Musique anti-stress et détente

Anti-stress and relaxation music Anti-stress and relaxation music. Great remedy to alleviate stress. Relaxing music with soothing effects. Change mood. Get rid of stress. When you listen to this relaxing music, your breathing increases and becomes deeper. Your body produces more serotonin, a molecule essential for our well-being. Music that has a calming effect on mind and body. Music that cleanses the stress of everyday life For hypnosis sessions, relaxing music, meditation, well-being, binaural sounds, isochronous sounds, please subscribe to this channel

8 thoughts on “Musique anti-stress et détente

  1. j'ai écouter cette musique pendant que je m'arachait une dent de lait ca ma calmée et je n'ai rien senti merci 🙂

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