What is with people who just absolutely have no awareness of their surroundings? (Yes, you) There are people who will literally stop in the middle of pedestrian traffic and just have a full-out conversation as if they’re not being a nuisance to the other pedestrians who have places to be. (Trust me, they are) *gasp* “Ashley, is that you?” “Oh my god, Vanessa. Gurlll, I haven’t seen you in years!” “So how’s the hubby? Mmh, I haven’t talked to Rick in years.” “You mean my ex-hubby? Oh my god gurl. I have so much to tell you right here right now. It’s so good that I met you right here in the middle of this busy street so I can tell you my whole backstory.(Please leave, and skedaddle to Asia) Why my husband cheated on me! *inaudible talking* Oh my god, MOVE. MOVE please. There’s a Starbucks right there. Just MOVE. Next time you think about catching up with your old BFFFFFF from middle school in a busy crowd, just think about what would happen if you were driving on a highway and tried doing that. Exactly, you wouldn’t. Speaking of driving: Jaywalkers.(Moonwalkers) Come on. I have no problem with you as long as you get your frogger skills on and don’t cause a vehicular centipede of traffic. One time I was walking my dog and saw this woman make an attempt to jaywalk and you know how as a kid you were always told to look both ways before crossing the street? Well, this woman only followed through with half of that advice. She only looked to the right saw that a car was approaching and so waited for it to pass while she was on the opposite lane. And just a little tip for you JayWalkers, walk perpendicular to the side you’re walking towards. I can’t stand it when people walk diagonally when trying to cross. Like I understand if you’re trying to cut your walking time by taking the hypotenuse and saving a couple valuable seconds, but if you’re going to do so, at least run or sprint or something. What’s that math term-asymptote? Yeah, don’t be one of those. My other favorite is bus passengers, but more recently airplane passengers or any public transportation (Here comes the Airplane) passenger who chooses to sit on the outer seat and expects me to parkour over them or cirque Du Soleil myself into the inner seat without them moving. Moving your feet back might help if the gap between your knee and the seat in front of you is enough to accommodate my width. If it doesn’t, don’t do one of these. It literally does not change anything. If anything it makes it even harder to squeeze through… sometimes awkward. Yeah, you can pivot to the side so your legs are entirely out of the way, but you risk getting hit by my carry-on bag So the best case scenario, the best way we can make both of our lives run smoothly just get up from your seat for five seconds. Unless of course you have bad odor or something then that’s fine. I’ll just go sit somewhere else. And then you have people in supermarkets. Oh my gosh Supermarkets! You know those aisles that conveniently fit two carts side by side intended for opposing traffic? (Heavy Traffic on the road) Yeah, yeah. Why would you use up both going the same way?! Here’s a tip on cart etiquette so you’re not a burden on the human race. If you see a product that you are interested in purchasing and would like to inspect it for an extended duration, please park your cart on the same side of the product you are inspecting. The closer to your product the better. Don’t have a heated debate with your husband as to why 2% is better than 1%. Just MOVE. *imitates Shia LaBeouf* You teenagers walking side by side of the road thinking it’s cool to occupy space you’re not supposed to; MOVE. You people trying to get into a crowded subway car during rush hour, let the current passengers out first. MOVE. You drivers at the front of traffic and not realizing the lights green because you’re on your phone being *beep* boy. Make like a U-Haul and MOVE. It’s so easy to avoid these situations. How do you not have the awareness that you are not the only human around and that other people need to get to places?! (Because of smartphones) *clears throat* ProTip PSA from Domics if you’re out in public, and you’re in motion and then you’re suddenly not, ask yourself ‘Am I being a piece of trash by idling here and being in someone’s way?’ If not, carry on. If yes, then you should … probably want to… what’s the title of this video-? MOVE! Yello, guys. Very very very very sorry about my absence. Thank you to those who were very patient since my last video. I am aware it’s been a long, long time. I’ve got a pretty sweet side product that I’ve been working on with another animator buddy and I’m excited to share with you in the near future once it releases. I know some of you already know this, but I know not everyone follows my social media, but I wanted to let you all know that the DomicsMerch Stores are up. I say ‘stores’ because I have one dedicated to prints and buttons which Nancy and I… mostly Nancy are managing on our own; while the other side is dedicated to shirts and other clothing and accessories. So please check those out. One more thing. I also now have a PO box. So you can now send me postcards, physical fan art, snacks. Whatever you want as long as it’s legal. Alright. See you guys next year.*whispers* Just kidding. I’ll try my best to get working on the next video ASAP. Please don’t kill me.

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  1. I straight up will push people out the way and say “I have a place to be” and keep walking

  2. So I was walking with my binder with loose papers because just got out of class, and walking threw two door in school after the bell rings is a nightmare!, I got knocked over and dropped everything and I tried picking up everything as quickly as possible AS ALL THE STUDENTS ARE STILL WALKING ALL OVER MY PAPERS AND KICKING THEM FARTHER!? what did I do you ask? Well I said out loud Didn’t mean to “THANKS FOR WALKING ON MY PAPERS!” After I got everything I ran to my classroom and was upset that most of my papers were dirty and ripped >:V I will always ignore Situations that make me look like I am in the way because I don’t like it, so my friends are walking and they stop because of talking and I see someone trying to walk threw I push them to the side :,( I hate it.

  3. I was jogging once in the woods on a quite narrow path where only two people could fit next to each other. There were two women I was aproaching. They didn't talk or anything, there was just silence being disturbed by my steps. I tried to step a bit harder, so they could hear me. Absolutely nothing. As I got even closer I said "fuck it" and jumped around them pushing off a steep cliff and perfectly landed in front of them and continued running. I scared the shit out of them, but hey, they'll be more aware of their surroundings from now on. 😁

  4. Those people who walk side by side in groups of five that perfectly takes up ALL OF THE SCHOOL HALLWAY maby you can be late but not me

  5. Rewatching this make me remember you are the first story telling channel i know(i didn't know this is a story telling channel back there) and this is the first one i watch too!

  6. I don't get why people rush into the train carts like "ooouuu i can't wait to sit my ass in this hot ass cart"

  7. When your walking in school and people in lunch line talk….And hold up the line….

    You think “MOVE ima hungery!”

    It’s like not that hard to go to the tables!!😑😑 Just to talk about PENCILS😑

  8. can i know the state u live in? im just a kid who is a really big fan and wants to see you in real life plz! :3

  9. The worst one is when they are blocking the way, turn and look at you and see that you need to pass, and don't even move an inch!

  10. Once I was walking from my Science class to my history class and I was talking to my friends then all of a sudden I heard the sound of running feet and here's the thing the walkway from my science class are really narrow and there are a bunch of bushes but there was a whole bunch of kids walking and had a chance to move out of the way I WASN'T THAT LUCKY I GOT PUSHED INTO THE BUSHES AND THE KIDS STILL KEPT ON RUNNING and being pushed into the bushes hurt like hell no one helped me get up excited my friends

  11. Guy in car: 'goes on phone'
    Light turns green
    Guy in car: 'Still on phone'
    Domics: 'Goes on to windshield' MOVE!!!
    Guy in car: screaming bloody murder

  12. That horrible jay walking woman that only looked one way reminded me of 2 of my friends. 1 in middle school, and 1 in HIGH SCHOOL!
    The one in middle school dashed across a part of the road where cars come into town from the highway. Thankfully there was a lot of distance from the car, but I still freaked out on her.
    And my friend in HIGH SCHOOL, who was trying to get into drivers training? She just dashed across the street while a car was driving and about to freaking pass us!
    And WHAT did that HIGH SCHOOLER say to me?

    'Well if they hit me it would've been their fault on they would've gotten in trouble.'

    Okay, but SERIOUSLY?! There wasn't a cross walk and this road is 45 mph! If you got hit, it'd be YOUR fault for dashing across after SEEING this man driving!

    And you could've been killed!

    This friend is just horrible with anything involving cars!
    She also stole her dad's car in the middle of the night to drive to go get a soda. She bumped someone's car and dented it.
    What does she do? Speed away because she didn't have her license. Or even her learner's permit at the time. (She still would've required an adult, but you get what I'm saying.)

    PEDESTRIANS need to be just as safe and alert and SMART as the drivers! PLEASE, FOR THE LOVE OF EVERYTHING, JUST USE YOUR BRAINS!

  13. 2:04 i am one of them and i do that cuz i don't want a gross grandma sit next to me… we don't want people to sit next to us fuck off to the other side of the bus please… no one likes to sit next to a stranger… but on planes yes

  14. you people, writing down your own move scenarios and preventing people like me to browse through the comments because of staggering comment traffic, MOVE!

  15. There was one time me and my mom were in the car and these ladys stopped in the middle of the road to have a convorsation… wtf

  16. Bout that while driving and trying to talk

    The day I post that I just saw it

    At least it was in a village

  17. Don't worry domics, when I'm walking about in public i like to stay to my right to give other people room to move b/c i personally hate being in other people's way. As for jaywalking i wait until there's ABSOLUTELY NO CARS coming that way i don't cause a jam. And i can totally relate to the supermarket thing, so f***ing annoying 😤😤😤😤😤😤.

  18. omg at school in the small halls these popular bitches start to take up space of the hall way hugging and saying hey BESSTIE how is MATH TODAY. I start pushing them while they say AHHH…. im like MOVE!!!

  19. some people don't have blind spots. they are just more looking in a straight line then to look around them. its just dumb!

  20. Talking is fine bro [well ive never been to a busy street] but i bet you could ask the people to the side of the talking people to move

  21. I know I am reacting veeeeeeery late on this but sometimes my mom says we are leaving a certain place and mid-leaving starts having a 10 minute conversation per familiar person. She has a bajilion friends and familymembers so I can’t leave until a half hour later I probably died from boredom.

  22. Imagine this, Your walking in the pedestrian that's wide enough for 2 people then a couple started to be lovely dovey and started to walk slowly while your at the background wanting to go home so bad…
    What i did :
    Move im gay push them aside and Continued walking

  23. Jaywalking is such a common thing in South Africa, it's just a normal way of crossing the street here. Maybe that's why our deaths on the roads are so high?

  24. Ashley : I Can't Wait Tell You My Whole Backstory Of How My Husband Cheated On Me
    Domics:Next Time You Think About Catching Up With Your Old BFFFFFF From MIDDLE SCHOOL
    waaaaiiiitttt aaa minute

  25. I hate it when there’s a group of 7 kids walking in a row. They are just blocking the way. Usually they are walking way too slow.

  26. Legend says that if you say your favorite youtuber 3 times you will get pinned ok let’s try
    I hope this works I never got pinned before

  27. U know what ur right so when people dont look when they're walking just looking at restaurants beside them and they're going to bump in u just bump back at them hard

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