100 thoughts on “Mom Claims Teen Son With Bad Temper Learned It From His Father

  1. The stress on that man’s face is chiseled into his skull.
    Simple solution, leave the mom and that raging little spoiled wack-job to themselves. Run away.

    Never return.

  2. Just turn off WiFi and take the console away he can cry and scream all he wants and if he gets physical it’s off to juvenile detention center

  3. Dident the mother say that the kid dident go to school? Then why ISENT social services involved? She needs some serious help with that child. The day a child hit me and called me names and threatened me that he was going to kill me would be the day he would find himself in a behavioral unit. He is to far out of control for her to handle alone without professional help!!

  4. The kid being a dependent, useless toddler who lays swaddled in his blankie all day is filling some emotional issue/gap the mum has…

    Wheelchair or not, if I looked at my son and realised he's become some grotesque, sprawling figure permanently indenting the couch…I'd smash the gaming console while he slept, put the cops on speed dial if he came to attack me the following day and take it from there.

  5. Oh of course moms the victim as usual. She never instigates anything, enables anything, abuses anyone, it's always the dads fault. Always.

  6. Glad to see he lasted 9 days in the program Dr Phil sent him to. He told mommy it was Cold and to much like a boot camp….what did he expect?

  7. "I think before I speak"
    "I didn't think before I spoke"

    People will say anything to get out of the hot seat. Excuses excuses excuses

  8. That analogy with your foot being run over accidentally, that is a really smart one. Couldn't have said it better myself

  9. This is how the pigs are in America. Power hungry cowards. You may say a lot of black kids are programmed and warped by the culture at the moment. But you will never hear them speak to their parents like that. Disgusting.

  10. The child’s behavior is being learned from HIS MOTHER!!!!!! She needs to stop siding with her child and start disciplining him. The father is wrong for how he treats his son but his obviously is unable to control him and loses his temper understandably.

  11. I cannot believe those parents went and got him out of where Dr. Phil sent him. The parents deserve all they get since by their actions by giving in to that kid instead of getting him serious help.

  12. Speech impediment, breasts, attitude, smell, hair, glasses, stomach, laziness, attitude, violent, and ugly…
    He will fail at everything !

  13. Dr Phil is obviously intelligent but he tends to give bad information and because he is seen as a person of authority people wrongly just believe whatever he says. The Stanford Prison Experiment was shut down after six full days, not just half a day like he said. That is a 1,200% exaggeration to prove a point. Yet he will berate, insult and demean a “guest” on his show for exaggerating only 20% or 30% of a point they are trying to get across. You can’t have it both ways. Dr. Phil stop bullying the people that made you worth over 450 million. Phil McGraw you are a bully!

  14. If he is on the spectrum, the father is abusing him. You can never hit an autistic child for acting autistically. He needs to get help by a doctor not hit in the face for backtalking.

  15. I get that the father has issues, I get that the father is PARTLY to blame for how the child acts but that child is not the full product of his father he is also lewrning things from the mother and learning things from his "online friends", his video games etc…. This kid should have had much better disiplin and structure in his younger childhood and its showing now… He needs some serious help whether mental/physical etc….

  16. This poor woman. I wish I could comfort her myself. I have little sympathy for the father and honestly even the kid at this point.
    I grew up in an unhappy household you could say but at no point was I ever even close to being that disrespectful.

  17. Dr. Phil is not completely accurate on his description of “The Prison Experiment”. It also wasn’t shut down within half a day, it’s was almost a week. Believe me that kid is not living in the prison experiment. There were no video games or comfort there.

  18. lmao i thought dr phil specialized in psychology the zimbardo prison experiment lasted 6 days how does he get that confused

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