Mom Shares the Whole Family Has Anger Issues

it’s Taniya getting caught up in petty drama or is her family hanging her out to dry what does mom have to say about all of this who now joins us on the phone Gigi I need you to tell us about the blowout that got physical a couple of years ago the sad part about it is I don’t even know what the argument was about mmm I was laying down on the couch I remember that was in our garage and sania musta got really mad so mad to where she started like coming towards me with aggression and then we kept arguing she busts out the window and they’re so why do you think tanea especially has been getting more angry recently so it sounds like some of these hell things are happening more to be honest with you we all have some kind of communication problem every in Darren he’s not innocent either he has the same issue we all have he he belittled his sisters and brothers don’t understand why he do that I was raised up family-oriented and I love my kids it’s just me and them all right I’m gonna keep trying and keep trying until we get it together and I like what they’re doing because I feel that strong to get up there and do something like this to make it finally happen right show you as a mom how you treat your mother is going to be in large part how your kids treat you you see that’s open it repeats it stuff this is like yelling at your mind because your kids are watching that because I’m a mom and I understand what you just said I’m trying good because can I tell you what I sense what everything he is that you know you’re hurt you know that it’s like you want it the relationships to get better because since you’ve been here just seem like you’ve just been so sad you know

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