-0 draw  Souness claimed they dug out the draw ‘easily’ and hailed his old club after the game  “The way the cards fell in terms of injuries, I think Liverpool will feel they should have won that today,” he said  “They certainly had enough ball. Not many teams come here and have all the ball and keep United living off scraps They did that today.  READ MORE: Sky Sports man reveals what he saw in tunnel during Man Utd v Liverpool   “Ultimately they didn’t have enough imagination in midfield and creativity Liverpool’s five midfield players have scored six goals this year, six goals. That ain’t enough if they’re going to win the league ” Jones asked Souness to clarify his comments and asked: “That’s a genuine concern, is it?”  Souness began to reply, saying ‘it is for me, it has been for a long time’ before Jones interjected to question: “Do you think Liverpool played well today?” The Kop legend said they had and continued: “I felt they dominated the ball up until the 18 yard box ” But he suddenly flipped and snapped at Jones: “Why are you looking like that?” The taken aback host was looking at Gary Neville and Nemanja Vidic at the time and he quickly rushed to try and subdue Souness     “I was just wondering if they were agreeing with you,” he frantically said only to be met with an icy stare from Souness  With Jamie Carragher sniggering in the background, Souness wouldn’t let it go and said: “It was the way you looked ”  The exchange split the opinion of fans on Twitter with some shocked at what they had seen  “The spiky exchange between Graeme Souness and Sky anchor David Jones after the bore-draw at Old Trafford was more entertaining than the game,” wrote one  Another included two laughing emojis in their tweet and said: “This is it, Souness practically offering to take Jones out ” “Graeme Souness kicking off at David Jones was hilarious!” tweeted a fellow fan     But for one it was no laughing matter as they fumed: “how many times does that biased dinosaur Souness have to talk down and bully people before he’s reprimanded bullying Dave Jones and dismissing 1 of your best pundits @AlexScott opinions He’s a joke.”  Neville then did his best to gloss over his colleague’s outburst as he went on to dissect the mach  “I think Liverpool’s big thing for me is stop being vulnerable,” he said. “To get a cleansheet against Bayern Munich and then Manchester United is a big thing, where they looked like they would concede chances  “In the final third I think Jurgen Klopp set up to be a bit more pragmatic with the selections of Henderson in midfield and Fabinho  “The adjustment needs to come when he sees United’s problems in the first half.” 

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