hi i’m Judy lissing founder and
principal of Mind Coaching Australia I’ve been teaching stress management
techniques for more than 20 years and i want to share with you the
culmination of all my experience i’m often asked even to meditate will be
free from streets unfortunately my answer is no – stress is not only normal
but it’s inescapable all stress means I think you’re experiencing a challenge
it’s how you respond to that challenge not the challenge itself that we were
going to stress when we feel regretful about past failures are worried about
future failures we end up in a hypothetical world of what if ? and maybe
only and what happens then we believe the stories that we’ve built around our
lives and this thing drives our negative behaviors with the people closest to us
I can show you how to use mindfulness to change the way you think and feel so
that you can choose a different response to stress and anxiety mindfulness skills
for a balanced life combinds the science of positive psychology with the traditional
wisdom of contemplation and mindfulness you will learn how how we’ve evolved to feel anxiety and fear and this is normal you will you will also learn what happens to a brain and the body when we have sustained stress and what to do about it. Mindfulness
skills for a balanced life will teach you how to master difficult and reactive
emotions such as anxiety anger fear and panic I will show you how to rewire your
brain from a reactive stressed brain to a self aware responsive one and take back control of your life. I look forward to meeting you at my next course

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