NEW RECORD! – Hypnosis Video

: Hey, this is Marc Savard.
In this week’s video, we broke a record. Check it out.
Person I’m touching right now, your name is no longer what it is.
For the duration of the performance, your name will be E I E A O.
Your name sir?: I beg your pardon?
: Your name?: E I O.
: Alright. Nice to have you here, good to have you here.
Frodo. I’m sorry, say it again.: That’s not my name. That’s not my name.
That’s not my name. That’s not my name.
My name, E I O.: How do you spell that?: E.I.O
: Okay.: 50 years old.: Yes.
: You’re lying?: Yes.
: I just want to see if you beat our record. That’s all.
: I beat your record?: Yeah. That’s what I want
to see. The oldest person we’ve had on stage ever
is 71.: I’m 80.
: Love it. I love it. A new
record. Alright. So now that you’ve seen E I E I O,
or what he thought was E I O, he volunteered about 5 days later.
He came back to the show, came up on stage, and asked, “Can I participate again?”
He was so great, we let him do it again, even funnier this time.
Whenever I shake your hand like this, you swear that the person next to you just pinched
your ass. Tell us buddy your name.
: George.: Good to have you here, George.
Oh, hey!: Hi George. Where are you from?
: Indiana.: Indiana. Beautiful area there,
I love it. oh!: I want to show you something really cool.
It’s what we call voodoo. Ee ee ee ee. Flip flip flip. twist. Oh!
Ow! That was a little twisty there. Alright. Maybe this one will be better.
: Lalalalalalala. Right here. Hey!
Ow!: What’s going on? What’s the problem?
: Somebody pinched me in the butt.: Alright. Any ideas who?
: That girl.: That girl. Yeah. Alright.
: That girl did.
: I understand. Right over here, George. What?
: I didn’t mind.: Okay. Alright. Excellent.

57 thoughts on “NEW RECORD! – Hypnosis Video

  1. I have to ask the question again, do you ever think that you are going to lose it during the act because of the reactions?

  2. How come the other people on stage aren't reacting to the events taking place? Are they in dissociation land or what?

  3. brother you are amazing … you want to live in romania to do this? the man you are, keep up the good work

  4. This hypnotizm is so fake. There's no way sum1 possesses hypnotic skills with just his voice and snap of finger. They would be dangerous 2 society. If real,they could rob a bank with ease,or ask sum1 for all their money then tell them to 4get. So fake

  5. how does that prove it was real? i mean, get some actors and make the show last. a bunch of fake acts. the voodoo was really fake

  6. I got hyponitzed by Marc Savard in vegas, and I refuse to show the video to anyone. That stuff is real! You are aware, but you are completely relaxed and uninhibited.

  7. Very cool that Eio was both a record setter and such a great participant. The pinching suggestion really took hold there lol, by the end you didn't even have to shake his hand… just a touch set it off! Isn't the human mind an amazing and wonderful thing?

  8. loooool the old guy is realy enjoining the voodoo doll…i told you before,you are spellin toomuch love..hahahahaha..


  10. Your channel is one of the funniest things i have ever seen!! How the heck do you not have way more subscribers?!

  11. Oh my god.. I was in tears laughing.. I cant laught out loud coz someone is sleeping beside me.. Your awesome marc..!!!

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