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You may be seated. Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is the case of
Lusk v. Paige.
Thank you, Jerome.
Good day, everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day. Ms. Lusk, you
and your mother say you have no doubt whatsoever
when it comes to knowing who your three-year-old
daughter Symari’s biological
father is. Yes, Your Honor. Unfortunately, the man you claim is her
father has died, and nowyou find yourself facing off
against his mother,
who is just as convincedthat she is not your
daughter’s grandmother. Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Ms. Paige, you say
there’s no way in this world Ms. Lusk is being truthful. For starters,
you contend your son was in a committed
relationship with
another woman and until he passed away you had never heard
of Ms. Lusk. Is that correct? Yes, Your Honor. So, Ms. Lusk,
describe to the court how difficult this situation
has been for you and
your daughter. It’s been more than
extremely difficult
being pregnant at 16, having to still
go through school. These past four years,
everything has been on
me and my mother and I feel it’s
completely unfair,
because he has a whole
other side. She has a whole
other side to
her family.My daughter is beautiful,
and you missed out on
four years…
Almost four years
of my child’s life.
Okay, Ms. Lusk,
everybody is a single parent. Not only me… You’re not
the only one. You’re absolutely correct. But you were a single
parent as well. It happens every day. All day. You raised Desmond
by yourself. JUDGE LAKE: Order. Let’s have some order. You raised Desmond
by yourself. You’re… Was now
pregnant by yourself. So you should feel
where I’m coming from. Okay. Okay. But not only that… JUDGE LAKE: Let’s make
some order, ladies. LUSK:
You’re absolutely correct.
I am, I’m doing a good job. I mean, I have two jobs! Let’s get some order. I have two jobs! Going back to college
in August. You’re
absolutely correct. You’re absolutely correct. But you should be
on my side if anybody,
because you’ve been there. Ms. Lusk. Ms. Lusk,
calm down. Calm down. Ms. Lusk, you were saying, your daughter Symari
is almost four. She’s three right now? Yes, ma’am. JUDGE LAKE:And you’re
saying, you believe
Ms. Paige’s son is
her biological father.
LUSK: Yes, ma’am. Unfortunately,
her son is deceased so this has been
an ongoing paternity issue for the past three years,
related to this beautiful
precious little girl.And you’re saying
you need help.
They’re out for money. I had insurance
on my son. What money? I had an insurance policy… That we knew
nothing about. JUDGE LAKE: Let her speak. No. No. Unless it’s proven,
it’s not my son’s baby… You never posted
it on Facebook… JUDGE LAKE: Ms. Lusk… We knew nothing about her. You said you have
an insurance policy? Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: And so this
insurance policy is in
the amount of $50,000.You submitted that
paperwork to the court.
It is your testimony
today that Ms. Lusk is attempting to get a portion of that money. PAIGE: Yes, Your Honor. And that’s why
she’s claiming your deceased son is her
child’s biological father. Yes, Your Honor. I never
heard of Ms. Lusk. Never. My son was in
a committed relationship. That we knew nothing about. Ms. Lusk was
never brought up, talked about
or brought around. That we knew nothing about. Who is Ms. Lusk? And the crazy thing is… The last time we were
intimate, you knocked
on the door. You interrupted us. Yes, ma’am. I was
in your house. It’s in her head. It’s in Ms. Lusk’s head. I was in the room… I never heard of Ms. Lusk. You came and knocked
on the door. Ms. Lusk, explain to
the court what happened
that day? It was a normal time
scheduled routine that I would actually
come over there because, we had times that I would
come over to see him because he only stayed
a few blocks from my school. And during certain periods,
whether it was gym
or my lunch period, I would go. I would walk. He would meet me halfway. When was the first time
you physically saw me? The first time
I actually saw you… When you proclaimed
you were pregnant,
you was very petite. No stomach. Looking
like an innocent child. (INDISTINCT) You had gone to the school
to see my child. You had to go to the school.
Of course she wasn’t showing. She was just pregnant. You went to see
Ms. Lusk at school? PAIGE: Yes, I did. Yes, I went to see
her at school to talk to her and to
find out what was going on. She didn’t look pregnant. She was holding her head down. She had no stomach,
whatsoever. But at the same time,
this was my first time
meeting you, Ms. Paige. Her exact words were, “You look like his type. “You’re very pretty.
Very small.” Ms. Lusk and Ms. Anderson,
my son didn’t have
a particular type. He was in a relationship. Ms. Paige, you’re saying
your son was in a relationship
with a different woman, a long-term relationship? Yes! For years. LUSK: More than one. Another young lady came
out to pin the baby on him and I did a DNA test
and it was zero probability. No. I’m not claiming
no baby. No! JUDGE LAKE: Now, listen… You said you had
never seen her before until you went to her school? Yes, Your Honor. How did you get the news
that she potentially was
pregnant? Well, I’m thinking that
someone told me via Facebook or something like that. ANDERSON: No, ma’am. JUDGE LAKE: So, please
respond, Ms. Anderson, how do you know
what happened? I contacted Ms. Paige through Facebook to
tell her to call me. She called me,
and that’s when I broke the news to her
about my daughter being
pregnant by her son. Okay. And so you
had a conversation and during that conversation
what was said? The very first thing
she said to me is,
“My son is a legend. “My son has women
coming out the woodwork.” She seemed proud. He’s always gonna be
a legend in my book. She then had the nerve
to say to me that… Always. …her son had no reason
to be doing whatever he
was doing in his past, and… Your Honor, we have never
asked her for anything. At all. Once, she suggested
bringing over a used
walker, we declined her walker. She went into one
of her little, “Oh,
that ain’t my grandbaby. “Make sure you find
your baby’s daddy.” And she’s publicly
putting it on Facebook. My child’s name. Also to the point where
I can’t defend myself because she’ll
have me blocked… Mmm-hmm. …or she’ll have it where
I can’t post comments. And I don’t slander her
on my Facebook. Not once have I ever
said anything bad
about this woman. Ms. Paige, are you posting
things about Ms. Lusk, this
young girl, on Facebook? She inboxed me, and me and her went back
and forth on Facebook… But what led up
to that, Ms. Paige? (INDISTINCT) What led up to
that, Ms. Paige? JUDGE LAKE: One at a time. PAIGE: I don’t know
anything about a stroller ’cause I’m not providing
a stroller for a child… ANDERSON: It wasn’t
a stroller, it was a walker. Whatever, I’m not
buying nothing. Once Symari was born, did you allow Ms. Paige
the opportunity to see her? Did you say, “The baby is here now.
If you’d like to…” No, ma’am. Because prior to that
we were already where
she was on Facebook saying, “You need to have
your daughter find “the baby’s daddy.
My son is not it.“You’re not allowed
to put the baby in
the last name ‘Paige.’
“You don’t have
my permission.”
Like we really needed it. (INDISTINCT) Like we needed…
We didn’t need your
permission. But, okay, but,
the daughter’s name
is Symari DiorAnderson Paige.So you gave Symari
Desmond’s last name. Without my permission. LUSK: We don’t
need your permission. It was permission when
I lay down and was
intimate with him. PAIGE: No, no… That’s permission. That’s permission. It’s not being proven. But it will be today.
But it will be today. You’re not his wife. You’re not his wife. You’re absolutely correct.
I don’t have to be. And you’re not either. You
wasn’t in the room, Ms. Paige. I’m his mother. Okay, and I’m his
baby’s mother. No, you’re not. Yes, ma’am. Absolutely. You’re a wannabe. What I’m not understanding
is it seems like you all have had
consistent contact
with one another. Has Ms. Paige
had an opportunity to see Symari? LUSK: No, ma’am. Never? I seen her one time
by accident at an acquaintance’s
birthday party. So you’ve never had
the opportunity to come by
and spend time with her? She held my daughter
at that party. She also had the opportunity,
yes, ma’am, she has. Yes, Ms. Lusk, I held her
and I got a picture taken… (INDISTINCT CROSSTALK) You posted it
on Facebook. You posted it on
your Facebook page. To be honest, I don’t… This is my first time
seeing you, Ms. Anderson. Yes, it is. And my first time
and hopefully last seeing you. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMS) The feeling is mutual. Okay. Because we don’t want… JUDGE LAKE: Listen, but if… Listen! Listen. If the baby
is Desmond’s… This will not be the last time
you all see one another. And that’s why I don’t know
why we’re carrying on up
in here today like this. You all could both
be the grandmothers of this beautiful,
beautiful little girl. I’m definitely
the grandmother.
This is my child. We know that. PAIGE: Mmm-hmm. The statement was that, both of you all could be, meaning, Ms. Paige
could be as well. Mmm-hmm. So, at the end of the day let’s just focus
on the facts… Yes. So we can see
how we go forward. Now, I’ve done enough of
these cases to know Ms. Paige is grieving. She doesn’t even have
a person to review
these facts with. Let’s be clear. She can’t say to her son, “Desmond, I need to talk to
you about this, this and this. “So I can get
an understanding.”And so, I’m sure, much
of this animosity, ma’am,
and I hope I’m not speaking
for you incorrectly,
but much of this
pain and animosity that is coming out
in your testimony is ’cause you do feel like you have a situation
before you and you have absolutely
no one to ask a question about it. And you’ve lost
your son in the process. Is that true? Yes, Your Honor. (SNIFFS) The only facts you can go by is the positioning
of your son, what you were able to
see prior to his passing, and that is what you were told and you thought he was
in a relationship with
someone else. A long-standing relationship.
Am I correct? Yes, Your Honor. And you didn’t have any
reason to know or believe your son was having sex
outside of that relationship
with anyone else. Is that what you’re
trying to say? Yes, Your Honor. Okay. I am just trying
to give you all an opportunity to calm down and to see that there are two sides
to this story. There really is. Now the animosity you all
have built up, that, that is because you’ve
handled the situation
inappropriately. A situation this delicate, it had never need to
play out on a Facebook. Ms. Paige, I wanna
understand from you, have you tried to asks some of
Desmond’s friends? Maybe some of your
other family members. “Were you aware that
he was in a relationship
with Ms. Lusk? “Were you aware… “He may have had a child?” I have asked everybody. Nobody even know of
Ms. Lusk. Nobody. JUDGE LAKE: Okay. Now, Ms. Lusk, I wanna
ask you, respectfully, were you aware that Desmond
was in another relationship
with someone else? No, Your Honor. I didn’t
find out until the day of and the day after
his passing. So how did you find that out? Facebook. Social media.
And that’s when… I believe, four… Four days after his passing, that’s when I took
my own pregnancy test and found out I was pregnant.
That was April 24th. His funeral was April 27th. I didn’t even get…
I didn’t go to his funeral. I couldn’t, because how
can I show my face as… (CRYING) Like how
could I even go? I can’t even support… I didn’t have
time to grieve. We haven’t, either. I didn’t have time
for nothing! We haven’t, either. The day after my son
was killed, his first
daughter was born. And I had to deal with it! Okay, and I understand… Are you serious? But you are a grown
woman. I was 16. The way you slandered
me on Facebook… Are you serious? You called my premature
daughter ugly. I did! She looking funny.
She didn’t look… She was three months
early, Ms. Paige. Listen. Listen. Three months early! And look at my daughter.
That is the spitting image
of your son. LUSK: And it doesn’t hurt me.
It’s gonna hurt that child. One at a time. Ms. Paige. Ms. Paige. Yes, Your Honor. If, in fact, this beautiful baby girl is your late son’s
biological daughter, do you want to have
a relationship with her? I can’t answer that. And why is that? Why is that? Because… JUDGE LAKE: Give her
a chance to respond. Ms. Lusk, it’s too much drama. And it’s too much
for me as well because you cause
the drama, Ms. Paige. Listen, listen, listen. I know both of you
are grieving. I know both of you are just beyond yourselves. In trauma, in grief. So I am trying to give you
a moment to let it out but I’m not gonna let this
train leave this station and leave this baby behind. And, Your Honor… No! It is uncomfortable to me
from where I sit, Ms. Paige, to watch you shouting
and shouting at this
young girl. Because you are more
than double her age. ANDERSON: Double. JUDGE LAKE:And I’m
saying this because,
I know this is not really
what you want to do, and I know your
anger and your frustration is coming from
this place of grief. But when I ask you, “If
this is your son’s daughter, “do you want to
have a relationship?” And you say, “I don’t know “because I don’t know
if I can take the drama.” If that is your truth,
I accept that. But what I will not accept, is you all operating
as if this drama has to exist. Because it doesn’t! And that’s all I want. Let’s get the truth. Jerome. (APPLAUSE) These results were prepared
by DNA Diagnostics and they read as follows. Because there wasn’t
a blood card available
to test the DNA of the deceased,
Desmond Paige, we performed a DNA test with his surviving parent,
Lawon Paige. With that being said,
the results determine if there is a viable
relationship between the child,
Symari Paige, and Lawon Paige. In the case ofLusk v. Paige,when it comes to
three-year-old Symari Paige, it has been determined
by this court, the probability
of relatedness betweeen Ms. Paige
and Symari Paige, is… 99.96% (APPLAUSE) LUSK: Four years. Four years, and I never
ask nothing of you. I never asked nothing… PAIGE: For four years,
my son has been deceased. (INCOHERENT) JUDGE LAKE: Stop arguing. Ladies. Both of you all
are in so much pain. Everything that comes
out of your mouths is bitter. It’s not helping you. It’s not helping that baby. And it definitely does
not honor Desmond. Every child needs
their parents. And when unfortunate
situations arise like this, where life is cut short… All we have left for
this child to understand truly who her father was…His life, pictures
of him… That’s you.
And you want that little girl
walking around this world having stories
about her daddy. And that’s how you keep
someone’s legacy alive. And I’m not preaching
to the choir. I know it
’cause I live it. People hear my son
talk about my mother, it’s like she’s still
sitting over here right now. He know everything about her. What she like. How she laugh. Where she went to school. He knows it all
because I teach him that. Because that’s how
I keep her spirit alive. He never laid eyes on her. She’s never laid eyes on him except from the heavens. Do that for your son. Do that for this little girl, so that she does not
have to experience that level of loss you do. I wish you all
the very best of luck. Court is adjourned.

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