My Greatest Frustration and Passion With CPR Training

hey guys Andrew here with prime medical
training this morning I’m just kind of reflecting on some of things that really
frustrate me in this industry probably one of the biggest things is when people
come into my classroom and the first thing out of their mouth is I don’t know why I have to be here, i’ve been a nurse
for 20 years and taken cpr and so many times I don’t need to do this again and
that’s just so not true why people think CPR is any less of an important medical
skill and competency than any other medical practice i’m not sure but it’s really
disrespectful because you know the reason why we do high-quality classes
that last three and a half to four hours because i personally have a wife and a
daughter and we trained thousands of people year and there’s a very good
probability that if my wife or daughter ever needed CPR one of the people that
we’ve trained in the past is going to perform that CPR on my wife or daughter
and so we take it seriously because I want to make sure they know what they do and
statistically across the country fifty percent or more of people aren’t doing
quality compressions and people are dying as a result that’s not going to
happen on my watch that’s just one of my big frustrations
one of the reasons why we set the standard high why we charge a premium
because we deliver a premium product and sum and we really care about what we’re
teaching people we want them to be skilled and you know when you go and you
take your training seriously it’s not just something that I’m getting out of
it but when you take the training seriously when you’re challenged and and
not just on dragged through a class you walk away feeling what you earn that
certification card and so we do it for both reasons because we’ve got people on
our end that we care about and we care about our community and you we want you to
care and value the training in the time that you spend in the classroom learning
these skills and things do change every five years theres new stuff and there’s no way that in a four
hour class you can remember everything verbatim over the course of those
next two years that you’re certified that’s why you get retrained and that’s
why we’re here to help you teach you and every person that teaches here at prime medical
training always has like a little something extra that we can bring to the
table you know something that we’ve seen something a little tidbit of knowledge
that we know maybe the video doesn’t cover that we can add just always
opportunities to learn there’s always opportunities to better yourself and
that’s what we’re here for to to help you as a professional become more
professional and to help our communities stay safer and have higher survival

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