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Hey meghana come let’s dance I have no mood, you go dance Why don’t you have mood to dance We are at a party! Come let’s dance When I said I’m not interested, understand! Ok man! Now let me hear what happened! Tell Ok listen yesterday my husband kept calling me angry bird, angry bird! Do I really get angry that much? Uh sometimes What ? No no no, tell me as to why he calls you a angry bird Yesterday morning……. To display my flashback there, iam not playing it on a projector! Sorry, I went off to movie feels Loosu! Ok listen…. Yesterday morning I woke up …… My gold Rs : 35k for 10grams But more valuable gold is here Wife is like a chocolate wrapper for you Dialogue super! Why is Mrs mysore so angry? I was suffering with cold & cough You know how many times I coughed yesterday night ? I used to cough,blow my nose,cough & blow ! I suffered like hell ! On that was you ? I thought that the next door ramachari was doing pranayama
than mine ? Ramachari’s nore is more important for you You know how beautiful you look when you get angry? Can you prepare hot tea please prepare it Half glass for you ? You pour my coffee as well ! Where should I pour it to ? On your head! Good joke! In that case,you should only shampoo it! If I shampoo your head,you have bruises instead of foam. Meghana, I’ll tell you a good joke? Haan. you should not give your saree to the maid, you know why? Ah, Why? What if I confuse her to you and hug her? ahh! you will hug her thinking its me? what chakkar is going on b/w you both Aah! I just joked Joke? aah, When you told sonakshi your name is wonderful i should have known that you were flirting with her. It’s just a joke yaa! Why are you reacting like this? such a joke? You know what my mistake is? I didn’t realize about you both flirting! My mistake is that I trustedb you a lot. huccha! You only found our to come & die? Chappar! can’t you see & Drive properly? Gubbal! How dare you overtake us? Why are you laughing? It is all your mistake! If you drive fast, Why will he overtake us? Everybody is overtaking us! Why don’t you sell this car & Buy a bullock cart instead? why don’t we buy just a horse? Me in the front, You at the back! it will be fun know? A car is coming, Drive carefully. spoon? I’ll get it madam I want this only! okay, I’ll wash it. washing won’t be sufficient for madam get it dry washed. Actually sir, Even dry wash won’t be sufficient for madam, You have to get it foam washed! correct! oh shit! within 2 months,She’s the 20th maid! Done with meenaksha,kamakshi,nalanaakshi,arunakshi! This one is sonakshi Next will surely be Raakshasi No one will suit for you know? If you look after me well,I’ll have peace of mind! Then why will these fights happen! You are counting the no. of nails you have? Hello reema! when i sent you a goodnight message, dont you have sense to include a smiley after your goodnight message ? From today nothing for you …No good night.. Good night cancel .. what happend ? Meghana, goodnight Even for you goodnight cancel ! what? Now-a-days ,replying for a goodnight message itself is a big deal you are getting angry for a smiley ? your husband calls you right Sorry sorry sorry continue… Reema Hello Reema Yesterday you were talking bulshit. Arent you ashamed? You even didnt let me talk. You started flirting with my husband and those smiles come laughter. What? When? In my dream. What? In your dream! How many people should suffer for your anger. Yesterday the maid – just because of you And today, you lost a friend Every you kill me. There is nothing wring in calling you an angry bird. I am getting late for office.Bye. 1 minute. what happened? Every day i should work and die! Dont i need relaxation? Is wife,mixi, grinder or washing machine? Understood. Be ready. I will come early from office and let both of us go to eat pani puri in the neighbourhood. Neighbourhood pani puri? wah! ideal husband. That rotten pani puri? spoilt masala puri and one old bhel puri? Oh! ask that you want pasta. Ha. I should ask take & everything know? Dont I have self respect? stop treating me like a old government. I know that you are a new government and we respect all the requests of this new govt. Very good at this know Dont worry Meghana Life is unfair Sometimes people are very unluck you know. Paapa. Your husband.

63 thoughts on “Naanu Angry Bird Ah? (with subtitles) | Ashtu Isthu | CAPDT

  1. Hi guys thanks for the video i am happy that I am the first person to watch the video..
    The video is good cinematography is good and dialogues are also good and need some betterment in speaking some of the words are not pronounced correctly.
    But overall the video is good

    Thanks for supporting Kannada

  2. My mother tongue a telugu but now in manglore.. ik kannada.. great effort capdt .. keep going.. gr8 fan of ur other telugu channels ❤❤

  3. That's Good !!!! But you need to use local slang than that of text book slang, as you do it in Telugu. Thank you CAPDT, always a fan😍

  4. Normal aagi maataduva language maatadri video nalli parvaagilla arta aagutte inta angry persoanlity jote naanu 3 varsha idde saaaku saaku ansutte taalkolloke aagalla

  5. Nice and funny video 😍,and want capdt members to include in these videos more 😍😍😍😍

  6. Good Video. I am Kannadiga.. But I am fan of telugu CAPDT page. Great that you guys started new page for kannada people. But the slang should match to local slang. Loved this video. 😍

  7. I always follow hey pilla… being kannadiga I hv alwys enjoyed all your videos coz of crct usage of local language and the nativity. Plz concentrate on language same way as of your telugu videos

  8. Very nice interesting. Memu konni years karnataka lo unnam. Infact nenu puttindhi kuda akkade so I know kannada. But andhra vachi 11years aindhi kannada marchipothunnanu ani appudappudu kannada movies chusthunna. me short films anni chala baguntai appudappudu elage kannada vi kuda upload cheyandi🙂

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