My child is having an Exercise Tolerance Test (Stress Test)

Hi I’m Susan, I’m going to show you what happens when you have an Exercise Tolerance Test in hospital. Hello, Susan. My name’s Nick, this is Ceilidh. Today you’re going to have an Exercise Tolerance Test. Why would anyone need an exercise test? Well, doctors can ask for this test for a number of reasons. The boy or girl may be having some symptoms outside of the hospital, or they may be on some medication that we need to monitor. It’s important to know this is not a fitness test, okay? You’re not going to be running on the treadmill here, all you’re going to be doing is going for a walk, and we’re just going to see what your heart’s like under a bit of exercise. Will it hurt? No no Susan, not at all. All we’re going to do is attach some sticky electrodes and some wires to you. So there’s nothing at all to worry about, okay? So Ceilidh’s going to now set you up for the test itself, okay? Hi Susan, how are you? Good. So what I’m going to do is just put some jelly on you, wipe it off, and then i’ll put some little stickers on you, okay? This is just the jelly. I’m just gonna give it a wee little wipe in here, alright? I’m going to wipe that off. It’s a wee bit cold isn’t it? And these are your electrodes today. I’m just going to stick them on. Right Susan, last one. There we go. Now I’ll just get the wires connected, alright? Last wire. Okay. Okay Susan. So if I get you to stand up, and if you can hold the box? I’m just going to connect this up at the back. How does that feel? Good. Perfect. Now I’ll just pop your blood pressure cuff on and your oxygen sats on, okay? Alright Susan, just got a wee head band to go on. It makes you look a little bit like a ninja. How does that feel? Good. Not too tight? No. We’re just going to take a wee recording from that blood pressure cuff just now as well, okay? Just let that arm go really nice and relaxed. Perfect. Do you want to get on the treadmill now? So it’s really important Susan that while you’re on here, you need to let us know how you’re feeling, okay? So if you have any aches or pains at all you let us know as soon as, okay? How long will this take? This test is entirely up to you, okay, you go for as long as you can do, okay? We want your maximum effort, so it’s as much as you can do. I hope I can keep up with the treadmill. Don’t worry. We start it off really slow okay, and every couple of minutes we’ll gradually make it a little bit faster, but it initially starts off really slow. You ready to get started. Yep. Okay! So, I’m going to start the treadmill – we want nice big long steps from your okay? Here we go. Big steps. There we go. And you come right up to the top of this. So you come right up to the top, there we go. Stand nice and tall and walk like you would walk outside, okay? How you feeling? Good. Good, no aches, no pains? No. Okay, good. Here we go, next stage. There we go. We’re going to go a little bit steeper and faster again, okay? There we go. This is a bit more of a fast walk, isn’t it? Yeah. There we go. It’s a little bit faster. How are you doing? Good. It’s quite hard now. Remember when you’re getting to the stage where you’ve had enough, and you can’t do any more, you need to let us know okay? Okay. Don’t stop walking or jump off here. Okay, because you may trip and fall and hurt yourself. So you need to let us know when you’ve had enough, okay? Okay, so five seconds. Okay, remember to try and keep right at the top there , keep as close to the top as you can okay? Here we go. If you need to do a bit of a jog here you can do that, if it’s easier. I think that’s enough. Okay, you think that’s about as much as you can do? You want us to stop? Okay. Yes. Okay listen, we’re going to start slowing the treadmill down. Keep walking with it, okay? Until it comes to a complete stop, okay? We’re going to do a couple more of these readings. There we go. Well done! Okay, so once the treadmill stops, see if you can keep nice and still, just till we get the last blood pressure measurement, okay? You did really well. Alright, so what we’ll do is we’ll get you back over onto the chair and you can have a sit down. Here you go Susan, there’s some water for you. Thanks. Do you have any more questions? Why do you have to make the test so hard? It was hard wasn’t it. Unfortunately, what we need to do is we need to work you really hard in here, just so we can see where your heart’s like under a little bit of stress. So that’s why we need to make the test a little harder. Thank you for showing me the treadmill test. You’re welcome Susan Shall we get those electrodes off so you can go home? Good.

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